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Content Marketing

For Small Business!

Content Marketing 2016
For local Small Business.

Content Marketing 2016 For Small Businesses. Today, many small businesses, (1-10 people including the owner) already using Content Marketing. Because that the number of internet and smartphone users has exploded, this has led to people quickly changed their behavior patterns. Some old marketing methods become outdated and ousted by new digital. This is the reality in all countries Today.

People buying and do business with you and your small business, because they like and trust you. No matter what size or what your business is about your customers always come first. And the customer you dealing with, they must feel like they are the only customers you have....

Content marketing is about focusing on the users, solving their search intent with your entire business, your content or any of it, to fulfill the purpose and the goal with your local small business. It can be about how potential customers, lightning fast and easy will find you when they make their Internet searches, retention of your existing customers, make more people aware of your small business, your products or services.. And of course to establish and maintain your social media accounts. Here on my website you will find lots of Free tips and guidance, so that you can avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Does it matter how you market your business? Yes and No.. In the end there is only one type of marketing that is important to your local small business: That consumers can find your business when they make their Internet search and to adds new customers, Provide customer experiences, Allows your customers will be much more than satisfied and ensures higher growth.

In order to achieve the very best resultat, I suggest you always use a mix of paid and free content marketing. On Facebook  for example, you can easily by yourself create a small ad campaign, which only costs a few $ dollars per day..

Today you can really target your advertising campaigns on the internet, so that it hits, just your potential audience. Because I have run a small "brick and mortar" for over 30 years, I know that small businesses have a small budget for advertising. But in today's digital reality, you can in a completely different way squeeze more out of every dollar, than for 20 years ago.


Mr. Jordan Zimmerman the founder of Zimmerman Advertising, one of the largest in the world. Become interviewed by Tracy Byrnes, and they talking about the users, the customers, adding new ones, or keeping the ones you have. Which one is more Important? Look at this short Video.. As i have said, the best result from content marketing, is by using a mix of inexpensive paid and free campaigns...

The most important thing is that you keep up with the rapid development of Internet, and adapt your marketing. It does not mean that your local small business needs to employ people just to take care of your content marketing.

You can always get help from a Marketing Consulting Company, but start with what you can do by yourself without expert knowledge. Bye the way, you already have a business, do not underestimate your expertise on your business and your customers. Small business owners with different backgrounds in different countries will always look at content marketing, from their own perspective and their own individual goals.

As i have said, the majority of small business, have a small budget, have little time, moderate interest, some time a little digital knowledge. But thanks to the digital revolution, there are many small, simple, fast and free improvements you can implement and manage yourself, without first having to become a computer expert and web programmer.

Help consumers find your business,
during their search.

Never before in the Internet's short history, has consumers made so many Internet searches, Over 3.5 billions of searches each day. Content Marketing 2016 for small local businesses, is about making your content searchable and visible for consumers.

Long before the term was invented, people have "consumed" content, they use it to prepare a purchase, they like it, the words and images is essential for today's digital behavior and persuasion. A valuable and relevant content, play the decisive role in almost all promotional methods. A good content marketing strategy is really a mixture of different tactics and strategies.

Your customers don’t care about your content marketing definition. Becaus the pure theoretical definition of content marketing and even its value, will not make any big change, to your customers lives. Keep your focus on the customers, and your overall marketing. As a local small business owner and marketer, you want to know what works and what your customers need.

Why content marketing in 2016.

As i have said, simply to market your small business on the Internet, so that potential customers can easily find you when they make their Internet search. But first, you need to have a real business blog or website, and today you have to be able to offer e Commerce. This becomes your digital version of your "brick and mortar business" on the Internet. And you can start to filling your mobile friendly site with valuable and relevant content about your business, products or service.

Think about it .. Your visitors share your business site on social media and talking to friends and family about your "brick and mortar" business and think it is well-stocked, knowledgeable and experienced staff, they found where they've been looking for and are very satisfied. People ask where is the shop? The answer is, that we found when we searched the internet, and they have an impressive website where potential customers can also choose e Commerce. But we chose to visit their real shop... Well this is not a unique senario today.

Content marketing is much more than simply throwing something up on your site. Because consumers have access to Internet anywhere and anytime today, comparison for only a few years ago. Today, people use the internet and searching for almost everything, "social media" is an important messenger, contact intermediaries, etc, in all countries, and your business will of course also be represented with an account, it's easy and free to create.

But always remember, social media can never replace your own real "business site," because you do not own your "social media account" in the same way as your business site. Your social media sites are not a place for heavy sales pitches. Therefore, you should quickly help your visitors clicks into your own business site, that you owns and have full control over. 

Examples of Content Marketing 2016. 
His Small local Business have been ranked on "Google Page 1" for many Years. 

I have chosen this example, of Excellent Content Marketing 2016 for small Business. Which I myself quite often visits, when I'll fix something with My own Mercedes car. 

PS.. You may wonder Why I write about this particular small business? I must point out, So you not think, that i have made any special secret deal, with Mr. Bergsma .. Not at all,, it just that i myself have and drive an Mercedes car, loong before that i find this site, and i love this old Mercedes cars. Why I choose this small business. Well, simply because he, build his small business and get a huge response from his target audience, increase web traffic, and make success. How and Why that happened that's why i choose to write about it..

But this is not rocket science. Finding a niche that interests you, and that you can become very passionate about, which also has a demand. Create a unique, valuable and relevant content, that can provide answers to your target audience search intent. This is exact what Mr. Kent Bergsma has done, which is why his business site comes up on "Google Page 1" If you just type in "Mercedes car Problem." 

Here you can see how a former aircraft mechanic found a niche that had a big in demand using his keen interest, hobby and knowledge of Mercedes cars, he have built a small car repair business, at his farm. Where he rehabilitate, fixes Mercedes cars to people in his region, but he have developed his small local family business even farther, thanks to the rapid internet revolution. Today he also produces YouTube videos (about 1000 pieces so far) to an target international audience, in order to teach people to correct various deficiencies, on their Mercedes cars, under the slogan "Let us repair it yourself".

He has of course a real Business Website, which he refers to in his YouTube videos. Where he sells e-Books and various automotive products that people can buy with the help of e Commerce. Here you can see an example from his YouTube channel This is a extraordinary good example on, content marketing in 2016. A small business that has a real internet presence with e Commerce.  

Additionally, as you can see, he also have several social media accounts. There are also lots of Reviews, that helping spread the message around the world to the Target Audience...  Do you think this small family Business have any problem to Increase web Traffic?

this is Just a small family business.

This is not a big company with very big finance muscles to make huge content marketing campaigns, but this is just a small family business. They do not have a super advanced and expensive equipment, to produce all this YouTube Videos. I says that because, today, there are very good Video equipment that won't cost a lot, and that is easy to manage without first having to become a professional film Producer. 

After that you have now looked at the website "" all unique valuable and relevant content  and the short YouTube video example,  what do you think is the key ingredient that made this small family Business so successful? The answer is simply Mr. Kent Bergsmas big interest, enthusiasm and passion for the Niche he have chosen. Obviously his genuine knowledge and experience of Mercedes cars also played a very crucial role. But without his passion and enthusiasm, this business wold not at all achieved the same results. The conclusion is to succeed in building a successfull small business is. Finding a niche that interests you, that can become your "big passion," and has an Demand.... I have written a separate article about Mr. Kent Bergsma's small family business, And find your niche..

What is the secret in content marketing?

Content marketing is about presenting your small business for humans on internet, what is the purpose of your business, what products or service you offers. Explain for the search engines, so they understand and can suggest your business site, to your target audience.

But first, let me just mention that due to the rapid digital developments, it pops up, fantastic features, the Internet is literally flooded with digital techniques and methods, there are digital maketing agency that can deliver stunning, advanced technical analysis, content marketing, seo service, and you name it..

Marketing agencies  operates not for free, their services cost money, they're running a business, and performs a serious work. Maybe you will use their services later, in future. Anyway, you who have a small local business with a small budget, then it is primarily content marketing you can do yourself, for as little cost as possible. But equally important is that you know how to do it right, from the early beginning, otherwise all the work you put down can be a big waste of time, and the results will be forthcoming.

On the internet there is tons to read, there are plenty of YouTube videos, here is another example. These three boys: Eric Enge, Martin Traphagen and Martin Shervington, they have extensive knowledge, long experience, and perform daily excellent work for different business types. But in this short video, they share their know-how for free, so that you who having a small business can capture things, that can benefit your own business.

Now let's look at the "Big Secret" .. The CTMP Process .. This is the natural and logical content marketing method for small businesses. Add value, More value
and Tons of More value... 

  • Content. What is it your business is all about? Can you produce, extraordinary, valuable and relevant content, about your small business, that people will talk about and say, WOW, this is exactly what I've been looking for. Think about that small business example above, There you have example of the brilliant content marketing ctpm process. 
  • Traffic. To create traffic it's the key limiting factor, because it is a natural consequence of your Business sites content. By overfill your mobile friendly site, wants consumers find it when they do their Internet search ..
  • PREsell. People develop trust and confidence in you, and your small business. Why? Simply because you will "PREsell" them by OVER delivering what they are looking for on the internet.. Relevant, original, information. You will also deepen the "connection" even more, through the interactivity with the "social media family".
  • Monetize. This is the easy and fun part of your content marketing, but it will be difficult if you do not succeed in implementing the other elements in CTPM process.

I have written an article that would give you more info about  "Pillars Content" and the CTPM process. And it would certainly be more articles about content marketing in 2016. 

Keyword-Driven Content
Marketing Strategy

The search engines main mission has always from the beginning been to organize the world's information, and give the best suggestion for the searchers. When one of your potential customers are doing an internet search for products or services related to your small business, it is Google's job to suggest a link to your business site. To manages with this, you must have a keyword-driven content strategy, in order to help google finding out what your content is about.

Keywords, content and search engines have a very different relationship than for 5-10 years ago, technical progress has taken huge steps. What is the purpose of your small business, because your focus must be on the users, your content shall helping them to solving their search intent. That is why relevant keyword and long-tail Words are very important. If your business is all about trendy women's shoes, so have your business site small relevance for a person looking for exterior paint to paint his House.

keywords is a part of your
whole business planning.

To find relevant keywords connected to your business and content. To make it as easy as possible for your self, i suggesting that you use a brainstorming tool. 

This is Probably Today's most advanced and easy to manage, Niche and Keyword Research Tool of its kind on this planet! Absolutely no factor overlooked. Take a taste bite, excellent help to boost your content marketing in 2016, how to find local keywords, how to find your niche, how to get traffic, and much more. In this short video, you will get an overview of what to begin with, and why .. Press play and watch this video Now .. .. 

These brainstorm tools, gives you a yield of 10-20 times more phrases and keywords than every third-party keyword tool (including Wordtracker's and Google's) combined! Each keyword in the world that contains your "Site Concept keyword" want to be discovered and returned to you with additional valuable data. Ready.

it's time to wrap things up.

You shall first and foremost, writing your pages and articles for human beings, for those who are the users of your business, products or services. The whole Point for you is to producing extraordinary, valuable and relevant content on your business site. Today in 2016, have 46% of all small business owners Not a proper business site, i find that startling, but at the same time not surprising. Many small business owners have Little time, see no need or maybe lack knowledge, interest and experience to create and manage a real business site..

All small business owners who have knowledge and interest have probably already a business site. But for everyone else so my advice is to use a business tool, so you can easily and inexpensively build and maintain a business site. On this Video Tour you can see for yourself how easy it is.

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe that you will have a Fabulous Day:)


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