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Niche and Keyword research tool

vital to your success!

A Niche and Keyword research tool. The first and most important step you take when you are going to build or refurbish your Business sites. We shall not waste any important time, so come along folks, let's roll up your sleeves, take up picks and shovels, for now we place work on the Schedule...

Many people try to make Niche and Keyword research, way more complicated than it actually is, Don't do that! What is the purpose of your business? Why will people visit your business sites or "brick and mortar"? Why will people decide to buy your products or services? 

And by "why" i don't mean to earn money, make a profit, because that is a result.  Just focus on learning and mastering the CTPM (Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetize) A step-by-step formula, which means, You shall using the, all-in-one website tool box , to find the best small business ideas, or for refurbish and turbo charge your existing business website..

how to build a profitable online business?

For you to build a profitable small e Business, that act upon the fundamental reality of the way ordinary people like you and me, many 100's millions of people in different countries use on the internet Today.

That which you are now reading about, is out of my own experience, a tool that you and your e Business, will have great benefit and enjoyment of. This is about the World's first Smart Brainstorming, Niche-picking and keyword research Tool! 

How to Finding Your Niche?

Brainstorm it! The tool uses the new website or blog, concept finder to get back many hundreds of keywords for 3 potential Site Concepts, all at once. You can then at your pace, comparing all three side by side with different types of filters, preset data for (lower profitability, general competitive and the Solid Potential) and sorts to determine which of the three is the best for your website or blog Concept.

Then based on overall profitability, the time you have available, to work with your new concept. And then you have the monetization potential that you also should consider. I have also written an Article about Find Your Niche.

Niche Choose It! This is an invaluable tool that allows you to flawlessly able to choose the absolute best Site Concept for your Theme-Based Content Site or blog, along with the best possible domain name. Absolute No factor is overlooked by Niche Choose it!.

Advanced Brainstorming tool.

Advanced Brainstorming for small businesses, is like what an turbo makes for a car engine performance, a turbo maximizes the effect considerably.. Do you have one? or have you ever been driving a car that has turbo Engine?. Anyway.. What I want to explain is. When you give full throttle on a car with a turbo engine, you will get a very quick acceleration .... The same is happening now when you use the next keyword tool, you will very quick get a very large amount of keyword.

  • Two Lateralizing Brainstormers.
    These two brainstormers drive Brainstorm it! beyond the third-party keyword tools that costing $ 500+ if you buy them separate! The total set of 80+ super-business tools consists of much more than this keyword software, as described on this page. Yet this is all included, of course... No hidden premium or platinum upgrade.
  • The Ultimate Verticalizer
    This brand new BrainStormer uses the collective "collective wisdom" of the entire Internet and SBI!. What? It uses every single SBI! resource that generates keywords including keywords from the billions of web pages spidered by our own "SBIder." The UV (Ultimate Verticalizer) is the most comprehensive index of real, human-generated keywords that today Exist.

When we have added all the search result at together, as this super tool achieves, it gives a yield of 10-20 times more relevant and valuable keywords than every third-party keyword tool (including Wordtracker and Google) combined! Each keyword in the world that contains your "Site Concept keyword" discovered and returned to you loaded with additional valuable Data.

Site Sell Supply!

This tool reveals the topics / themes that content sites really are writing about. In the largest project yet, spider web tool to go far, far beyond the information provided by search Engines. You know, it is far more accurate than the "sides found" dust and rubble statistics, that reported by the engines, this keyword research tool is a groundbreaking indicator of genuine competition...

It allows you to make very wise and very important decisions around your own e Business strategi, your content creation. As I have said ... This keyword research tool has truly unique features, and you will have hard time to find some similar anywhere Else, to the same Price...

the Site Info.

This tool provides a complete and highly competitive review for any keyword or domain. With an easy click automates a process that only real web professionals know how to do it (and it takes them a lot longer). The information will be gathered to you from 2500 places? Of course Completely free, it includes ...

Alexa integration.

Alexa's powerful suite of APIs in modules, giving you back large amounts of invaluable information about your competitors. This includes, of course ...

a WAHM (work at home moms) 
tailor made solutions!

Search it!

Is a tool with more than 100 powerful advanced searches in 20 categories, from brainstorming to monetization. Search it! That constantly updates old searches and adds entirely new, such as searches highest return for good information, vital statistics, and legal research, image library searches that you obviously can use for free, and it really is a real head knocking / Brainstormer. The ultimate e Commerce search machine.

As I have said, these research tool is very simple to use, even for the "newest newbie". Streamlined and lightning-fast new tool to further brainstorm your chosen niche, while others are completely new features make it easy for you to adjust, delete, and add new substances.

Keyword appears when you enter terms or figures in a filter. You can then make further refinements to perfection. This sequential filtration offers you a never-seen-before big power and super accuracy. Yes the conditions are really in your favor, especially for you which is the newest of newbie to really making Success with online business.

Good for you to know ... Keywords related to your local "brick and mortar Business" They usually have low demand and low competition. But because these are local and thus would be of great help to you and your business, and of course in the first place for your potential customers so that search engines can easily present your business as the first proposal when consumenter makes its Internet Search....

To be able to build a real, profitable web business today, with a long-term growth in to the future. You must just make sure to do the right things, step-by-step, from day 1. It would cost you thousands of dollars if bought this super tool functions separately, and many of the key features not even available elsewhere. I promise... You'll discover keyword niches you never knew existed! Profitable niches that are perfect for you,, niches you will love and most important, niches that you can Win!

wordpress news!
how to start a blog?

Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!



         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a small local "brick and mortar" Business, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet!  click here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

A new demo video about Brainstorm It!

Why do so many people start their own small internet business Today? Well the answer its very simply... They have just made a Brainstorm IT Research and find a Niche on Internet with a big demand, and their strongest intent now, is to fill It...

Brainstorm It..... Probably the today, most advanced and easy to manage Niche and Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet! Take a taste bite, how to find keywords, how to find your niche, how to getting traffic. At this short video, you will get an overview of, What to start with, and Why..

Press play and watch this video now.. It searches, refind and understand how many people who search for specific keywords and phrases. It examines the competition for you to quickly and easily find out what options you have success with your keywords. The demo only takes a few minutes to see.

Find and Develop Your own Best Site Concept!

Even the top-of-the-line keyword tools on internet, which Alone will cost you lot more than all of SBIs! Super business tools, do not include these powerful features that make all the main difference between choosing the road to success or complete failure.

Have you thought about, It takes just as much time to build a low-potential business as a high-potential one. So if you invest, (investing is meant for you, in time and effort not Money.) wisely, the time now to get your niche, your Site Concept, right, and you will maximize your returns for tomorrow and the future and as long as you wish.

good to know for those of you, who have an 
brick and mortar business!

If you are building a website or blog, to drive traffic to your offline brick-and-mortar business. Relevant keywords can of course have much lower demand. Many of the keywords will be very specific and location-based, unless you plan to expand your business regionally, nationally or Globally.

A Great niche or Site Concept Must.

Be in Demand.

A fair number of people have to search for information about your niche. If your niche is too narrow, there is not sufficient demand to earn money, even if your entire (too small), the market would find you!

That said, if you can afford it, go narrower, all your visitor to your website or blog is more valuable because they are more targeted. The closer targeted they are, the fewer visitors you need to earn the income you want.

  1. It may not be, too Broad.
    If your website or blog Concept is too wide, the competition will be too tough. It will be difficult for you to achieve top rankings on search engines for many of niche keywords. For example, it is impossible to "own" The niche Travel. Leave all the Super wide niches for large companies that has big advertising budgets.
  2. Excite you.
    Choose something (for example, your hobby) that you already know and love (or that you are willing to find out more about) well.. you must be prepared to do so, even though you think you already know everything. If you do that, writing relevant and information-packed content pages will becomes an very easy pleasure instead of just work. Thats how it works even with Offline Business. Think of "passion" and "knowledge", if you have them, they will shine like a diamond in your Content. Remember to be a small business owners, is a very nice lifestyle not just a Label or Title.
  3. How much time do you have available to work on your Website or Blog?
    If you have only a few hours per week to work on your new company, do not choose a very competitive Niche.
  4. Delivering high ROI (Return On Investment) Potential.
    Your consept must offer excellent options for monetizing traffic to your website or blog. This ensures ROI you want. Make every visitor to your site a potential income generator. You may not be sure how you will monetize your website or blog?. Or maybe you already know your primary monetization model (Sell your own products or professional services, or create an Internet presence to increase an existing offline business). As for monetization, it's not one of the first steps you take, it is after you have completed the initial important things to do. So no need to worry... Remember. There is plenty of room for more than one website or blog in any niche. SBIs! tool box shows you how to place and write about your site Concept so that you "own your space" on the Web.

Build a Strong Business Foundation.

Remember that you are the architect of your own success. What is the purpose of your small business? Everything you create starts with a rock solid foundation for your small business to stand on, just like when you build a House. Online business is no different than the "offline world" ... Create and focus on a business.. Then it grows. Monetize it. And you will get results from it.

I've said it many times but it will not hurt to repeat it. In the online world, no one walks by, and suddenly see your activity, and clicks into your site. Surfers on the Web today, is not looking for you (yet), or your e business.

They are looking for credible, high value and relevant information or solutions, which can satisfy the desire they hold dearly or solve a troublesome problem they have for a time. If they already knew about your website or blog already existed, they would not have to look on the Web. They would already be your visitors, to your site or brick and mortar business, and then become your firm customers.

Guy Kawasaki, Mia Voss
and Kenneth Manesse Sr...

Online, you must generate your own targeted traffic, to thrive and be profitable. Therefore, your primary task, well before you can make your first sale of Products or service, make a recommendation to your visitors, is to provide the information (i.e., valuable and relevant content) that they're searching on internet for.


In Total!.. Meeting the needs or desires of your target customers, must be your Nr1 priority, the reason behind every action you takes... Your eager and desire to earn income. Always must come in second Place., WHY? Well.. Simply because it's completely dependent on you and your performance.. Why will people visit your site or "brick and mortar"? If you can help your visitors with their needs or desires.. So that they become satisfied and happy...

Yes, here you have today got a small taste bit of This complete keyword research and business Tools .. As I have said, it is very easy to handle, even for the "newest newbie", it's flexible, inexpensive, user friendly, mobile friendly and very effective perfect to build up a real e business with option for your customers to choose e Commerce. All-in-one and step-by-step solutions. Everything is included no upgrades. I recommend you To watch this Video Tour . Have a Productive Day... 

Thank you for taking Your time visit my Website..

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe you will Have a Fabulous Day:)


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