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Learn about Why and How to, Starting a small Business online in 2016? Let's think about this. Asking yourself, what will be the purpose of your small web Business? Everybody know something about something, an big interest, your since long time passionate hobby or your job and profession. Turn your interest into your own profitable small web Business.. Start with create a proper "4 pillar" internet presence. 

Do everything right from the start and install a proper internet presence. Because it will take much longer and cost you much more money if you just throw up a site on the Internet, then the chances are that you have to rebuild it, much bigger.. 

It's much more inexpensive to start with a proper internet presence, that will give you much better opportunities to gain results. All small Businesses, regardless of size and industry, which is run in order to earn money, make a profit should have a proper Internet presence...

The main purpose of my website, to giving you tons of the absolute best possible tips, good advice and educational guidance, for Free.. So you can with the help of an real business tool, all by yourself build a small web Business. Or create a complete internet presence to your existing small "brick and mortar" business. You probably wonder WHY, you need a Business site?... 

Simply because today in 2016, all of your users, expects that all small Businesses, can offer an real Business site experience. On my website You will find tons of written educational content, many short Videos, Hangout but also longer webinars. You will find links to other online Entrepreneurs that i think have big knowledge and experience which they share for Free, in the same easy and understandable way like i do..

Because every day. People make over 3,5 billion Internet Searches on this Globe.  This of course creates a huge demand, which is too broad, so you have to tighten it in. Your mission is to find a niche, with help of something that interest you very much, something that can really become your passion, that should have a sufficient demand. I believe that using, Those unique business tools,  will allows you to completely Challenging the status quo. 

Your business site will attracts your target audience, because you will be able to give them exactly what they are searching for, that will really solving their search intent...

Because then you can be very sure that they will talking about your business, with their friends and family, and they will mention it, to their friends.. And your business name, will also be mentioned in people's everyday conversations on Social Media, and other places..

what is interest
you most?

Why is interest so important? Because now that you believing you can starting a small online entrepreneurship, ask yourself what is it that you really are super interested In? If you are not already have a plan, start by making two lists.

  1. What are all the things, that can get you up early and smile? That doesn't feel like work, Things that you just love to do, That you can forget about the time.
  2. What is your skills and experience areas?
    What are your knowledge area?

Of course, if you have already thought about a particular product or service, you should include this in your planning. I know it's easy to become eager and excited, that's super good but let it all be done at your own pace. Get it all down on paper and suddenly, step by step things will start to fall into place. A very helpful tool in this process is Brainstorm it. Here in this short video you can see examples of how it works.

With the help of your interest, knowledge, skills and experience, you will find your niche, that also have a sufficient  demand, you must also identified, your target audience. You are going to create extraordinary, valuable and relevant content, that will have a special tilt and twist, just because you have written it, with your own unique voice and style.

Starting, build and run a business is about tons of belief, to be convinced and passion, because in the first 6-18 months as you build your business, you will have a small audience. No matter what you previously heard and seen related to online business, there exist no overnight success, to push a button and "become quick rich". Because all types of business (both Online and "brick and mortar") takes time to build up, Thats It.

What shall you choose Blog or Website?

A blog post is very similar to a web page in a lot of ways, but there are some significant differences.. Blog posts have no hierarchy. Blog posts are chronological. Web pages are ideal for evergreen content. A web page is hierarchical, that’s just a fancy way of saying that one can be a sub-page to a “parent” page...

You who plan to starting a small business online, should always create a mobile friendly Business website with the ability for customers to choose e Commerce. It costs you only a $17 dollars per month, how much per month, do you think it cost to run a small "brick and mortar" business?

Yes everybody know today, that it's very inexpensive to run an online business. There are many offers on the internet, but when it comes to your business blog and website. I recommend you to take a look at a real Business Tools,  it will helps you tremendously from Day 1.



As i have said. To starting a small business online, is about first asking your self what is the purpose with your small business. Because you must first have this clarified in your mind, before you can focus on your users, to solving their need. 

To provide a extraordinary, valuable and relevant content. As you know, people making internet searches, to get information. You as an online entrepreneur, have chosen a niche. In that niche, you sees what your target audience need, and your business are sat out to solving their search intent, on the absolute best possible way ever, in the History.

While there are better tools and methods than ever, to promote and spread your content and your business awareness, it’s also harder than ever for small business to gain and sustain attention. As you can see in this Video with Simon Sinek, there is a simple method that will get your small business the extra super power to really stands out. Start with Why, in combination with a proper business building tool.

why will people find your business site?

Simply because you have created a proper "4 pillars" internet presence. And that you can clearly define the purpose with your Small Business, and Why did your Business exist ...

  • Why is your small business founded?
  • What problems is it tempt to solve?
  • What vision do your small business have?
  • People want to know what your small Business stands for?
  • And about Why, I don't mean to earn money or make a profit, Because that is a result, and will always be results..

Even if the number of online business increases, so does the number of new Internet and smartphone users, this in turn creates a growing demand. Remember that just you as the person you are, is quite unique. No one can build an online business, with your unique, extraordinary and relevant content, that only you can write with your own unique voice and approach.

content marketing in 2016.

People do business with you and your small business, because of Why you offers your products or services. No matter what size or what your business is about your customers always come first. And the customer you dealing with, they must feel like they are the only customers you have.... Continue to read this Article about Content Marketing 2016...

Your target audience will find your content when they make their Internet research. Because you always first focusing on your target audience, to solving theirs search intent. They will falling in love, in your content because it is unique and exactly what people have been looking for.

They will click on your links, your recommendations, your product or service. Your content will be shared on Social Media. Your business name, your social media sites, will be mentioned during people's everyday conversations on social media, where your links take your visitors quickly on, to your own business website.


Get the digital skills you need to grow your business. I Believe this Free Digital Academy Course with Google, is an excellent complement, to the guidance you find here at my website. This Google Digital Garage, is aimed for Beginners, Small Business Owners, Employees, Retirees or Students.

For those who want to get started, sharpen their digital skills, or kick start your career with an impressive certification. But to get the digital skills you need to build and grow your small web business. You need an combination of knowledge, both theoretical, practical.

However today in 2016, there is no big technical and financial hurdles for you, to by yourself build and run a small web business. And for you who already have a small "brick and mortar" business, to establish a real Internet Presence.  I can Recommend you to take a look at the Google WorkShop Academy, it's FREE.  

To build a small web business, I Believe it is a big advantage fore you, to looking at many sources. That you step by step can pick out and learn what is relevant for you, for your own small business, in your country.

some research facts about shearing.

How can you make your content more effectively? According to the New York Times, content marketing research in 2013 ..

  1. As many as 85% of all people who shared the content, said they "understand what this content is about."
    - Why is That Important?
    To share content is a big deal for most people, people sharing content Because in most cases, that will show something about them, an extension of who I am, an experience that i did in this research. I was moved, surprised, convinced etc. But what it Means When people sharing content, They have in fact read it, They understand it. An another act of sharing content Is that it create an important advocacy. There is nothing more important for your small internet business, because no ad in the world can create this strength that shared content gives. People trust on a content that is shared by a stranger, Before they trust an regular ad.
  2. As many as 70% of people in the NY Times research said, when they sees shared content, it will influences me as a potential customers, and my purchasing decisions at an positive way. So all this focusing on sharing your content, It's not about being strategic This is purely about, what is economically important, for your small online business. This is the Engine behind the economic Power of social media marketing and content marketing.. Small online business owners must understand this, Small online business owners must start thinking in this way. The economic value for your small internet business, if your content not can be found, be seen and shared is Zero.

For you to starting a small business online in 2016, and become self-employed has today no web-technical hurdles. Because as you can see in this Video Tour,  can everybody do it. It's very simple, but not "easy"... Like I said earlier, finding your niche that interests you, that will become your passion, which also has a demand. Than i believe, that you will be able to create a unique content, you want to forget about the time, and you will not, experience it as work, because you're doing that you love most, and that really interests you.

Think of some small local "brick and mortar" business, as you know about, and that you really like to visit. It may be a small clothing shop, auto repair business, a food store, a hairdresser, a restaurant, or any other business. Why do you like to go there, to make purchases there, to buy their service, etc. I think It is a combination of their particular products or services, that you like. But those products or service you can find at many other places.

So what is it in this store or businesses, that you really like. What is the reason you want to return, become loyal?  When you as a consumer can choose from several similar businesses that can offer same products or services. 

I believe that the main reason is, the enthusiasm, the special atmosphere, service minded, knowledgeable staff, that special contact you have with the passionate owner and staff. You as a consumer can feel that the owner and staff really love to run their small business. 

They not only want to "quickly sell" just a product or service, "to get the quick cash", they focus on the users, because they want to help them to return like regular and loyal customer. So that's why my conclusion will be, that it is all about finding your Niche, that interest you , and can become your passion. Whether it be Online or "brick and mortar" Business... 

extraordinary content
with real value will always win.

Google and the other search engines have evolved, become much smarter in recent years. That is why Google makes about 500 updates per year, most of These changes are minor, but you've probably heard about major updates, which also have their own names: Mobile Friendly, Pigeon, Panda, Penguin. 

There are algorithms that are primarily going to help the "seekers" all who doing Internet search to quickly find the very best answers to their search intent. So what will it meant, for you who plan to starting a small business online in 2016?

  • Google’s Panda Update is a search filter, introduced first time in February 2011 meant to Stop sites with Poor Quality.
  • Google’s Pigeon Update introduced July 2014, the Pigeon algorithm is to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results.
  • Google’s Mobile Friendly update introduced in April 2015, to smartphone and tablet users, to provide an improved user experience when they visit your business site. In other words, your business site adapts to mobile devices small screens.
  • Google’s Penguin update introduced in April 2012, to better catch sites deemed to be spamming its search results, in particular those doing so by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to boost Google rankings..
  • During April-May 2016, Google rolled out the second mobile freindly update. Google believes that all small businesses must offer a business site that work optimally on smart mobile devices, to give the best possible user experience. This must be a matter of course, as an result of the huge number of smart phones users, that increased explosively in all countries...

These major updates is very important for your target audience, who doing internet searches, so that they can find your outstanding, valuable and relevant content. For those who want to starting a small business online today, it means that you are not affected by the shortcomings that the updates are meant to fix. Good to know is that these updates was not a one-off, so there will emerge new versions of them, tomorrow and in the future...


Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!

How to build a High-Traffic blog?
WordPress is the most widely used (over 50%) content management system on the Globe...

How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... This is probably the most advanced and easy to handle keyword research tool of its kind, on this Planet!  Click Here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is interested in. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

starting a small business online
 what does  
this mean for you?

The number of online businesses have never been bigger than today. So the question is, "do we really need, another one"?  However the demand for products and services online will continue its dramatic increase. Can you define what is the purpose of your small Business? Why should people come to your Business site or your "brick and mortar" Business? 

As i have said, People have in just the past 5 years, rapidly gained a new pattern of behavior on the Internet, using the new technology and their mobile devices.. That has enabled people to use their smartphones and the Internet, anytime and anywhere, to instantly obtain information, find help to solve a problem, to find a business, to find various products and services online.

The need for new small online business will increase. And all the small "bricks and mortar" business, that does not already have a real Business site, must acquire one, without no doubt, because the consumers, your users, expect this. 

All this may sound overwhelming and complicated. On the contrary, to build a new small online business, or to create a real internet presence for your small "brick and mortar" is now much easier and much more inexpensive than 5-10 years ago, thanks to all the new web technologies. Today even the "newest newbie" can build a complete internet presence, by yourself.

  1. To publish a "home-made" content that you have created and deliver extraordinary and relevant information about your business, the answer to what visitors are looking for. In other words, a problem solution, a product or service that people are looking for, and as your small business offers.
  2. As I have said, you will on a natural way encourage people to link to your business, because you creating extraordinary and relevant content, that will stands out. People will share it through social media sites. You shall always think in terms of "Earn a link,"  because of you and your passion for your own Business. Your very helpful, valuable, and relevant content. Not "link-building".

You must create the right mindset, and you will do it, because you are so passionate and interested about your chosen Niche and your Business. If not, you will make mistakes. If you concentrate yourself about helping and solving peoples internet search intent. To creating and publish content, strictly checked by the "Made originally by You" and "Extraordinary Value", it will be very difficult for you to make a mistake.


You will find much more but from other angles about start, build and run web business.  Because it's about doing everything right from Day 1. We humans have a tendency to slide, because it is natural to try to take the easiest and fastest way, to take shortcuts. Everything you write and create on your business site, you're always write first for humans, your target audience.

They will find you and your unique, valuable and relevant content when they make their Internet search. They will say that this is exact what I've been looking for, they will love it and tell and talk to others on social media. Google will naturally add to this mark and push you higher on the search engine. Because everything is about to start up the CTPM engine, BUT how to do that? Follow this link...  This website tool will make your small Business very Successful.

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe that you will have a Fabulous Day:)


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