a disabled person will find
success in internet.

I Believe a disabled can make as big a success as people without disabilities. But handicap it is a very big topic, because there are so many different forms of disabilities. I will not be able to in this short article to make an in-depth analysis.

The basic requirements are as follows .. Since 2012, the number of new users of smartphones has exploded, the rapid expansion of the Internet has resulted in that people can connect to the Internet, anytime, and anywhere.

This has very quickly resulted in people in most countries have acquired new behavior patterns on the Internet. 2/3 of all Internet users have today a social media account. People do Internet searches to find: information, products, services and different types of Businesses.

And 70% of all mobile searches are locally related.. With the new internet technic have also voice search become a quickly rising trend.


Have you ever thought about this?.. Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and turn it into a significant profitable e Business. Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain. 

Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your website or blog, that people are going to find on Internet. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you want.

But there is one thing you need, without web traffic you will have hard time to build an e Business. When people now so quick have adopted all this smart mobile technology. Why should all small Businesses have a proper "4 pillars" internet presence ?

this is very fun and
you can start now today.

Yes.. Of course you can start immediately now today in your home, and within some few days, you can have a fully operational website or blog, and a complete web business live on the Internet. Without that you first need to be an expert on web programming. Believe me... This can absolutely change the life for a disabled Person.

It has been difficult and certainly continued, it is for many people with a handicap to find work, is probably not news to anyone regardless of what country we're talking about. Although the figures are constantly changing, but it is estimated that 15% of the world's population in one way or another, affected by a disability.

5% of the disabled are children, women have a higher representation than men, and it estimates that 8% of handicapped people in developing countries. Yes.. you can say that disabled persons, make up today the world's largest minority Group.

Around some fifty countries, have some form of legislation against discrimination of a disabled persons in the workplace, and many countries have legislation that applies in many other areas as well, including when it comes to shops, restaurants and other public spaces should be adapted for the disabled. Here in Sweden where I live there is comprehensive legislation since many years.

Fast development and dropping prices.

Development has certainly gone fast forward, especially in the area of the internet that has meant big changes if we just look 30 years back in time, that is to say before the advent of the Internet, and its impact in the late 1990's. 

But it's really in the last 5-year period, as the expansion of the internet really took off. "It is now we can see that many of the developing countries, has begun to roll out high-speed internet, which then allows for large population groups to connect to the internet, not only all those who live in densely populated big cities but also in the countryside.

why have already millions seen
this youtube videos and
listen to his live speeches?

Prices of different computing devices, smart phones, etc. have fallen significantly and will surely fall further. This allows then to handicapped people in developing countries, who do not have strong financial Resources to acquire or have already acquired the equipment to hook up to the internet.

And in the year 2015, according to estimates, over 800 million people with some type of disability who live in a developing country so for very many of them, the internet will mean great opportunities to develop and create income opportunities which, before the internet would have been quite impossible.

As you know, the number of smart phone users globally increased and would continue to increase dramatically. It has created an opportunity for people today, to do a quick google search to find information and to be able to locate, products and services, usually before they decide when and where to make their purchases.

For a person, with a disability, has smart phones first and foremost created new fantastic opportunities at the individual level. But it is a tool that really will dominate the daily life of everyone on this planet.

Not just a thing to communicate with "just a phone", but it would also be featured on, creating many new jobs as the demand for products and services via (e Commerce, online business) has a Dramatically Growing Trend...

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help from authorities.

The u.s. Federal Government is actively recruiting and hiring people with a disability. People with disabilities can be appointed to Federal jobs with non-competitively through a process known as schedule A. Persons with disabilities can also apply for jobs through traditional or competitive process.

Swedish Authorities  provide financial and other support to people with disabilities in order to facilitate opportunities for example to a job, to be able to have their own homes.. There are similar systems in many other countries. Unfortunately, however, in many countries are missing almost completely help from authorities.

Internet creates new opportunities.

The Internet is now among us 24 hours a day as a new family member, and new features, increased performance and new devices popping up almost daily.

If you have a disability, Internet has become an amazing tool to fast, inexpensive tailor a message, and then directly reach out to target groups, locally, regionally, but also globally if it is objective. Yes this was also possible 30 years ago but required an extensive and costly work efforts and, above all, it took a long time. 

Number of people globally, with disabilities who in recent years has become the online entrepreneurs increases exponentially. The Internet has simply transformed what used to be almost unattainable, to be absolutely quite possible.

can change Life for disability.

If you have internet access and can manage a computer, then you can start, build, and run a real online business that you own and have full control over. You who do not have extensive knowledge of online business. Yes this article may actually be the start of a process that without exaggeration can actually totally change your Life.

But first, important for you to know! To build a real online business takes time and effort. There are no loopholes, shortcuts, quick-fix or software that will make you rich overnight without any work efforts.

having the knowledge and experience.

Start a business online is about having the knowledge and experience to making everything right from the early beginning, and know where and with what you start with, so far we can say, not much difference from starting an "offline business".

And now you probably wonder how will it be possible for me with a disability, to be able to start, build and run your own online business without big knowledge and experience, also without a topiq idea, niche idea well any type of online business ideas. Take it easy, just hang-on, i promise you will get answers below,

So deficient knowledge, experience, patience, perseverance is the most common primary causes of why many people fail to build their own online business. To quickly throw up a website/blog and call it business is doomed to be failed from the beginning.

a brilliant solution.

If you have a disability and is struggling to get a job, as so many do, or you may want to make a change with your current situation, then I want you to take and enjoy the fantastic possibilities the internet can mean for you.

As I have said and as you probably have seen it happen so much with the internet, it's that a few years ago was complicated, requiring knowledge and experience have today been turned into easily manageable possibilities.

Start online business can be a excellent opportunity to change your life completely, you become your own boss, you can manage your business from home or where there is access to the internet. it is very fun and interesting, flexible, you can also become location independent.

Yes, but as I have said to start your own online business requires the efforts, especially in the construction phase. But of course so is the difference large, in comparison with start an offline "brick and mortar" business.

What do you need?

You have no large investment costs, no large fixed costs, no inventory, no staff COSTs the list can be long because you can run your e business from home. What you need is a computer, an internet connection and a real tool box. The only all-in-one step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving online businesses. Everything you need to grow an e Commerce business is also built in and of course included.

I have more than 30 years experience running my small "brick and mortar business", but when I decided to make a Midlife career change,  be location independent and switching to the future-oriented e business.

It turned out that I had only moderate computer knowledge and missing the complex web programming knowledge, so for me it was a fantastic solution, SBIs business tools made it possible for me to build an real e business by myself. And of course i can now also, take care of the daily maintenance of my Website.

How Much Can you Make?

A completely honest answer is, in fact, anything from zero to millions. Because you are self-employed, there is no fixed pay tables, paid by the hour or a month's salary. If you ask an "brick and mortar business owner", wanted you probably received the same answers.

Economic success means different things to different people on this planet. For many 100s of millions people, earn a few extra $ 100 a month will mean big life-changing. For some people in other countries, $ 600 per month will mean an total failure and financial disaster..

In order for you to succeed with your online business, give it at least 4 months until you can start to see some revenue coming in. Between 6 and 12, you should start to see your earnings increase at a faster rate, until you shall earn a full-time income through your online business with about 18 months. From there is the sky the limit. But remember that these are rough estimates, of course. 

The decisive factor is that you have the knowledge and a "website or blog tool in world-class", so you can do everything right from the early beginning. You can certainly make money sooner and it may take longer. It is up to you as self-employed. How much time you are willing and able to put down.

Factors that affect your earning potential, is how much time you can or want to spend on your online business. The more time you can spend on your business-the faster you want to see the results coming. Other factors, such as the industry, the product or the type of service that your e business is to promote. Some industries are more profitabla than the other so that it would also affect your earning potential.

While there are online business owners who earns some $ 100s per month, because they can not spend as much time, or just want a small side gig. But for anyone who seriously works hard, on a full-time basis to build a real e business could easily pass $ 100K per Year. I've said it before, but it's about having the knowledge, attitude, perseverance and a real online business tool. 

The longer your business operates, the more you learn, and the stronger your online business grows, the more will your income increase, that is common sense. In other words, it works in a similar manner as with a small "brick and mortar Business". What now applies to you who are about to start your own e business, the more you work with your own business, the more economic return can you Expect...

As I have said before, the development of the internet in the last few years has gone so fast, and it has already created huge life-changing online business opportunities for millions of people with a disability in all countries.

Rapidly increased access to the internet, cheaper computers and other equipment, simplified web-technical features (SBIs tool box), a very sharp increase in demand for all kinds of Products, service and information through the internet. Yes, you see, the list can be very long, and I promise you that this is only a beginning.

Can it really be possible for all persons with a disability to make success in starting an online business?.. No not for absolutely everyone, But on a global scale, it is absolutely possible for millions of people with a disability to make success, to start, build and run your own online business, in your own comfortable home Environment.

You know there are soo many people with a disability who has already made great success with their small e business, so I see no reason why you shouldn't do it. To make the success I have written out a prescription for you.

It says: It is much better that you delegate the difficult part of the business to your Tool Box,  so you can focus entirely on the very important, funny and gainful activities rather than wrestle around with the underlying complexities..


Your life would change. How can you be so sure that it is right for me? As good as it is. Running your own small e business, is not for Everyone. 

But the real question for you today Is. "Is it right for you?" Yes there is only one way for you to find out. At absolutely no risk, provide the SBI! A really honest chance.... I really encourage you, who have a disability that take a serious look at this Video Tour , because I know this can completely change your Life.

Imagine yourself. Already in some days, you can have a viable, legitimate website or blog, combined with a rock solid business plan, that will help you immensely, to earn a residual income EVERY YEAR..... Simply, Yes absolutely it Is. But not "easy"...

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back soon.

I Believe you will Have a Fabulous Day:)


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