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Find local businesses. The Eternal question of how do you, as an small local business, using your excellent and relevant content marketing to catch the interest of consumers, before they are captured by your competitors' Business sites. In this article you will find activities, which is Free, very effective, very simple and quick to perform. I Believe that Will Immediately affect, your target audience and potential customers' ability to find your small local business, when they make their Internet Search.. Remember, that people do not buy, what you offers, they buy because of Why you offer a product or service. And about Why, i don't mean to make a profit. Because that is a result, and it will always be a results...

According to "Google+ Small Business",  It's now ONLY 16% of ordinary consumers that DON'T daily or regularly, using search engines to find local business. And gather information for making local purchases. This means, that over 80% of your potential customers get their initial impressions online, at your "brick and mortar" Business, and not when they actually visits your physical Store and Business.

But how can this statement by Google be true? I think this is a logical and natural consequence of the very fast development of the Internet and all new equipment, software, technologies. Deployment of fiber optic lines, expansion of the mobile network 4G, and in only a few years 5G. New more advanced computers, and mobile devices such as smart phones. Of course, Internet connection and various devices have become and are becoming cheaper in most countries.

However, it should be mentioned that not all countries have reached as far, for there are still many locations with poor internet coverage, or to smart phones and internet access continues to be a costly investment. But the Internet's expansion going on at a furious pace in most countries. And as you can see Live Here,  new internet and smart phone users, popping up every second.

There is a rapid development and sales of new smartphones, which are cheap and custom-designed for different markets such as India, where today, a large part of the population has limited financial resources, but will become very avid users of the new digital technology, within the next 5 years, thank's to the big "Digital India" project..

In many countries, like for example, the United States, and most of Europe, and similar countries. Here strikes the e Commerce, new amazing record, almost every month. But despite new records, far from all small business still have a real internet presence. Small businesses may be even less connected than you thought. Which sadly mean they will be left behind, the competitors who already have a proper internet presence can very easy catch potential customers who make their Internet search.

Although, in the countryside and in small towns, local business has its advantage to just be local and therefore are often known by locals, for example a local plumber, electrician or your local supermarket. However in large towns is the competition bigger and small businesses find it harder to be seen without Internet presence.

little or no internet presence.

It is actually very surprising and remarkable that about 60% of very small businesses (with one to five persons, including the owner) does not have a business blog or website. And only about 12% have a well updated Facebook page. The percentages are about the same globally, for example in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Italy, UK and US. That today, as small business owners rely only on word-of-mouth is almost like playing Russian Roullet. Because most consumers take today for granted, especially the younger generation that all companies, regardless of size, have a proper business blog or website...

The reasons why small businesses regardless of the country, does not have a real internet presence is the classic ones: Consider themselves too small for a real website, lacks web-technical knowledge and interest to self build a website, and many consider the cost of acquiring a website has been too high in relation to the benefits they so far have been able to see and understand, of having a business website..

I've said it many times here on my website, but say it again. For the smallest businesses can this lack of internet presence quickly become critical because they usually have small financial margins. And when competitors start catching up on customers in front of theirs nose, using their business websites can it mean too many small business without websites, in the worst case have devastating consequences...

google update.

Google has updated its search quality rating guidelines. Since this article is about how consumers use search engines to find a business, so Google november 19 2015, has rolled out a New Update,  the first in this area since 2013. It is in short about how consumers use the internet to find what they are searched for and a lot has happened in two years.

If you have not already read the new google update, so I recommend you take a look. There you can see that the natural and logical CTPM method  (Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetize), is completely in line with how Google sees online search, and ranking. To give Internet users the answers they're looking for, Quick! In short, It assumes you can provide a unique, valuable and relevant content. As consumers find on your user and mobile friendly site.

Today there is over 200 factors in Google’s ranking algorithms, but there is no need for you as small local business to focus on those. I have put together a small list, further down, what is most important, and also easiest for you to implement. So consumer easy can find you, when they making their internet search.

start where your potential customer start.

There is no doubt, if your goal is that consumer shall find your local business, you must look at the fundamental reality of the internet today. People use it to make internet search, seek information, to look for solutions. To your potential visitors will be able to find your e Business, before they find your competitors, you must start where your target visitors Start..

Let us first note, that your blog or website today serves as your digital "brick and mortar business" on the Internet. In short, visitors will first without need to searching on your site, see your company info, see your foto, see fotos of your store, your products and services, they can also choose to make purchases with e Commerce.

To quickly throw up a blog, and believe that it is enough, it will not work today, it belongs to the old days. Consumers expect today, you can offer a real business blog or website. That's how it works. And you certainly do not need, a rocket sience education to cope with this. Here at my website you will find Free Guidance, so that you can build a complete internet presence, for your small local "brick and mortar Business".

why have already millions of people seen simon sinek's youtube videos
and live speeches.

We have already noted, it is the content of your website or blog, that is the main reason why visitors choose to click on your link. As you also know, it works the same way in the real world, people visit your local "brick and mortar business" mainly for the content (products and services).

How people find local businesses before we all know, it is what has happened over the past 5 years, which is very interesting. In just a few years, so has the internet and smart phones, transformed ordinary people's behavior in a revolutionary way. Consumers have been much faster than small locala business, to adopt the new digital technology.

Search engines have certainly become smarter, the proven CTPM method has really come into focus. What is CTPM method? (Content, Traffic, PREsell, Monetize).  You start where your potential visitor begins by offering a extraordinary content. People do Internet search and will find you and your local business. Win them over with your unique and relevant "PREsell". That can give them exactly what they are looking for ... Quality solutions, answers, information on your attractive products and service.

Small local business which learns to utilize digital channels, is more profitable. The rapid changes in the digital society, has done to local markets also can quickly become global. This means of course more competition, but at the same time also increased opportunities for globalization. Small local businesses who embraced digitization with a proper business site, can increase sales by over ten percent, because potential customers who do internet search, can easily find them.

the most important to implement.

So now let's look at what you can easily implement immediately. We start with the most important step, you should register and verify your business with search engines. It is easy and free, Google and Bing. You will see your business appear on Google with all general business information, plus Google map is included to make it easier for your potential visitors to find you. If you are an online business only, of cource, it is a great advantage to be verified by the search engines..

what about seo.

Ignore distractions, to not get caught in "SEO fads". Today's modern SEO is all about three things ...

  • On-page SEO (never keyword stuffing, focus on one keyword per page, per article. Get the keyword and the synonyms in the content enough times so that search engines know what the page, this article is about)
  • Off-page SEO (getting links to your site, improve bounce rates)
  • Technical SEO (user and mobile-friendly, site speed, avoiding duplicates)

I Believe, many looks at Social Media for the wrong thing. All your customers have today Social media accounts, which acts as a relationship builder, where people can make reviews, make comments, make recommendations of your local business, where your business name will be mentioned in various everyday conversations.. Your Social sites, shall be a source to increase web traffic to your Business Site. As a bare minimum of social media presence on your Business site. I Recommend: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... I have written a separate Article about Social Media.

With the large need of search traffic, SEO will always be an important part, to ensure that your pages have a good ranking at the search engines, so that consumers can find your business site, when they do their internet search. If you choose to use the tool box as i recommend. Well.. Then you already have an complete set of business tools, plus my free tips and good advice here on my website. That will ensure that you have not forgotten or ignored some important principles and SEO factors, whether it is On page, Off page, or Technically...

internet SEARCH!

To find local businesses, is about people in their everyday lives makes Internet Search, there is no doubt about that. Search engines are the biggest source as your e Business has, in order to increase natural web traffic. Why people will find your business and decided to click on your links, is because your content is interesting, helpful, valuable and relevant, to solving theirs search intent.  Here you can watch a Video, where those 3 well known and very experienced boys, share their experiences and thoughts around the concept of Internet Search.

how to find local keywords?

That you include location-specific keywords, on your business site is Super Important. With the help of your business location, city, region or state is often not enough. Remember to include the county name, abbreviations, and zip code as well. If your small business is in a multi-million city, well then you understand how important specific search terms is, that people can find you, include keywords that are relevant to the area your business is in. As soon as you've verified your business with Google, want your potential visitors automatically, with one click, get the help of Google map to locate your business.

Brainstorm It .... Probably Today's most advanced and easy to manage, Niche and Keyword Research Tool of its kind on this planet! Absolutely no factor overlooked. Take a taste bite, how to find local keywords, how to find your niche, how to get traffic. In this short video, you will get an overview of what to begin with, and why .. Press play and watch this video now .. .. This tool will helps you tremendously, to find keywords to your local business.

These brainstorm tools, gives you a yield of 10-20 times more phrases and keywords than every third-party keyword tool (including Wordtracker's and Google's) combined! Each keyword in the world that contains your "Site Concept keyword" want to be discovered and returned to you with additional valuable data. Ready.

the important nap information.

It is very annoyed and frustrated when you have found a local business site that seems very interesting, to visit or to call, but you can not find the NAP Information. You click on several pages but can not see it. In the end, you might quickly click through to another local business site. There you can see NAP Info, loud and clear on all pages without having to search around. NAP simply means...

  • Name of your Business.
  • Address to your Business.
  • Phone number to your Business.

With your small local business NAP data, you just passing by all the "big ones", for example, Amazon, eBay, etc, on the search engines when your target visitors make their local Internet search. Google give top priority to all small local business, in terms of rankings. That is why it is very important that your site contains "NAP data" so the engines can see it. But most important is that your visitors instantly can find and see it, without having to Search Around ....

The digital word of mouth.

The digital "word of mouth", to offer your e Business visitors and customers an opportunity to review your site, your products and services. You are running a local "brick and mortar" business is well aware of the very importance of your visitors and customers "word of mouth" is for your business.. The digital version works the same way. It has in most sectors contributed to increased web traffic and e Commerce sales, because the big majority of your e Business visitors are reading the reviews. It also creates an opportunity for you to quickly respond and rectify, things that customers perceive as negative. Possibility of review, is also one of Google ranking factors.

why Encrypt your e commerce site?

Why you Shall encrypt your e Commerce site? Well .. why should you have solid door locks, alarms and video surveillance on your "brick and mortar business"? .. That you take security very serious, is important primarily for your users, your customers but of course also for Google. Encrypting (https) of your e Business sends out strong signals, that you are reliable and secure...

relevant description, photos, stock status.

Relevant pictures and videos, is something that you include because today's consumers simply expect to find this, on a modern e Business Site. To see the prices of products and services, including current stock status consider consumers, as positive and user friendly service. It will also improve your ranking. Be smart, and make the alt image tag and caption for each photo, you should of course use relevant keywords. Overall, this will help withheld rankings for those keywords. And as an added bonus will also be your pictures to get a higher ranking when people make related Google Image searches,

Your current and potential customers, use the internet to find photos, information about your offerings, before they decide. Of course they also look at your competitors' blogs and websites. 

Using pictures and videos on your local business will give your visitors a vastly improved user experience of your blog or website. As I have said, do not forget that today it is over 80% of your potential customers, that will get their initial impressions online on your, "brick and mortar" business, and Not when they actually, visits your physical Store and Business.

Why small business lack Internet Presence?

Why have  only 46% of small businesses, a proper Internet Presence.  Of course it depends on many different factors, but we ignore all that do not have technical opportunity for Internet connectivity today. As I said earlier, there are a few main reasons. The biggest reason I think is that small local business has not seen a need, because they are local and the locals already know where they are.

And it is natural, but all ordinary consumers they have long, Internet access, a computer, and now also a smartphone. Right now, today, as you read this, there will be over 3.5 billion Internet Searches, and this happens every day. This figure would obviously increase as the number of Internet user is constantly increasing. As I have said before, people's internet behavior has considerably changed in the last 5 years.

It is now so easy to quickly do an internet search for people when they need to know something, to quickly do a search to find local businesses. And with all the internet search so people want to find your other competitors with their business sites. Even if you have loyal regular customers, maybe they'll find what they're looking for, at an attractive price, and even if your competitor is geographically far away so they can offer e Commerce, your local customer actually choose to buy. And you miss out on revenue.

As soon as you have built your own business blog or website, of course, the possibilities are great that potential customers who live geographically far from your store, do the Internet search and will find you, if you can offer e Commerce, would the chances be great they choose to implement purchase. There are many examples of "brick and mortar" business in different sectors, where turnover from e Commerce, account for the majority of the year-turnover, and thus saves the "brick and mortar" store, from a shutdown.

Other reasons why so many small business do not have a proper web presence, is about small web technical knowledge, a small interest to learn the web technology, combined with being small and having to prioritize your time. That small business has a limited economy has also been of great importance, because it can easily cost $ 10,000 to hire a business website developers...

But now is no longer the issue, if you shall build and if you can afford a real internet presence. Now I Believe it is about to do it today. Technological development has made tremendous progress when it comes to build a Business site. Just 10 years ago, it was very complicated coding, expensive and time-consuming. Here on my website you find free tips and good advice. Today, there are also "all-in-one" tools, you can build and maintain everything all by yourself, you can have it up and running live on the internet within few days even if you do everything in your spare time. Without that you first need to become a Web Programmer ...

There are many offers on the Internet, when it comes to creat a proper internet presence. You can start by watching this Video Tour,  it's a real business tool experience. I use it myself and can warmly recommend, but it is of course up to you to choose which Business tool to Use .. 

it's time to wrap it up.

I Believe when potential customers do their online search, they'll quickly find one local businesses, and that is your Small Business. It is not because you are super expert in content marketing, SEO expert, or an experienced web programmer. No it is essentially about WHY.. People dont buy what you do or offer, They buy Why you offer a Product or Service.

Build your Internet presence, is about starting from people's Internet search. They make their searching, to find valuable and relevant help, information, smart solutions, to find a Business, products or services. Your job is to create this unique information, with your written voice, about Why those products or services, will solving their search intent. In a digital version, on your user and mobile friendly, Business Site...

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe you will Have a Fabulous Day:)


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