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find your niche
amongst some of your interests

Find your niche, It is not about rocket science or special luck. I have written this Article, where i picked out 2 ordinary persons. One from the web savvy millennials  generation in India. The other one is a Baby boomer from USA..

  • What is the common factor? 
  • Can others learn from their internet successes?

Yes, I'm sure that lots of people can learn a lot by just looking at these two people. The faster you can also see and understand, Why they have succeeded, the bigger are the chances that you too will succeed ...

Find your niche and starting a small Business. Or clarify the purpose with your existing small Business.. I believe most people are much closer to find a niche than they can imagine. But instead people spinning around, struggling, making endless searches and worries so much that in the end they stop believing in find a Business idea..

A niche does not exist automatically by themselves, it is something you can create with your unique services or your products. Can you identify and fill a need or an desire, by offering your products or services that meet the demand, then you have found your niche.

Because i believe, no matter how hard big brands try, no large retailer can fix everything to all people. There are always going to be needs for products or services. That are leaving room for the small local Business to succeed, by meeting those needs.

In this article you will see an example of how a successful small family Business was born. He found his niche, started up from scratch as a small local Entrepreneur some 15 years ago, with a minimum of computer knowledge. Today you find his family business at "Google page 1", ranked on one of the worlds most famous Brand Names...

No matter what industry you're thinking about. The best way to find your niche, is to build your small Business on something that interests you very much. This is definitely my very best advice, and in my example below, you will se how important an interest is to become successful.

Clarifies the purpose of your Business, Why your Business exist, should always comes first and be highlighted. There are so many fantastic examples of small Businesses, that growed up based on the owners big interest and clearly purpose with their Business, products and services.

the importance of internet presence

It doesn't matter what the Business's size is, the industry, your country, super local or global, offline "brick and mortar" or web-based only...  Globally, it is estimated today there is about 200 million small local Businesses, more than 50% of these lack completely, or have a very poor internet presence.

On the other hand the numbers of Internet users and the explosive growth of the numbers of smart mobile devices, has caused that small Businesses has fallen behind, when it comes to their digital presence. People cant find those on the web...

Therefor is the most important task to all small local Businesses, to build their Business up on a rock solid internet presence. Simple actions made by yourself, that usually will result in over 20% increased revenues, and over 50% more web traffic to your existing local small Businesses... 

Local SEO, learn how to fix it Yourself.  What need you as an small local Business owner, take into consideration?

Today all of your potential visitors and customers have much more advanced laptops, computers and smart mobile devices to surfing around with. In just 4 years people have really made a total transformation. And since 2014, local searchs have more than doubled. Today more than 50% of all mobile search, have a local intent.

To, run a small local Business, includes today also a proper "4 pillars" internet presence. Do not so easy, give away potential visitors and customers to your competitors, that already have installed a "4 pillars" internet presence. And therefore are much more easy to be found online, of searchers, potential visitors and customers..

how to find your niche?

As i said abow, find your niche is to first look at everything that interests you, make a list. I am convinced that you have a lot of ideas and interests. With the help of this ideas and interests list, you should sort and find a niche that can become your profitable small Business... 

Using a Brainstorm tool will help you immensely, to find your niche and Business idea.. But even for those of you who already have several perfect ideas, by using this excellent tool you will futher more, to make multiple testings, fine-tuning and pollisching. When you sitting and sorts amongst your interests and ideas..

This user friendly tool, can also help you avoid Business ideas and Niches, which may be less successful ventures... So watch this short demo video, to get a clear picture for yourself, about how this Brainstorm tool works ...

May I introduce
Mr. Kent Bergsma...

I Believe this is an excellent example, how to start from scratch, from the simply basic, how to find your niche and building a very successful small Business, based on something that interest you very much...

Mr. Bergsmas targeted international audience, can since many years find his small web Business at "Google Page 1". His family Business, ranks on one of the Worlds Most Famous Brand Names.

There are many examples of successful small businesses. I have chosen to talk about this small business because I tend to look at a lot of informative YouTube Videos when I have a problem, or need a good advice when it comes to my own car.

Mr. Bergsma found his niche in the mid 1990s, and started his successful web adventure at his transformed 40 acre dairy farm, for more than 15 years ago. It is based on his own big interest in cars, his mechanical skills and experience.. You can read his own words, at his website.

Where he talking about his stunning adventure that started in the early 1970s as a Flight Mechanic and Commercial Airplane Pilot, flying in the rugged eastern highlands of Irian Jaya, Indonesia..

But here today, we are taking a time jump to mid 1990s.  When Mr. Kent Bergsma started to provide service, to maintain, to repair, and to refurbish various older Mercedes Benz cars.

But his small business "at his dairy farm" soon began to change direction when he first time "discovered" eBay in 1999... At this time about 17 years ago, the total number of Mercedes parts on eBay was around 100..

Today 2016, I see that there are more than 1,500,000 Mercedes parts at eBay's listings .. The operations on eBay grew very fast and Kent realize in 2003, that they needed their own website, so was Born. 

From 2003 to 2005 grew his company so much and fast, thanks to the new website, that they decided to stop the repair facility, and instead to 100% become a pure Web based Business... In 2007, the business have grew further and the decision was made to relocate to larger premises. 

There is no doubt that, Mr. Bergsma has really found his niche, which also have becamed his big passion. By acquiring detailed knowledge and experience of various Mercedes models, he now offering different products, advanced diagnostic guides, written manuals and repair instructions.

He also designing and manufacturing specialty kits and tools, and easy to understand information, for people to "doing-it-themselves" on their own Mercedes car.

WITH GOOGLE! And The Digital WorkShop With Google... I Can Warmly Recommend You To Combine Those 2 FREE Sources. As Real Professional Help. To Find Your Niche..

Get the digital skills you need to grow your Small Web Business. I Believe this Free  Digital Academy course with Google, is excellent complement, to the Free guidance you find here At my website. 

The Google Digital Garage, is aimed for Beginners, Small Business owners, Employees, Retirees or Students. For those who want to get started, sharpen their digital skills, or kick start your career with an impressive certification.

But to get the digital skills you need to build and grow your small web business. You need an combination of knowledge, both theoretical, practical.

However today in 2016, there is no big technical and financial hurdles for you, to by yourself build and run a small web business. And for you who already have a small "brick and mortar" Business, to establish a real Internet Presence. I can Recommend you to take a look at the Google WorkShop Academy, it's FREE. 

To build a real web business, I Believe it is a big advantage fore you, to looking at many sources. That you step by step can pick out and learn what is relevant for you, for your own small business, in your country.

video marketing was 
kents next big breakthroug.

This small family web business, continued to grow and now we come to 2010, which will be the next big breakthrough. Mr. Bergsma's son manages to convince his dad, that set up a YouTube channel has to be an excellent solution to show the target audience, valuable and relevant Videos for instructional purpose, give smart tips and good advice.

Over the past 6 years, the company has grown and the number of YouTube Videos have now surpassed 1000. As the number of Videos has become so large, and e Commerce constantly increases, were made in 2013 a restoration and updating of the website,  Today the website is much more user and mobile friendly, in addition, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Mr. Kent Bergsma has with his small family business, build a rock solid authority, when it is about being able to really help his target audience, to solving problems, to give them what they are looking for. That Mr. Bergsma has devoted many hours to build up his small business, since its inception in the late 1990's, when he discovered his niche, there is no doubt.

But why spend so many hours? it's not because that we must. I Believe it's because we are really interested our small Businesses, to do what we are doing, we think its very fun, to helping our customers solving their search intent, wishes and needs, on the absolute best possible way. And as an Results out of all this, small Business owners are happens to make a decent income to support our families.

Examples how Mr. Bergsmas

educational videos look like.

Creating Instructional videos.

As i have said, I strongly Believe to find your niche, you have to begin to explore your interests, make a list, and sort out what interests you the most. To build up a small web business is not a question today about investing a lot of money, or first become a web programmer.

On the contrary, with the help of the enormous web-technical development in the last 5 years, and all new business tools, that make it absolutely possible even for the "newest newbie" to build up a small e Business.

Of course, we must remember that at the end of the 1990 's, the internet was newborn, there were no smartphones, it was ahead of both YouTube and Facebook and the rest of the "Social media Family". Would Mr. Bergsma's web Business, started today, of course it would go much faster.

Because all the above mentioned internet ingredients, that taken more than 10 years of development, now is in place.. But the most important of all is the users, in 2000 it was only 360 million people World wide who were Online. Today in 2016, is it 3.4 billions people "searchers and users" Online. Thanks to different types of smart mobile devices.

To be self-employed and find your niche that interests you very much, has today become an essential factor to be able to be heard and be seen in the loud digital noise. Mr. Bergsma is just one example of millions small business owners in different industries that make success because they see a need for something that also interests them very much. 

If you choose a niche that don't interest you, other than that, make money. Dont start, just forget it, you will never be able to make success.. As i have said, always start with asking your self, what is the purpose, why will you start your small business? And by Why i dont mean to making Money or profit, because that is a results and will Always be a Result..

This is an example of Kents instructional Videos

Many have find their niche as a vlogger.

By coincidence, when I did Google searches about Bombay's traffic, I found Nikhil Sharma, who lives in Bombay in India. A young man who has really found its Niche. You can see and hear, that he loves to drive his motorcycle, at same time filming and talking ..

Vlog and Vlogging has become Poppular, especially millennials have become the early adopters, but soon other age groups will also start to Vlogging ..

Vlogging and video marketing is basically the same thing, the only thing you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. Then you can do a 60 second movie where you tell about yourself, what is the purpose of your Small Businesses, why you do what you do, why you offer your products or services.

Upload the video to your Business Facebook site, press the blue "boosting" button, and Voila in seconds can many 1000's of your target audience see your video...

Obviously, small digital film cameras and other equipment, is today very simple to use and inexpensive. It is also one of the main reasons why Vlogging and Video marketing is increasing so much ..

Nikhil from Bombay has over 110,000 subscribers and over 16,000,000 million views. But he is a ordinary young man from Bombay in India, who happen to find his niche, based on his big interest ... Create a blog and start Vlogging.

You can see more Article about Nikhils Vlog adventure, and at my Facebook site..

This is one of my article about Vlogger Nikhil...

Above i have already mention, Why is it necessary for all small Businesses, to having a proper internet presence? Simply because of the huge numbers of internet users, and that it will help Google tremendously to suggest your Business to all searchers, your potential visitors and customers.

So having a proper internet presence will with out doubt making your small Business much more visible on internet. Those "4 pillars", they are very inexpensive, quick and easy to create by yourself, even if you are the "newest newbie"...


What can you learn from this example with Mr. Bergsma? Well .. first of all that find your niche, is not about rocket science. As I have said, to find your niche, you'll start to look at what you're interested in, sort out what interests you most and check that it has sufficient demand, but not too much competition.

That there are other Businesses within your chosen niche, don't worry so much about that, it is quite ok. Nobody can copy your personality, your unique written voice, your unique way of running your business.

Because that you think it's super fun to run your unique small business, you know this will also your visitors and customers very quickly to note.

What makes Mr. Bergsma so special? It is his own personality, his way to help their target audience, by over delivering, his valuable, relevant  and "handmade" content. This makes his content will stands out, above their competitors..

By using the newest web technology and a web business tools, create a content that is unique, valuable, relevant and the most important, presenting the content with your unique personality, In written form or as an YouTube Video.. So your unique twist will make your small business stands out, in front of the competitors,  

Exactly what Mr. Bergsma makes in his YouTube videos, for example he shows how to replace the spark plugs, what tools to use and why. You can feel and hear that it is not just an actor who just reading from a script, without being particularly personally interested, other than in the salary, or have relevant background knowledge and experience.. 

As i said, finding your niche market. Always start looking among something, a product or service, that interest you. To having a strong interest means that you think it's super fun, you really believe in your niche and small business. You will not see it "as a work", you are so on fire and enthusiastic that you some time can forget time and space, and your passion is growing, as a natural result. 

You can be absolutely sure that your users, your customers very quickly will notice this.. People will be talking about and referring to you and your business name during their ordinary conversations with colleagues, family, friends and on social media. This is also called "snowball effect".

find out why over 22 million people already have seen the videos and read his books..

It's time to wrap things up.

Despite that today we live in a digital world, there will always be a human behavior that play a crucial role. Why did you choose your niche, and with "why" I don't mean to make money or make a profit, because that's a result, and will Always be a result.

So let's start with Why! What do you mean, you thinking.. Well.. What will the purpose of your small web business be? Let's talking about clear facts. People don't buy what you do or offer, they buy Why you offer a Product or Service..

Why do you think Mr. Bergsmas small family Business, will be found, year after year on "Google page 1" when people with an mercedes car and a issue. Just need to type in "Mercedes Problems" in Google search bar... Voila.. There pops Mr. Bergsma up on the first page, to helping.

Simply because his interest helped him to find his niche. He can focus on the users, he produce special products, make instructional YouTube Videos, performed in his personaly style. All because he is very interested in cars and mechanics, he love and think it's ver fun to helping people solving car problems. Last and as a result, i believe his small family business, happens to making a decent income...

This natural way and principles, of thinking when it comes to find your niche and build your small web Business, caters to all industries, and whether you're a Solopreneur, or an larger business owners, and of course regardless your country...

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe that you will have a Fabulous Day:)


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