How to
getting traffic to your 
small business in 2017



How to getting traffic firstly? And how to Increases traffic both to the physical-store, and the internet traffic? Despite the digital era, is there today more than 50% of all small local Businesses, that not have, or have a very poor internet presence.

Today there is no doubt that the internet presence, is of great importance to also increase the numbers of potential visitors and customers to your physical Business...

The reason why it's crucial having a internet presence, is simple. In all countries, people over the past 5 years, very quickly acquired the new digital web technology, and smart mobile devices.

As an result, people's ability to connect to the Internet anywhere, anytime is constantly increasing. Getting traffic, is primarily a matter of having a proper presence, that makes you are very easy to find on internet.

So when all potential visitors and customers, easy and quick with a few clicks, can find your competitors on Google Maps, and check out their Business sites, and their newest offers. You don't want to belong to all those small local Businesses, which can not be found on the Internet..

Will seo optimizing

generate traffic?

Do you have a mobile friendly "4 pillars" internet presence, your small Business are already well optimized.. You will have the best site, with the best information. It will make you stand out, and getting traffic, so this must be your plan, simply.

What is these "4 pillars" about, and why are they so important? They are not about complicated rocket science, or incomprehensible web-technic. Far from it... They are inexpensive, They are based on common sence, to focus first on the users.

Even if you are the "newest digital newbie". It's easy to install and handle the daily maintenance.

You will simply be able to create a beautifully designed, and a very functional mobile friendly internet presence, for small local Businesses. The type that your potential visitors, customers and Google will Love. 

But just a site, is not enough
to getting traffic

Your Internet presence, your business sites, is simply the digital version of a physical business. Your sites, are empty digital retail premises or showrooms. But empty premises attracts no interest or traffic, no matter if they are on internet, or have the very best physical location, in your town. 

To generate interest and get traffic, you need first to decorate and overfill your Business sites, with your "home-made" unique and valuable content. Just like you filling a physical store with physical content...

the "4 pillars" mobile friendly 
internet presence.

  1. Build a proper Business Website.
  2. Verified that site with Google my Business.
  3. Create a Business Social media Presence.
  4. Become a problem solver, overfill your sites with your own "home made" valuable content. That type of unique value that only you can present, written with your own voice and your personality. To market your small Business, you should use a mix of paid and free marketing and search Results..

Keeping it super quick and simple.. For small local Businesses, i have 2 suggestion to trying out... A short Video about boosting posts, And an Podcast, how "a-dollar-a-day" strategy will benifits small Businesses. 

Can you clearly define the purpose with your small local business? Because there must not be any doubt, what the purpose with your business is. Why you do what you are doing, Why you offers your products or services. And by "why" i don't mean to earn money or make a profit. Because that is an result, and it will always be a results.

To getting traffic to your Business sites, let's look at how the explosive smartphone revolution, very quickly, have changed people's behavior patterns on internet in all countries. This is about the obvious, natural and logical method, how everyday people like you and me, using the current reality on the Web Today...

But if you on the other hand, from the beginning had done a quick Google search: if you just had typed in, "Levi's jeans, and the name of the city you live in", then i think the chances are much bigger that you will find the store that sells exactly what you want, and you will be happy, and therefore the chances are also big that you, too, will recommend others to visit this Shop.

social media have today become
small businesses main marketing tool

Today, social media have become small Businesses main marketing tool. In a addition to your Business website, that are filled with various long and short related articles, offers and information about your small Business. 

Social media fills an very important funktion, to getting trafic to your sites and your physical store, because the big majority of your potential visitors and customers have today one or several social accounts, so your audience are already there.. 

the wow effect.

Imagine that you have already written an article on your Business site, as every day, 24/7 attract significant free target traffic, comments and social shares. Imagine this article which have such a great impact on all people, that readers in many different countries will say "Wow".

And is completely stunned, over the amount and quality on the relevant information that they have quick shared on various social media and other Internet channels...

Other sites will quickly notice your business. They're going to link to your website or blog, recommend it, use it as a resource, and who wants to be a natural job of converting your readers, visitors and help them to open their wallets, without need for additional tricks. So this kind of heavy "pillars content", will power drive your content marketing, at a very long term. But this is not something you can only experience in the Online World.

The experience is also the same in the "brick and mortar" business, Real World. For example, when entering a store with well-stocked shelves of just the products you're looking for, where the staff is knowledgeable, experienced and very service minded. The entire store has an attractive appearance, it is clean and tidy. You feel comfortable in the store. You think, this shop I will visit again. And This shop, I definitely recommend others to visit.

what is pillars contents
and pillars articles.

Now you probably start understand why "pillars contents" plays an important role to getting traffic, but also to increase web traffic to your already up-and-running e business. This is far more than the usual "blog post", can ever come close to. "Pillars contents" and "pillars articles", is your own masterpiece of the written word that enthrall and enchants your targeted audience and gives them:

  • Relevance.
  • Help.
  • Thoroughness.
  • Real value.
  • Well-Researched.
  • Something quite unique.
  • Exactly what they're looking for.

This means that there is a celestial aspect to be pillars; A big "WOW" factor that goes far beyond words, counting and points. When someone reads your "Pillars articles", they will feel an overwhelming desire to start using it today, immediately, bookmark it and share it with everyone on the Internet, and direct like to link to it.

Have you ever read a book, an article that you thought had high pillars status? Do you remember what it was that made it so out standing? Pick up it again, and think about how you could implement it in your next article...

You and I see, Funny fotos, Sweet fotos on cats and funny videos on people, as easily go viral on the Internet: Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, etc.. It is quite ok and I see them myself, laughing. But for most of us, makes such content very little to promote our e Business, but it's just fluff and time killer.

Imagine instead that you have written a 2500+ word "pillars articles" who share incredible information about your business, your products or services. At the same positions you and your e business as an authority. What do you think will hapend?

To create valuable and relevant "Pillars contents", which are specifically Tailor Made, for your target audience: extraordinary, more interesting, more useful and profound than a typical blog post. It will make it far more likely, for you who have just started your e business, will getting traffic, and that you who have run your e business for a while can Increase your web traffic to new record heights.

The advantage, benefits of creating "pillars contents" We take a look at SEO... If you have written well, it will result in the kind of long-form content that search engines endorse. It will contain a wealth of information about a particular topic within your niche, and with an incredibly rich detail and will contain specific and relevant, targeted keywords, and also many long-tail keywords.

And your pillars contents, wants to be more than a large amount of text and keyword consuming. Remember what I pointed out earlier. If your visitors loving and sharing and link to good content. This is precisely what the search engines are looking for. How much time did anyone spend reading your article? how many fell in love with your article? So that they shared or linked to it from their own website.

All these things are boiled down to something natural and logical, when you create a content that is so incredibly detail-rich, interesting, valuable and relevant, that it liked and shared by many people, and spies on the search engines obviously want quick to notice this.

And now you are about to find the answer to what we started this article with, that is to say you who recently started your website or blog: How to getting Traffic?. And you who have run your own e business for some time, How to increase web Traffic?.  But I'm sure you have more questions, so let us proceed at once.

why have so many millions people
seen this YouTube videos
and listen to his live speeches.

Do you remember what i said in the example above, about, a consumer's own experience in entering into a brick and mortar store, with well-stocked shelves, and the person find exactly what they looking for. The staff have product knowledge, experience and was very service minded. The entire in-store atmosphere made that the visitor felt very comfortable. 

The customer got immediately the feeling that this store, I will definitely visit several times. And probably will people be more willing to recommend others to visit this store. Do you see that the principle applies to both Offline and Online, i think this is the goal you should strive for..

Is It possible for you?

At this point I'm sure you will agree with me writing "pillars contents" sounds very nice, even natural and logical. But you have questions and objections! What exactly should you write about? What can you contribute?. What specific and high-value information will your site deliver?

Who even want to be so interesting and compelling that people really going to love it. not to mention, be able to find a niche and a subject where you actually have an opportunity to create an attractive, Pillars Articles.

Choose a niche that can "PREsells well". It's much harder for you to PREsell a broad e business concept. So logically, the narrower the niche, the more targeted the visitor will be... And of course the more enthusiastic. But don't make your topic too narrow, then your potential audience, will be too small.

how to find your niche?

What is it that really interests you? What is it that you find so interesting that it can make you forget time and space? There, you can begin to look for what could become your niche, that also can be your big passion. However. A little further down, would you find a perfect video "Brainstorm IT" that can help you. 

What should you write about?

First I Believe you need to quickly clean away all thoughts and worries that you have. Thoughts on that most probably already have been written by many people on other websites or blogs.

Are you sure that your particular readers have seen it ?. One thing you can be 100% sure, is that no one on this planet, yet have read your excellent Pillars contents.

Written with your unique voice , and with the help of your personality, your way to illustrate and emphasize some aspects, new facts that you have acquired. Last but not least, no one could have read it since you have not written your "Pillars Content" Yet.

You can also clean up, thinking that to achieve the "pillars status" of your content must be very profound ... if you can write content with big deep, so it is super good.

But the "AHA effect" can absolutely be accomplished by simply being extraordinarily helpful ... Imagine that you visit a store. One of the staff you talk to in the brick and mortar shop, lacks the great knowledge about certain products you are asking questions about.

But because the staff is "extraordinary service minded," despite little knowledge of some products, still manages to help you find the answers to all your questions. Obviously, you are super happy when you walk out of the store, and you are willing to return, and also recommend others to go there. Similarly, the problems would resolve themselves in the Online World.

If you are the "newest newbie" or a small "brick and mortar" business owner or a seasoned blogger, has no significance. You can start by thinking about the questions your customers, Business site visitors, or the questions you raise often. You who have been blogging regularly, you've probably already made a habit of turning these issues into blog posts.

And you can start to think of the articles that you've already written. There is no risk that it may be wrong if you expand on an existing topic and idea. You should also add any other issues or topics that you have heard from your: visitors, regular readers, customers or prospects, and you can be sure that it will happen exciting things.

A good advice be extraordinarily helpful.

Avoid using unnecessary abbreviations, and when you use abbreviations so be sure to write what the abbreviation means in parentheses. For example .. PPC. (Pay Per Click) .. FBI. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) .... Never take for granted that all people on this planet, already understand all abbreviations.. 

I have read many articles that contain to much abbreviations, without explanation, it costs a lot of extra time having to researching what the abbreviation means. And it lowers the overall impression of the article, Hard to read, Hard to understand what is meant, etc ...

When you write your "pillars articles" and "pillars contents".  Always remember that, "over deliver", and being "extraordinary helpful". To write simple, clear. When you publish an article on the internet means that everyone can see it, all over the globe. Your readers are ordinary people.

Your readers have made their internet search to find products or service, a problem solver, information, help, then your "pillars articles" must give your readers the answers to their questions, without they first have to researching what your acronyms mean ..

There are exceptions, but in that case is the articles, which are well directed to a very specific professional group. Think of always... Over Deliver and be Extraordinary Helpful, that is two things you, can not give too much of. On the contrary, it wants to strengthen you as a helpful and knowledge rich. And finally, it would help you enormous in the beginning, to getting traffic and Increase Web Traffic.....

clarified the word blog..

You certainly understand that unlike a normal blog post, it's highly unlikely that you will sit down and just write an pillars article, without any preparation or planning. So do not think so much. Instead, you should concentrate on planning how you will be able to cobble together an article that reaches the "Pillars status".

We sort things out. The word "blog" is very well known, But there are different kinds of blogs. You can share blogs into two categories: lifestyle blogs and niche blogs. These categories represent a decision that bloggers do, to choose one of two allternativ

  1. I will write about Everything.
  2. I'll stick in a field, and write about those things.

Ok. But does it matter what you choose? When it comes to, how to getting traffic? Or how you can Increase Web Traffic?.  Niche blogs is when you write about specific things. They are a blog that has a purpose, a goal. Why in the world would you ever consider something so unFun?

As a niche blog? Well.. Very simply... Niche blogging, that's where you really find the Real Traction, getting traffic, and it is with nicheblogging you who have blogged, some time can Increase web traffic.

Niche blogs saves people's time. They fill in a category, and people today know that when they want to read on a particular subject, will the niche blog be them faithful. You will find the content in the topic you are looking for and no fluff. A nicheblogg is a type of website, but still not a real website.

Lifestyle blogs, "news paper blogs".. I want to dump them in one category and call them "Random Interestingly," and they are very good to have when you need time killers. It's not that I do not enjoy reading these blogs (I personally actually do read them). But most people today have very little time.

People do not have the ability to sift through all the random interesting, to find something that will be useful in the moment. People who do a Google search turns to categories that they know will provide exactly what they are looking for.. Therefore Niche Blogger to win big, over lifestyle blogs when it comes to being able to generate targeted traffic, lots of traffic. And targeted traffic, to generate income for you as a natural consequence.

hot Topic.

So now we can continue our little conversation about building a "Pillars contents" and writing "Pillars articles". The title and topic for this article that you are reading here is, "How to getting Traffic? and How to increase web Traffic". So this article gives you a natural and logical answer to these 2 Questions... But let us examine the concept.

Do you have expertise in the subject you chosen? Do you love to talk about it? If you have available resources (internal or external) that you can take advantage of? Do you understand that it is important that you have a real passion for the topic, you will write about, because you will not only need to write a lot about it, but also working on an article for several hours, days, sometimes even weeks.

While it is OK to include external sources and information (in fact, it is often necessary to research), but the content can not achieve the pillars status, if it is made up entirely of other people's thoughts, observations, knowledge and experience. So think care fully about your choice of topic. What are your chances of success? before proceeding, that is to save your time. And if needed, so choose a new Topic.

Organize your pillars articles.

Purely general, when you write articles and blogs, it is advantageous to leave the title for last. Just as it is when choosing a domain name. That way you can get your new article's title, tailor made so that you can see and feel that it fits your content perfectly, instead of trying to force your content to fit an already predetermined title. Additionally, you want to save precious time and frustration. You should list specific Points,to make it easier for you to write your article.

Remember to not make it harder than what it really is. Your first "pillars articles" maybe was not exactly 100% as you'd imagine, but do not worry. The next article you write will flow much better, and after a few more articles, you will become a champion...

It takes a lot of practice to become the overall winner of one, Formula 1 Race ... The same goes for you when you are creating "pillars articles", the required training. But your reward will be huge, because you will soon be able to, easily compete out all the usual blog posts, with your fantastic "pillars articles".

When you see the traffic to your website or blog, steadily increasing Every day, Every week and Every month. And you certainly do not need first, become a New, Agatha Christie or Ernest Hemingway to achieve it.

from offline business to online business.

I had moderate computer knowledge, I had never built a website, or written many articles on the internet, when I chose to make a career change,  from my small offline business, to start my small online business, a lot of my skills and experience from my offline business, of course I can use in my new e Business online World... I built myself my website which was launch in May 2015 ..

Three months later and still (Zero $ spending to advertising.,) had one of my articles popped up on the (Google page 1.) and several of my other articles are now about to take the same position. Thanks to an excellent business Tools. 

I think this is hilarious, and I know that I definitely have a lot to contribute, to help people in many countries, with tips and good advice. I have always loved run my  small "brick and mortar" business" (over 30 years), I do not see it as work but rather a passion. And some time ago, I got the opportunity to transform my small Offline passion, in to the Digital Online World..

Here You can watch the video  i was recommended, and by pure curiosity look at. After I had looked at it. Voila.... So I decided to make my career change.... Your age does not matter, or if you are the "newest newbie" or a seasoned business owner. With the right attitude, curiosity, tenacity and perseverance, you want to Succeed.... 

Always asking yourself.. Why will the target audience choose visit your business site? Why will they decide buying your products or service? And about Why i dont mean to make a profit, Because thats a result, it's always a Results..  But now we must continue, there's much more to Read down here.


Keywords, has as you know, their own history on the internet. But as the technological development of search engines, which is getting smarter, so are you currently using keywords in a completely different way than 5-10 years ago. You should consider one or two specific keywords you are targeting and.

If you have never considered to target keywords in your content, start by taking your subject or versions of your subject and connect them to Google Keyword planner in Google AdWords.

That will tell you the average monthly searches for those phrases, along with an indication of the level of competition. Here you can see a demo video that will explain to you how you use keywords to create your "pillars contents" and writes "pillars articles".

If truth be told, everything you have just read about, is the easy part. Even with careful planning and structure, to write "pillars contents" takes time and skill and patience, there is no quick fix, you can throw together in some minutes.

If you get into the heat of battle, with the expectation that you will need to work tirelessly on it over, many hours, days or sometimes weeks, you will have the right attitude, and may even have an easier go of it. Structuring your article into sections and subsections.

Then just to start filling in the details. Initially, do not worry about the flow of your article. Instead, concentrate on getting all your thoughts and pointing downwards.

You need not worry at all, if your points are not in the best order from day 1. You can arrange them, achieve a better flow when you start to get a bit warmer in your clothes. There is also no need to worry if you do not have large technical knowledge about computers, for it had not either when I started.

Today you can build your own real website or blog including e Commerce, from scratch, without first having to become a web programmer ....

Pillars contents, are typically long, but that does not mean that it must be unnecessarily long. The main key is that you take the time to ensure that your content is very exceptional. But not perfect ... that is an goal that neither you or I or anybody can achieve. But to make your pillars articles, very exceptional it is absolutely a realistic goal...

Something about to optimize.

We take an example. If you do an internet search, to find a store that sells Levi's 501 jeans in the city you live in, then you want to get suggestions from the search engines at one or more local stores that you can click. Where can you get the information that you're looking after. You may choose to visit a local shop and make purchases, or you might choose to make purchases via a website that can offer e Commerce.

Logically, it is the content in your articles, at your website or blog that have, Priority Nr:1... Always write first for human being, and secondly, for search engines. this is the most crucial, if your site are able to help your visitors so that they can find, valuable and relevant content that can deliver information. Exactly that info who satisfies their Internet Search. ..

But of course, you need to have a mobile friendly and user friendly, simply, nice and clean site. So over again, it is the extraordinary content that is decisive, if your visitors can get the help they done their internet search for..

Keep in mind, the above example, the customer decide to visit the "brick and mortar" store, was suprised, the well-stocked shelves, easy to find, service minded and knowledgeable staff, cozy premises, etc. Your site needs absolutely, not to be super cool, but it must be appealing to your visitors.

Again, there is no quick fix. If you are a beginner, then you can expect that not everything will be perfect from the beginning. But this pillars article and my website, would definitely help you to achieve the goal. With your own workeffort, persistence and perseverance.

Optimization begins with a large presented image. This is the image that appears at the top of your article, and should be associated with it when it is shared with social media. The image does not have to be professionally designed, but it must have certain attributes. It must contain:

  • Be branded. The name of your business or logo must be present.
  • Be up to date. Make sure you choose an image that fits in very well to your article.
  • Be communicative. To have enough text on the image, insert the title of the article and a link to your article and site.
  • Big picture. No small image in a corner. Be Big and Clear.

Today there are lots of photos on Google, and for you that can handle Photoshop are many opportunities, just make sure the photo is relevant to your article's content. Are you a beginner today, you can be glad you were not beginners 5 years ago. The development of the Internet has gone quickly, so that you will quickly learn. The bottom line: Make sure you have images that are interesting, relevant and help support your article's content.

keywords in the title and sub-headings.

I did talk earlier about keywords. We develop it a bit. Have you already identified some specific keywords you want to rank that you can associate with this article? If not, give it a thought. Do a keyword research using Google Search and Brainstorm it!

There you can very quickly look for specific keyword or long-tail keywords that would be relevant, meaningful, and be of benefit. As you saw in the demo video, so it is no longer associated with "rocket sience" to find valuable and relevant keywords. It only takes a few minutes and Voila ... You have plenty of keywords to work with.

You must include your targeted phrase in your title, and your section headings, you can also use H1 and H2 tags, respectively for each. Because these tags are used to style titles and headlines, Google pays extra point for them. It saves your time, and most importantly, it sends a strong signal to Google about what your article is about. So do not ignore this step.

Here are some points you should pay extra attention on. When you write a new article. It is important to put all the details in the right place, it makes things much easier for people to read and also for search engines to find and understand what your article is about, and as an ranking factor.

  • File Name, your specific keywords for each page should be the filename.
  • Page Title, your specific keywords must be found in the page title.
  • Page information, your specific keyword must appear in the description, but did not repeat the page title. Think of the description as a super compressed ad, about your article. Invest time to make it perfect.
  • Keyword, each of your web pages, your article must focus on a specific keyword. But never stuff your articles, today's search engines are so smart that you will be punished if you upholstering of your article..
  • Heading, include your specific keywords once, make the title interesting, short and powerful, appealing to people who scan.
  • Sub Heading, It makes it easier for you to write the article easier to read, easier for scanners to assess whether they want to read it, include the specific keywords for the article once, in one of the sub headings.
  • Page Content, always fill your mobile friendly site with extraordinary, valuable and relevant content. Always write first and foremost for human beings and remember, that it is always your content that's the biggest reason why people choose to visit your site, reading, looking at photos, watching videos and last but not least choose to share and give the Review and star ratings.
  • Keywords scattered in content, that is related, valuable, relevant, (and no stuffing.)


In your article, you should look for places where you naturally can refer to other articles you have published on your website or blog. Obviously links to external sources, but only when it is natural, logical and relevant to reinforce what you say, but those internal links to your own content so-called deep links are important.

They help your visitors to learn about you, and it helps visitors to see throughout your e business. Obviously, you have an "About Me" page with a clear photo of you and a pressentation of you. 

your internal links helps your visitors to discover all your content you have written, it increases your utility and authority. One more thing, deep links make sure that Google and other search engines index those pages...

Hopefully you have a good XML site map in place so that Google instantly index your posts when you publish, but sometimes things get missed, and of course Google is not the only search engine out there, the business tools that I use handles the latter index and other underlying complex operation, fully automatically.

wordpress news!

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         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a small local "brick and mortar" Business, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet!  click here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

time for action.

Once you have written your "pillars article", then you naturally want people to see it, as soon as possible .. Exactly .. Although it would be very nice if they immediately recognize your brilliance and immediately looked to the contact page to make the call or place an order. But in reality it is not usually what happens. Your readers must first know what they should do next. That is your next task ...

Usually, CTA (Call To Action).  It appears at the end of your article, your content. But it need not be. You can insert a CTA wherever it is natural and relevant. Some companies on the internet do not want customers to contact them directly .. My advice is to avoid such companies.

Since I run my small brick and mortar sales business for over 30 years, I believe that all types of the sales business in which you as a customer can not contact the company, are a type of trickster company. Today, when there is so much fantastic technology... email, skype, regular landline phones, smart phones, sms, you name it. Then it does not need to be any obstacles in the way, to get in touch with reputable online and offline businesses ....

A Hard CTA, there is a sales site, which is trying to close the deal by the end of the post. But there are different degrees of hardness. We have all seen those long landing pages that inserts a Buy, Fast, Now button after every point.

I do not recommend this style, especially for "Pillars contents". Instead, I recommend to provide sufficient information, training and demonstration of expertise, knowledge, and experience, that if the potential customer want even more help, you are here and ready for their next call.

But it is also possible that your topic is not immediately suited to that particular type of CTA. Instead, you need a softer CTA that leads the reader to another article, a more traditional landing page, or maybe even a newsletter subscription page. In one way or another, always ensure that your content pillars have a strong call to action worthy article.

And I think it is a great advantage for you to first decide what your goal is .. Before you started writing your articles. Make sure there is enough to leave no doubt in the reader's mind that they should buy whatever it is you are selling. If you do not aspire to your site will not have any sales, so it is OK.

However, no matter how you twist and turn it.. People will not buy what you do or offers.. People will buy from you, because of Why you do what you are doing, or because of Why, you offers your products or services... And with "why", i do not mean to earn money or get a profit, because that is a result, and will always be an results...

article description.

About writing your content, articles, blog posts, Google emphasises that you shall always write first for human beings, your potential visitors and customers..

Once you have found and determined your keyword, make sure to complete all the meta tags for your article, including the Description field. 'Description' field is critical. While an optimized description helps your posts rank higher, it can naturally help convert impressions to clicks.

When someone does a search on Google, the results come up, page titles, links and descriptions. Think about it, how did you do when you do an Internet search? It is often the descriptions that determines if you click on a result to read more.

Granted, sometimes using the search engine is an excerpt from the content and not your carefully crafted description, but whenever possible we want our description to be what comes up, because it's your chance to sell potential readers of your fantastic content.

When other people share your articles on social media: Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, etc. Is it just the description that may come up in the link preview on search engines. So take plenty of time to write a convincing description. A small challenge is that it must be under 180 characters. Be sure to check if you got it under 180 characters. You must do this because Google and the other did not show anything of what comes after the 180 characters, so your description will be shortened.

social media.

Well.. Social media, everyone today is in contact with one or more of this family. To your website or blog should have a Social Media presence there is no doubt, and as you can see here on my website they exist in every article. Benefits obvious to people sharing your content with other people. 

However, many "brick and mortar" owner've seen on social media for the wrong way. They throw out a lot of stuff, is super active, believing it to get their content to take off.

According to new figures from has not "to be super active," any major effect . Social media works today as a relationship builder, where people make recommendations of your business your products, services, etc. where your business name will be mentioned in the conversations ...

You should at least have: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest ... But of course, adapt to visitors to your particular business. A good advice is to try to concentrate on a few, you have time to really make super good.

I realy want to Emphasize. Your Social Media Accounts, can NEVER Replace your own Business Blog or Website, for the simple reason that you do not own your Social Media Accounts, in the same way as your own Domain and Business Sites.

As I just said, social media is an important place for Relations building, a public bulletin board. But you can never own for example your business Facebook account, so you always want to be exposed to the owner of Social Media suddenly change the rules for how and what you can post.

Your social media accounts are super good at making contact, all of your potential customers are using them, but the main point is that your visitors will click through to your own Business site, for which it is you who decide and have 100% control over what will be published, which ads to display, Etc ....

You can also advertise on social media, it's very inexpensive, quick and easy to create. Facebook represents a real gold mine when it comes to paid advertising. Unlike traditional advertising, but also pay-per-click ads on other sites and search engines, Facebook offers an incredible variety of targeting options.

From the geographical areas, interests, income level, you can drill down and filter your audience so that your ads reach exactly the type of "super local" or global visitor, who may be interested in your content.

And even with the high degree of specialization, Facebook ads are likely to represent the lowest, CPC (Cost Per Click) of any platform. Listen to this podcast about "boosting posts" ... Perfect for small Businesses with a low Budget.  I have written a separate article about Social Media.


Well then, we'll start at summing up. We have come closer to a solution to the issue which is the title of this article? How to getting traffic?  and How to Increase Web Traffic? And yes here we have a solution, "Pillars artilar" and "Pillars content" Is the winning solution in the long run. It is much more common to find articles consisting of 1500+ words on Google Page 1.  

But i believe even if you are the "newest newbie" today, don't worried at all,  Start by watching this Video . All people know something of something, and can catch up, make research, learn more... If you already have lots of knowledge and experience in a niche that has a demand, Well.. Then you naturally have very good potential to succeed, getting traffic and steadily, Increase web traffic, to your e Business.

Thanks for taking your time and visit my Website.

Welcome back Soone.

I Believe you will have a Fabulous day:)



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