SEO Is Not Dead 
Gets Increased Importance..

back to the basics SEO AND CTPM
is your traffic booster...

SEO Is About: On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical.. Helping You To Find Out...

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still vital. SEO it's not dead, but changes have happened. Some splash of back to basics with the CTPM method (Content, Traffic, PREsell, Monetize), have rolling in on a natural way..

In the today digital reality, SEO is important but complex. It requires hard work and can be too time consuming for most of small businesses, to catching their interest..

But according to Garry Illyes from Google, there is 2 factors that stands out as the most important to get in place.. Without to hesatate Garry says: Focus on content and links... Which In plain text means: Make really good stuff, and marketing that effectively and regularly..  

Because today, you and your business must act upon the way people use the web... We all know people use theirs new smart devices and internet to make searches for information.. That mean you must first give your business a real internet presence, to be found.

But stay away from distractions, to not get caught in a "SEO morass". For small businesses, today's modern basic SEO is all about 4 things, follow these simply advice, and you will get much time left over to spend on those activities that focus on the users and creates revenue to your Business..

  • On-page SEO (never keyword stuffing, focus on one keyword per page, per article. Get the keyword and the synonyms in the content enough times so that search engines know what the page, this article is about)
  • Off-page SEO (earning links to your site, improve bounce rates)
  • Technical SEO (quickly become very user and mobile-friendly, improve site speed, avoiding duplicates)
  • Implement the "4 pillars" which i am talking about in my Article about Website tool.

People making internet search to find local businesses, information, to make comparisons, find products and services, using different devices like, desk top and smart phones.  

Everything's connected and mixed together with the social media that will help people who are making their internet search, and to suggest answers, for all the searchers..

Listen to, how solopreneur Adrian have handled SEO.

seo and web traffic goes hand in hand.

Web traffic to your business sites, and visitors into your "brick-and-mortar" comes as an results, of your solid "4 pillar" internet presence.

According to Garry Illyes from Google, the most important SEO signals is, Content and links.. And i think that is very logical, because if you can offering a content on your sites, that could solve your potential visitors and customers search intent, of course that will that generate links.. 

My strongest advice to all small businesses regardless of size, industry and country, is to always use a mix of paid and free small business marketing online. Forget about the old times, with expensive advertising costs. Today all you need is 5-10 minutes and $1 dollar/per day, to directly start seeing results... I have written an Article about, Advertice business online. 

Create always content, primarily for human beings,  your potential visitors and customers. Help them solve their problems, give them the information they ask for. Create a user and mobile friendly business site.

Use keyword that is relevant and related to what your business is about.. Links is something you diserve in a natural way, by creating a good reputation, with the help of your "home made" content, your products, your services. Then will potential visitors and customers, to click and visit your sites.. 

To use CTPM method, and slowly build up a rock solid and long-term e business, would give much greater and safer return to you in the long run, than to look for the latest trendiest SEO Loopholes.


SEO influence is decreasing CTPM takes Over.

If any person would ever try to give you the impression that he/she knows exactly what search engines "is capabel to manage today." No outsider knows today exactly. At Google, for example, it is some handful people who may know, or have the complete picture, all others work on very small pieces of it.

And how are these mysterious google people?  Well.. They are bound to a solid confidentiality agreement. Honestly, that some "outsiders" pretend to know. It's really just wild guesses, assumptions and speculations, all stuffed SEO forums is in most case, a big waste of people's precious time.

The only thing we know, and will be able to know is when Google itself emits updates, for example Google updates 21 April 2015, if you have, or build, a mobile friendly website or blog wants to give you rankings advantages...

Mark and Eric have extensive knowledge and experience about

SEO and digital marketing..

Please folks, do not misinterpret what I say in this or other articles here on my website. This is not a "smack on the finger" on SEO:ers Vs. Me or this this CTPM methods. It's only an statement of the obvious, naturally developed trends, of today and in the Future. 

Experienced, SEO:ers can absolutely still be quite effective, but not for so very long. This CTPM process is designed to exceed SEO:ers of bigger and bigger margins, with less effort.

SEO will continue to exist, but CTPM method (which is also SEO) will become increasingly important, since it corresponds to people's behavior patterns, on the Internet Today.. You can see that for every update, Google does so given increasing benefits to blogs and websites that use CTPM method, because it is more natural and focus first on helping the users.

seo history.

Everything has to start somewhere. And the first search engines were actually quite simple. In order to determine the relevance of various Webpages, it was with the help of a search term, they were looking for keywords in different locations on a page. It was easy for marketers to manipulate the first raw "relevancy algorithms" of the search engines (SEs). 

All you had to do was stuff a page with 'invisible' keywords (for example, text in the same color as the background color), and Voila! Your page would rank with the speed of light, as a page 1 of search queries using the "stuffed" keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was not yet initially an official "professional".

The first marketers who discovered this tricks, they of course hide it also, for the own profit's sake. Their rudimentary reverse-engineering allowed them to Super fast rank highly in the engines for all of their key search terms, with almost no or minimal work. Life was pleasant enough, for those early birds, and several made to secure a hefty fortune in a very short time ..

What is the ultimate goal of search engines like Google? As most people know, to understand what a website or blog is all about, and how good or bad it is. And that of course sounds easy? Well ... It's easy for us living people. But it is incredibly complicated for a machine. But of course development is progressing faster and faster, search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated ...

wordpress news!
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Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

The global computing power, will continue as usual to double its capacity every 18 months. Hundreds brilliant computer mechanic working virtually 24/7 to build intelligent algorithms. Major technology, such as artificial intelligence will be very important and play a great role.

However, if we are honest, SEO:ers does not create much of reality. They're just trying as best they can, imitate it. They try to meet with a formula, a definition of reality, a definition, however, is constantly changing and becoming more complex. How on earth can we keep up with the kind of acceleration of complexity?

The answer is! When you start delivers high quality, valuable and relevant business sites consistently. Only then would consumers coming back for more. And they would also tell their friends on social media, etc., with zeal. And more surfers make more and more searches..

As you know, it works the same way in "brick and mortar" real World. You want to return to the shop, where the staff is knowledgeable and service minded, where you will find the products or services of high quality, the prices are right for you, it's easy to find the store and the store has a nice Atmosphere.

who is the search engine's customers?

The answer is very simple! All advertisers... All the time maybe you might have thought that the search engines "product" was "search" and "the customers" would then be "all the search surfers".

No way ... Search engine actual customer is in fact the advertisers. The product are all targeted interests, each searcher, openly and clearly declare when they do their searches on any of the search engines. Targeted surfers, that's what the company delivers to its customers, ie, all advertisers.

This is simply basic business, and when money moves, then all business owners ensure that a profit occurs... If you want to know who your customer is? Well.. no problems, just follow the money, who pays money to whom. 

The search engines want to have valuable and relevant content today, (consumers, too). That's what it's all about, no special tricks or other complex nets of technical intricacies. CTPM has a natural "turbo pressure performance" made by human for humans.

It was the first, exact, natural, and powerful process to successfully build your online business. It gives reality ranking. It sets the relevant content power of human response (an important part of off-page criteria) to work for you.

This is exactly what search engines are looking for, no cheap quick fix, or hidden tricks. It's pure logic and common sense, and that is precisely why CTPM outperforms SEO:ers. And it will do so more and more, now today and in the future... If you think it sounds simplistic, well yes.. it Is. In fact it is very simple, but remember it is Not Easy...

This tool box has a unique set of integrated tools that remove all technical, time-consuming and tedious complexities, so the process is really simply. But it is never easy to build a real business, (Yes..

I have said it often, but it needs to be emphasized so that no misunderstandings occur. Neither the Internet or this CTPM process can suspend common sense, or the laws of economics. CTPM is not an "get-quick-rich" schema.. As for all biz, it will requireds persistace, patience and work effort, to build a real e business..

let's start up the turbo powered
C-T-P-m Engine!

In order to build a profitable ebusiness, it is important to do everything right from day 1. So let's take a closer look at how you should do to start and run this powerful turbo CTP engine, so you can arrive at M.

  • C. Content: All internet users looking for help, information, and solutions. (Just think about how you use the internet today). People are not trying to find you, because they do not know that you exist (yet!). They are looking for your knowledge and experience, what you know in your Niche. Give it to them. Convert your knowledge into content with high in demand.. To succeed online, you should start just where the consumers begins - on "search".
  • T. Traffic: When it comes to e business, income to your wallet, it is a natural function of the traffic. If you get traffic, you will make money. For most people, building traffic is the key limiting factor, and that is where CTPM method will help you tremendously. Your current content ranks high on search engines (eg. Google, Bing), it attracts free, targeted (ie, interest), open-to-your content visitors. These visitors are known as the "Traffic". CTPM will also maximize the traffic from all mobiles and smart phones. And all the social media (eg., Facebook, Twitter) that will broaden your reach far beyond your website or blog, when social media sends you more Traffic...
  • P. PREsell: Consider this. To you, complete strangers developed a strong trust and confidence in you. Why? You have "presell" by you all the time over deliver what they want from your website or blog ... Valuable, relevant and original information. Deepening "connection" through the interactivity of social media. You deliver it all with your own voice, via your website or blog on your own personal way. This will create a trust. It is important because people only buy from those they like and trust. In other words, it works exactly the same way as in the brick and mortar business world, you will come back and shop / buy in the offline store, you feel comfortable in, and where staff is service minded, and where products or services are of a High Quality.
  • M. Monetize: Now you can transform those hot, with a clear attitude to-buy ("PREsold") visitors into money, revenue. Called "Making Money," this last part of the process is very simple and a very fun piece. But "M" (Monetize) can not and will not happen if you fail to first start and run the turbocharged CTP engine. It is exactly here that 99% of all small business owners fail. CTP is the turbocharged engine that drives the entire process, up to the final station "M." (Monetize), and all of your revenue. So the missing link in most people, that will start and build their real e business is to pounce on the "M" (Monetize) first. Even before they have started and gained momentum in the important turbocharged CTP engine ....

So all you need to do, and focus on, is CTPM. Burn off the turbocharged engine and start deliver lot of valuable and relevant content, to your target audience. A "home made" content that relates to your chosen niche, and that you have written with your personal voice.

Tons of behind-the-scenes technology and complexity of building and marketing your website or blog, work intensively behind the scenes without you having to think about it. This frees you to focus 100% on what you know best ... Your own Business, and focus on helping your potential visitors and customers...



  • Real Results.
  • To compare.

Now I have a very good suggestion for you. Take a look at this Video Tour  that shows you live in plain language what CTPM method  will help you and your own e Business with... Do you own a "brick and mortar business" with inadequate or, no online presence at all. Well, then you should definitely take a look because you can be quite sure that your other competitors already are a step ahead of you today, or will do it Tomorrow ..

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.
Welcome back soon.
I Believe you will have a Fabulous Day:)

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