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Start online business, and provide your brick-and-mortar business, a proper  user and mobile friendly internet presence. That will makes your small business much more easier to be found by potential web searchers. I will give you easy to understand, tips and guidance.

This site will guides you to put focus first on your potential visitors and customers. Because you have a strong believe and the whole purpose of your unique small Business, is to help people solve problems, satisfy theirs internet searches, which is related to what your small local Business is all about.

(I am sorry for the temporary mess on my site)  

It is time to fresh up my web site, but i have not settled a date when that refurbishment to be finished, but it will happen during 2022. 

However, the basic info about the importance for small businesses to establish a real internet presence will of course remain. But there will be much more interesting stuff to read about e.g 

Digital marketing, E-commerce, how to making money on Social media, become a digital nomad, freelancer and how to stay in Thailand for a short time holiday or for a long time living. How to find a place to stay, renting or buying.

But the most important.

Running a small business and at the same time, understand the importance of stay healthy, getting fitness motivation, getting fit after 40 and 50. 

To daily: eating more healthier food, to set aside time for working out, to get a young mindset, a healthier slim and stronger body (without necessarily become a bodybuilder.)

For small business owners to become more enthusiastic, motivated, having very fun, and keeping up a very active lifestyle, far after the 60s birthday. That is my goal, and i will make a video series. Where i will show you how to easily cook more healthier food, and how easy it is to working out also at home, both outside and inside, without expensive equipment.

I wish you a continued fabulous day:)

Erling A Sjokvist

good to know..

 John Mueller from Google  Have talked about the advantages for small Businesses, that by themselves build their internet presence, by using do-it-yourself platforms..

In short, your online presence, will be the digital version of your small "brick and mortar" business, and it will also become equally renowned and popular. That will give your target audience a fair chance to find your small Business.

My guidance is about actions easy enough to fix by yourself, even if you are the "newest digital newbie". 

Take 3 Minutes short Overview..

Far too many small Business owner, has seen the Social media for the wrong thing. Social media can never replace your Business website.

Social media have today without doubt, become the main marketing tool for small businesses. It is a relationship builder, a place for your audience to build loyalty, to write reviews, for you to answer your customers' questions and build a community. 

Here on my Website you will find tons of written valuable content, but also relevant short educational Videos and Webinars. 


How to Find your niche, start looking among your interest. Because everyone knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, a product, a service or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and turn it into a significant profitable Business. Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain.

As I have said, start online business today, it's about taking advantage of, people's Internet Search Intent. Many 100's of millions of ordinary people in different countries do every day billions of Internet Searches this creates considerable demand for information, products, service and smart solutions. 

start online business! 
Examples of questions from visitors.

Here below are a few examples of some common questions I receive almost daily from people around the world. My free tips and good advice is not based on temporary trends, loophole, special tricks or some hidden techniques that will go out of style.

* How and What shold i start with First?

* How to Start e Commerce store?

* How much does it Cost? Can i really afford  To build a Small e-  Business?

* What about running my online business and Stay abroad  for long or short time?

* How to Create a blog that really stands out?

* How to Increase web traffic?

* What is local SEO?

* How can I Include e-Commerce, to my existing "brick and mortar business?"

* How to Create a Mobile friendly Business website or Blog?

* Why do my small local firm Need a website ?

* How will I keep up with Google's new ranking trends?

* How do I find my niche, find products or services?

* How can I Build a high-traffic website or blog ?

* How can my web business, Target Local and even global Customers?

* How to Getting Traffic?

* What do I have to do to make success  and quit my 9 to 5 job?


When it comes to the main issue for small business, How to Increase Web Traffic to your blog or website. Well then you must start where your visitors and potential customers begins.

I have written an article, from a little different angle where you can read about how the  Consumer find local Businesses thanks to content marketing. 

is it only a young
person's game?

Find jobs for senior citizens. Traditionally 10-15 years ago, it has been assumed to start online business, is a very young "web-savvy person games", but some research shows that the proportion of people 50+ who start online business has increased significantly and actually surpassed, the more web savvy, young persons who are 20-30 years old, and it continues to increase, due to the Internet's rapid expansion in all Countries.

Who is Erling.A. Sjokvist?

Well, just a hint. I started my first "brick and mortar" Business in 1983. But nowadays, I have switched over to the online industry. And I helps Small Businesses to become more easy to be found on the internet.  You can read more at About page .

Thanks for taking your time to visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

Have a Fabulous Day:)


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