why Internet in India

starts a  
smart phone Revolution!

Internet in India, took a huge and quick jump in to the future when the Government decided to launch the "Digital India" Project. With the Goal to transform India, into an digitized strong Society, in the 21st century... In 2020 will more than 700 million people have an Smartphone.

And all people in India will in 2020 have access to Wi-Fi and fast internet broad-band.. That means all types of small Businesses in India, must provide an basic "4 pillars" internet presence to all their potential target visitors and customers.

Today it's the majority of mobile users in India youths, But in 2019 estimated, that all adult inhabitants of India to be Smartphone user. MidlifersWebBusiness.com Gives you Free Tips.


What consequences will this have? Yes, you need not be a rocket scientist to understand that this will start a huge e Commerce Boom..

Although a large part of India's new Internet users, do not have a big budget to make costly purchases on the Internet today. So are all new Internet shopper very eager to shop online.

Even if each individual purchases is small sums, will the total results to be significant... We know that the river Ganges is a very large river, but the Ganges starts with large amounts of very small tiny streams, which accumulate and forms the big River Ganges.. 

That e Commerce in India, in just a few years will grow from many 100s of millions of tiny online shopping streams, into many very big e Commerce Rivers. There is no doubt about that.

I believe that there are many millions of people in India who currently want to start a small online business. But how to and why, to start a real Business online. My website is full of Free Tips and Guidance. You will become very surprised over, how Simple and Inexpensive, That in fact it's today...

Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, an interest, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and turn it into a significant profitable e Business. Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain.

Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your website or blog that people are going to find on Internet. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you want. But without traffic you have no e Business at All...

Adults in India will probably be just as glued to their smartphone devices like the youths have become in Europe and the United States. "My smart phone never leaves my side 24/7"...

Various studies have shown that around 90% of today's Smartphone users in Europe and the US, says that the first thing they do in the morning before they jumped out of their beds "is to check on their Smart phones." In the next five to seven years, believes around 60% that "everything will be done on mobile devices." The latter is in my opinion a figure that is slightly too high, but who knows. 

India is now the World leader in the smartphone growth. In 2014 there was an increase in the number of smartphones with stunning 55%, to 140 million. The number of Internet users grew by over 36% to over 230 million.

Smartphones were the main source of over 65% of India's Internet traffic and the incredible 40% of India's e commerce. Here is a link so you can see live right now today, for example: how many New smartphone users in India , that have arisen just today, you can see the number of new Internet users today, and more, it is free to Use ...

The gigantic expansion of the Internet in india will, as I have said, to enable a new technological revolution that is much, much bigger than that one time created the Indian IT industry in the mid and late 1980s and 1990s.

We can certainly expect a very rapid transformation of the Entire India where about 1 billion people have access to the internet with their smartphones and get the same access To: help, information, various products and services, as we have become used to, in the West.


Regardless of industry and size today need all types of small Businessrs a proper "4 pillars" internet presence. Because of the rapid development, today there is no web-technical or financial hurdles to by yourself create a basic but proper online presence, even if you are the "newest newbie".

Why do you as an small Business, need a "4 pillars" internet presence?  Simply because your potential visitors and customers, today have acquired new smart mobile internet devices, which they use all the time and everywhere. People search for all type of information, they looking for businesses, seeks for products or services..

When people today have new modern internet equipment, must of course small Businesses like yours, provide those seekers your business online. Otherwise you will be left behind, when your competitors tempting offers on internet, will easy be found.

the booming internet in india.

Become User and Mobile Friendly, It's Very Important For All Small "brick-and-mortar" Businesses in India. MidlifersWebBusiness.com Gives You Free Tips and Guidance.

As i have mentioned many times, internet in India will in the coming few years, take huge jumps.. That will for certain affected the whole Indian population and their internet behavior pattern. It will create more than 100 millions new jobs. Major global brands with financial muscle are already there, or on the way like the Swedish home furniture brand IKEA...

But for all small Businesses, if you find your niche  with a need to fill. Just do it for guds sake, jump on the train now in time, before it leave the station. India have a fast growing and hungry to buy middle class, around 500 millions, as the size of whole Europes population.

Some simply thoughts and suggestions, to small-business owners globally: If you do not Already has a strong, long-term and clear strategy for working with e-business in India, then you should tentatively at first, start to cobble together a plan.

India is truly a diverse and complex landscape. There is currently no fixed and ready approach to doing business online in India. It is a very large country, with a business landscape where you find everything from doing business with the help of an abacus, to super-advanced business tools, at the same level as the most's advanced e Businesses in the West.

Thought that india have access to the latest top level technology that we have here in the West, it is only in a few places, and in specific business areas. On the whole made up india by, a very large rural areas with an awful lot of people, with illiteracy, poverty, etc.

You have to take india for what it is right now today, be prepared that it takes time, a lot longer than what it takes in the West. There are hierarchical, a boss is a boss. India is already incredibly competitive, so you have from day 1, think about quality, to the products or services that you plan to work with.

when you learn the INDIAN HIERARCHY
things can be done in lightning speed.

India are hierarchical top-down, In the West, we have long worked for another more modern structure. But make no hasty mistake by trying to impose Western values, but instead you shall learn quickly business hierarchies, rules, how things work in india. It wants to save you and your small Business from lots of frustration.

Learn instead who to seek out and negotiate with, to make things go faster ... Changes will probably be done, but it must be in India's own pace, and when they are ready for it.

Time is another key factor. Everything will take much longer, be prepared for up to four to five times the time that is common in the West. That's because the decisions will be made from above, and by the manager. But do not be surprised if it goes faster. It can go much faster than in the West, when you have learned, with which person you should negotiate with. Things can be solved very quickly with lightning speed and implemented immediately, once the decision has been taken.

find a local partner.

Just as in many other countries, would be a great advantage for your small e business to find a local partner, both for business and for online infrastructure. If your business grows, your local partners prove to be crucial for counseling, be your interpreter, if and when you may need, for example, making expansion efforts in various parts of the country. Or for export to other countries.

As I said earlier, in the year 2014 were smart phones and other mobile devices for astonishing over 40% percent of all e Commerce in India. It's absolutely amazing. It is much more than in any other country, then also including China with only 33% percent, and the United States with a relatively modest 15% percent.

The digital online reality is still relatively new in India, even though they are now installing the newest 4G mobile internet technology on the market. It restricts consumers' digital habits are a bit different than in the West. India's largest e Commerce business Flipkart, actually has a greater proportion of purchases via the mobile commerce (m-Commerce), even in comparison with giants such as Alibaba and eBay.

I read recently that some traders are so popular through m-Commerce that they have Entered into an app-only model, To limit demand.. Think about it ... A dream situvation for any business owner whatever to be in. But the population of Indian is so incredibly big, and now that so many have access to top-modern technology in a short time so do not manage the whole trade chain to take care of all orders..

An 2016 update.  About this app-only. The result from that app-only test balloon, was that the sale decline rapidly. That is because many people in India using desktops to make purchase. Smartphones become use to searching, to get quick information about products and services. So those who only offers app-only purchase, have now re-installed the option to even make purchase with desktops. 

As you may know, is the general rule of thumb, to provide fast, uninterrupted access to the Internet, the safest is that your content is hosted as close to the users / consumers that it might be possible.

In India this is not the case yet, attributed the huge amount of population. But this problem I'm sure it will be solved within a short period of time, because the entire internet in india from A to Z is under massive construction, with top modern technology.

The disadvantage today, for many Indian Internet users, is the relatively high latencies when connecting to most European and American businesses. But as I said, this problem will be solved in near Future.

new digital payment options.

There are already a mishmash of different digital payment options in India. For anyone with a credit or debit card there is no problem. But for anyone who may not even have a bank account is to find new, smart, simple, inexpensive, and safe roads, so that they can easily be shopping online.

There are many actors working almost 24/7 to quickly come up with stable solutions, and the prospects are very good as the latest digital Internet technology is being installed across the country, thanks to the "Digital India" Project.

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The tech industry in Asia is booming.

India's present Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and the Indian government has announced plans for the digital revolution, the India Initiative in 2014, which aims to rapidly build digital infrastructure with the latest top modern equipment, ensure that the entire Indian population, have access to digital services and promoting literacy.

The initiative is expected to be finished in 2019th. The future plans from Mr. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister of the Department of Telecom at the India Government, is that internet is expected to create many new jobs, 17 million direct and 85 million indirect new jobs in near Future.

Mr. Narendra Modi
Mr. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad

The tech industry in Asia is booming, there is no doubt about that. But the great opportunities are not limited to technology alone. The economies of many countries around Asia for a long time has increased dramatically, which obviously creates tremendous opportunities to grow business in many different industries.

Asia as a region where the Indian is located, is a gigantic market. United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific is estimated that in 2014, there were about 4.3 billion people living in Asia-Pacific. The region currently accounts for 60 percent of the world population!

Not only the large population represents a large market of potential e Business customers, but also that there is a very large market with emerging and untapped talent, promising engineers, designers and small online business Entrepreneurs.

Startups in Asia and India is increasing at an incredible rate, and it is very inspiring. Bangalore Electronic city, is the Indian equivalent of California's Silicon Valley, is among the six best cities in the world in terms of growth in venture capital deals in 2014, primarily in the large Bangalore you will find Indias, Internet industry and higher education in particular digital high-tech, web developers, etc.

The major cities in India have already or are well on track to build advanced and top modern infrastructure that makes it easy for you to start e Business.

Improvements in business throughout the Asia region reduces entry barriers and increase opportunities. In Japan, for example, more relaxed requirements now allows foreigners to start a business in the country without a permanent residence, reported the Japan Times .

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some conclusions.

Many here in Europe and the US, have laughed behind my back, when I excitedly talking about and praises Indian to have taken a decision on the gigantic "Digital India" project, and the upcoming e Commerce boom .. People refer to investing in the bureaucratic and corrupt India is a waste of time and money. But also because a large part of the population has a very small income, and that the infrastructure around E Commerce remains Underdeveloped.

When it comes to online business, of course there are shortcomings in many areas of India, in comparison with Western countries. One must remember that Indian has the ability to jump over many years of internets technological development that the West had. India will go from almost nothing, straight into today's 3 and 4G mobile Internet system, throughout the country, in just a couple of some years.

Anyway, the big Ones: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ericsson, etc. They are already on the scene in India. Together, probably the major players to help, to push for the development of customized technology solutions for India. I think of special solutions for implementing secure payments for all stakeholders in e Commerce trade.

There are 100s of milions of people who still do not have a bank account, and have low incomes. Also have modern and secure shipping solutions for e-commerce goods will also be arranged in the countryside, but it worked to resolve this. although some states may take some time.

India is a very young "online business" Nation. Just exactly why you should start your small e Business in India Today .. Being able to be involved from the beginning and build your internet business is a huge advantage over your current and future competitors. Although not everything works perfectly, at internet in India today... 

But make no misjudgments, about your target visitors and customers. They already knows exactly, how to use their smart phones or computers, to do Internet Searches, and then they must be able to find YOUR valuable and relevant Content and e Business.. Before they happen to find your Competitors .. That's why you shall start your e Business in India Today...

It's time to wrap things up.

So ... Finally, the development of India for e Business has really taken off, no doubt. But there are still many details that must be in place before India is flush with the West .. Unlike the West, will India to leapfrog many stages of digital development. For example, in the West as the development has gone a step-by-step away from the big heavy desk top devices and mobile phones which weighed 5 kilo, gradually down to today's lightweight  laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

India jumps all the way straight up from almost nothing and start use Today's top modern, PCs, various Smart mobile devices.

Mobile phone around 1990. Weight Approximately 5 kg.

As I have said, when it comes to internet in India, so is there right now a large and rapid online Revolution. The demand for information about products and services on the Internet is increasing very fast, no doubt about that. And it will works the same way as in all other countries.

Ordinary consumers are using their smart phones or computers to make their internet search. They're looking for smart solutions, help and information about various products and services.

In the West, people shop for larger Sums. In India people shop for much smaller sums, But the number of customers are many more and much more Eager..... For those who want to be involved in this gigantic online business race in India, then you have to find a niche with demand and that interest you.

OVER Fill it with your unique, relevant and self-produced content, so will your target audience find your mobile friendly site. Before they find your competitors. Here on my website you can find tons of Free tips and Guidance. I can warmly recommend you, to start by watching this Video Tour... 

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

Have a Fabulous Day:)


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