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What means "bricks-and-clicks"?? It's one of the many new terms that have popped up, in the wake of the new digital era. Similar expressions is: "online-to-brick-and-mortar" and "buy online, pick-up in store." They are all new jargong expressions, which have occured in the new digital internet-reality.

Today bricks-and-clicks must be a matter of course, for all small businesses with physical store.. An combination that put focus on the users, helping all your potential visitors and customers to quick and easy find you when they make a web search..

So that mean bricks and clicks in combination, will sharply benefit small "brick and mortar" Businesses? Oh yes, Bricks-and-Clicks is the description of a modern small Business, which can offer its potential visitors and customers, a physical Business with facilities and opening hours.. 

And at the same time offers a 24/7 open online presence, with the ability to choose e Commerce, if possible. This means you first must create a "4 pillars" mobile friendly internet Presence. 

As you know, people have today access to Internet, they have new smart mobile devices. And when your "brick and mortar" has a internet presence, more potential customers will obviously be able to find you, and decide to visit you and make purchases. 

Do you need an electrician, repair your car, or check offers at the local food store? Today a countless numbers of results from polls, shows that people increasingly use a search engine, to find a local business.. 

According to Google is today more than 70% of people's internet searches, local related.. As a habit, people do internet searches, before deciding to which store/business they will visit, and do any purchases. 


but what means "bricks-and-Clicks"?

The name "bricks-and-clicks" began to appear for about 15 years ago, but its function, was much more simple, than it is today. Because customers send in their order, to a brick and mortar via traditional mail. In the early 2000s, the Internet was still newborn, and there was no smart phones, it would take many years before we can see similarities with the realities of today 2017. 

Today, the Mobile 4G network made its entry in most countries, and under construction in others, this would further enhance the internet performance on Smart phones...  According to Ericsson,  the Swedish company that is the World's largest manufacturer of equipment for building networks for mobile communication, says that the next generation already on the way. 

Already today, but in very small scale, testing is going on here in Sweden. But the first big reality test area, for the demonstration of the new and revolutionary Mobile 5G Technology Solutions, will be During The Fifa World Cup 2024 in football, in Russia.

But have this really any great significance, for your small local brick and mortar business? The more the capacity increases on the new generations of smart phones, combined with Mobile 4G network and within 3-5 years when the new 5G beginning to be rolling out on a large global scale. It will be critical for small local brick and mortar business survival, to be on the Internet with a complete "bricks-and-clicks" e Business.

Today it is no longer e Commerce a threat to your small "brick and mortar" Business, but rather a big opportunity to increase sales and above all, to adapt to the consumers "digital" expectations and requirements.

For about 10 years ago it was much more complicated and expensive to create a website and e Commerce. Today that is the easiest part, you do not first need to become a computer expert or a web programmer.. The time consuming and hard part, is to overfill your sites with your own home made and valuable content..

about m-commerce in europe.

Here you can see some Newsletter Headlines.

(Source) ECommerceNews.eu/

- Nearly two thirds of internet users in the European Union made online purchases in 2015. The share of online shoppers in internet users is growing, with the highest proportions (both 68%) being found in the group of 16 to 24 year olds and that of 25 to 54 year olds. About one in four online shoppers in Germany have ordered foods or drinks online. And a new study shows that about nine in ten shoppers are satisfied with shopping groceries online.. 

- Dutch payment company Adyen announced it achieved 100% transaction volume growth and more than 100% revenue growth in 2015. The company processed 50 billion dollars in transaction volume last year and achieve revenue of 350 million dollars, which corresponds to a growth of more than 100 percent over 2014.


for small BUSINESSes. 

- When Spaniards shop online, they mostly buy leisure-related products. Show tickets, books, music and restaurants are the products that are purchased online the most. Two out of three Spanish consumers shopped these kinds of products on the internet. Also, travel and consumer electronics were very popular last year in Spania.

- Ecommerce in the Czech Republic exceeded all expectations. Last year, Czechs spent 3 billion euros in domestic online stores. Compared to the previous year, the Czech e Commerce industry achieved growth of over 20 percent.

- Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has shown to be very enthusiastic about the e Commerce industry in the United Kingdom. The former Google boss thinks the United Kingdom e Commerce "is far ahead of USA". 

Big benefits for consumers.

Mobile Shopping is today mostly about m-Commerce. How to create a first class mobile user experience for potential customers who visit your small local "bricks-and-clicks" Business site.

According to Google, is making people more than 10 Internet searches before they decide what business and when they going to do their shopping. The "bricks-and-clicks" create benefits for your customers, there is no doubt. 

The digital development has been so fast that most local small business owners do not really kept up with, in those sharp turns. But consumers however are very quick to acquire new mobile devices with new features and greater capacity when the deployment of 3G and 4G proceed rolls on in most countries.

I warmly recommend you to spend 4 minutes to listen to good advice from
Jordan Zimmerman..

People in all countries are doing today Internet searches.. It's about 3.5 billions of search per day. To obtain information, find help, get new ideas, find and check out reviews on various business, find a restaurant, a auto repair shop, different products, services, making m-Commerce.. Well you see, the list is almost endless..

As you know, with their Smartphones now enable people searches anywhere and anytime. For example, a consumer may visit their fixed the clothing store to buy a new pair of jeans, but it turns out that the store did not have the right size on the shelves at the time, quickly consumers can do a search on their Smartphone and find a pair of jeans in a another clothing store...

Other advantages with "bricks-and-clicks" for consumers is that when they found and decided to visit a business they can easily, with a click to get there with the help from Google maps on their smartphones. Provided that you as business owner have verified your business with Google. 

Google My Business  Make your local small company visible on the Google Search, Maps and Google+, so customers can find you regardless of which device they are using. Mobile consumers will use their devices to discover what’s nearby, and then visit your stores in person for shopping.

Today's consumers also quickly take a photo with their smartphones, on a product directly in the shop, to share on social media and receive opinion from friends. New customer behavior, as for just 2-3 years ago was perceived almost as daunting for many small brick and mortar businesses, have come to stay and the trend continues.

There are tools that help consumers to make easier and more efficient experiences in dealing with small local business, that must speed up the development and adaptation of "bricks-and-clicks".


The first thing you must do is to establish a Mobile Friendly Business website, where your customers can also choose e Commerce. Today, anyone can put up a professional-looking website ..  

As I have said, for 3-4 years ago there was great concern among small local brick and mortar businesses, their shops were turned into showrooms. Because potential customers come in to your store and check prices, tests sizes, etc, to take their smartphones, and make an e Commerce purchases at one of your competitors.

But reality has become something else. I did not make this article, to a large table of results... But I can mention that the Swedish company Ericsson, estimates that by 2021, approximately 70% of the world's population to have their own smartphones that obviously has Internet connectivity. You do not have to be rocket scientist to understand that this would affect your small local "brick and mortar" business.

Your potential visitors and customers will do internet search, related to your Business, and they expect that you to offer extraordinary content and the very best user and mobile friendly experience, at your Business site. That is precisely why, I have pointed out many times in my articles, that all the small local Businesses must create a "4 pillars" Internet Presence..

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Become the "bricks-and-clicks" showroom mix.

Since 2010, it has been written tons of articles, on the development of smart phones and new consumer habits and mindset. Now that we have some more facts on the table than just 3-4 years ago, we will look at in terms of today and in a few years forward. 

Whether your small business is in India, Portugal, Nigeria or Brazil, It's meaningless to fight the Consumers New Digital attitude, given that, instead, you have so much more to gain to quickly transform, your small brick and mortar, into a "bricks-and-clicks".

The conditions may vary depending on your country, which industry you are in and if your business is in a big mega city, or in a smaller village in the countryside. But as I have said many times, the basic premises, give your "brick and mortar" an real internet precense..

Offers free wi-fi for visitor in your brick and mortar store. Especially millennials will quickly add the mark to, if you do not have it, and perhaps will skip your small business altogether, if they notice that Wifi is neglected. 

Your customers use smartphone technology all the time, when they visiting your store, they will using it in their own way, searching, take fotos, follow up on a promotion, people love to share their experience everywhere at anytime, so also in your brick and mortar... 

To offer free Wifi provide significant branding opportunities for you, one of the simplest is to use your company name as the network's SSID (the official name of a wireless network.) Today's free Wi-fi to your visitors, gives well known possibilities, but as I said, for you who run a small local business there are no alternatives. 

The idea is to keep up with the rapid pace of change and adapt to your potential customers digital expectations of a modern brick and mortar store. Don't forget that your competitors are also very interested in being able to make their potential customers happy with an up to date, digital experience.

Free Wifi is of course a cost to your business, depending on your country, how well-developed the Internet is, and rates from different network companies, etc. It is no problem for you to easily find out how much it will cost. But there is no doubt that all the benefits, of increased sales, the good will, your "brick and mortar" business gained, by give your visitors free Wi-fi, in the long run will easily justify what it costs you...


Social media have become

small Businesses main marketing tool.

Let's start with that your Social media sites can not replace your own business website.. Because that you do not own for example your facebook site, in the same way as your business site domaine .. I have written an Article about Why will Social media, benefit small businesses,  where you can read more.

Your small local business needs today as a minimum Presence: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter. But depending on what industry you are in, what your business is about, perhaps your potential customers expects even more. On social media, you should also create a separately Business Site, so that it is not linked to your private accounts ...

I Believe Business owners in general, has been seen on social media for the wrong thing. The Majority have thought That constantly posting a lot of stuff, being super active, will get your brick and mortar business to take off. This is probably not true or right way to go. The "Social media family" has its greatest value as relations shipbuilder.

Where consumers will make recommendations of your local small "brick and mortar" business, when someone in a conversation talking about products or services that your business provides. 

So it not because of that you, posting stuff 10 times per day. Posting When you have something valuable and relevant to say, weekly offers, new incoming goods, etc .. I warmly recommend you to regularly "Boosting your posts", it is very quick, simple and inexpensive.. I will bet, that almost all your potential visitors and customers already have an Facebook account. Make sure they will se your latest update, with help of your boosted post..

It's time to wrap things up.

Running a small business is stressful, and that don’t expecting to change any time soon.. For most small business owners there is little time left over for time consuming maintenance of an online presence, marketing, despite most know that is today very important.. To use methods that is: efficient, simple, quick and inexpensive, is of course of importance.. 

That your potential visitors and customers quick and easy can find you on internet is simply today a matter of survival.. My tips and good advice caters to all small businesses who still lacks or have a poor internet presence.. By provide your small biz, an website tool with "4 pillars" internet presence, you will immediately to notice significant differences. Despite you spending almost zero in time and money..

How will you be able, as a small local business, with a small budget, create an modern "bricks-and-clicks" Business... That type consumers expect to find when they do their searches on the Internet. Read my article about,  Local SEO...

  • Creating a mobile friendly Business site, with the option for e Commerce, if possible.
  • Optimize your site first for local, but also for national and global search.
  • Verify your Business with Google.
  • Over Fill your site with extraordinary, valuable and relevant content.
  • Create at least the basic Amounts of social media accounts (see above).
  • Make your "brick and mortar" business smartphone friendly, by offering
    your visitors Free wifi.
  • Promote activity in your store, your Business site.

Internet is flooded with offers, how to create Internet presence. I recommend you warmly, to watch this Video Tour.  It is about building a real e Business, for small "brick and mortar" Businesses... Do not just quickly throwing up a Site ...

Thanks for taking your time and visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe that you will have a Fabulous Day:)


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