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Why should you move to Portugal and start internet business? You must to know. The Portuguese Government  has really realized that a large number of active small business owners is what creates growth and jobs in a small Country. 

So I Believe the Government in Portugal has now taken very strong action to speed up and simplify the process for all who want to bring their own business, or for those who want to start up your own small online business and stay for a couple of month every year, or why not move to Portugal. 

It is a modern western country, with a long Royal and Seafaring History. Have you not been to Portugal before? Why not start with visit Cascais, for some holiday weeks. Further down in this article i have tips where you can stay...

In Comparison with Italy, Spain and France, where it is much more complicated and not forgetting nearly impossible unless you have a very well-stocked bank account. So the  Portugal Government  warmly welcomes you whit opend arms, and there is no problem to find a home, and of course you will find different price ranges, a home that suits you best.

I want to point out, this is not a travel site, but because running an online business allows you to be location independent, and a digital nomad, so I have some tips and good advice now that more and more of us midlifers actually are able to move abroad, or live part of the year Abroad..  Why I'm talking about Portugal? Because I have lived here for short and longer periods. But of course there are many other nice places on this Planet...

Of course, there is much more than just Golf in Cascais, Estoril region. In view of the fact that Portugal has a very long history both on land and at sea, there is a lot to look at. To have access to a car is a great advantage, it increases the flexibility. To travel collectively usually takes longer and requires some planning ahead.. As I have said before and that 

I can recommend is to go with the local train that runs between Cascais and Lisbon 30 km, with frequent departures, it runs close to the beach (nice view), instead of driving around try find parking on all Lisboas  one-way streets can be very time consuming. Walking in Lisboa is an advantage, and if necessary, cost a short cab ride not much.. In a future article I will take a closer look at the region around Cascais and Estoril..

Access to High Speed Internet.

Access to High-Speed Internet is very crucial for you who run online business. But it's not a problem, in Cascais and Estoril, because internet service providers was late to offer high speed internet, but now that internet providers have built out so it has become with the very latest top modern fiber-optic and digital Technology. So In Cascais and Estoril there is fiber optic internet cables, almost everywhere, and for your Smartphone have 4G been around since 2011..

But if you would like to stay out on the Portuguese countryside somewhere among the many large and small wineries which are guaranteed to be absolutely amazing I have been there, but the internet on countryside is probably not as fast as yet, but may vary..

(But it is here, in the countryside, in the top modern and high-tech Sweden as well)... But obvious working all internet service providers in Portugal intensively, with the expansion of both fiber-optic and mobile 4G internet for your Smartphone, where it does not already exist.

As i have said, I Believe in Portugal, the government welcomes those who are self-employed with simplified and faster treatment, Portugal, comparatively with other Mediterranean countries are very inexpensive, so if you are a regular midlifer who operates a small online business can stay and live very well on the state of the art 21st Century Portuguese Riviera.

feel the draw of the 1000 years of portugal history.

Yes... You can really feel the draw of the 1000 years of history, a Seafaring country, who discovered the sea route to many countries already back in the 1400's.

Estoril Cascais and Sintra it's really Portugal Riviera just a few 10s of Kilometers north of the Lovely historical capital Lisbon Portugal, Cascais and Estoril became one of the most cosmopolitan and touristic places in Portugal and Europe already several hundred years ago. 

And since King Luís I of Portugal, chose the cozy little bay for his summer residence in the late 19th Century, became Cascais and Estoril very popular. In Cascais, Estoril and Sintra there is plenty of historical "Royal" architecture and many grandiose buildings, that are well worth a visit.


Get the digital skills you need to grow your Small Web Business. I Believe this Free Digital Academy Course with Google , is an excellent complement....

This Google Digital Garage, is aimed for Beginners, Small Business owners, Employees, Retirees or Students. For those who want to get started, sharpen their digital skills, or kick start your career with an impressive certification.

But to get the digital skills you need to build and grow your small web business. You need an combination of knowledge, both theoretical, practical.

However today in 2016, there is no big technical and financial hurdles for you, to by yourself build and run a small web business. And for you who already have a small "brick and mortar" Business, to establish a real Internet Presence.

I can Recommend you to take a look at the Google WorkShop Academy, it's FREE. To build a web business, I Believe it is a big advantage fore you, to looking at many sources. That you step by step can pick out and learn what is relevant for you, for your own small business, in your country.

Now in modern time also well known from the many "James Bond films". The Spanish, The Dutch and Italian Royal familys has lived here, during periods when the various Royal families they were forced to live in exile. Also the dictator Batista from Cuba lived in Portugal, he went into exile when Castro made the Revolution. Just to name a few examples... 

But not forgetting the key role Estoril and Cascais had during the Second World War, when the region was a meeting place for secret talks for all warring parties. For you who prefer to stay/visit more rural areas, so it is only 15-30 minutes drive with a car away, there will be more about Portugal countryside in future articles.

Yes.. many international celebrities have spent their time in one of the many 5 star hotels, beaches, golf courses, the famous Formula 1 racing track and the large international Casino, and you know it was actually here in Casino Estoril as the world famous British journalist and author, Ian Fleming was inspired to create "Agent 007" with his novel "Casino Royale"....

The mild Atlantic climate and an annual average of 260 rainless days have certainly I think, been a strong case for many people's choice. And for the most affluent families in portugal during the late 19th century to follow the portuguese royal family, and set their summer villas and mansions there.

It is absolutely worth going for a walk around Town and the royal beach in small Cascais to get a feel for the royal atmosphere of the period in the 19th century. 

I can warmly recommend based on my own experience. Feel warm welcome to Portugal Riviera. Glorious long sandy beaches and a vibrant life just wait for you to visit and explore for short or long time.

large variety of enjoyable activities.

So here you are Today 50+ years old, and you love to work... But think if you could take a day off, when you feel like it (one of the joys of self-employed).

It will take 5 to 15 minutes for you to go down to the big beach, take your car to one of many golf courses and enjoy the sun, visit europes best windsurfing and kitesurfing beach for such windy adrenaline-chasing (and featured in the Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". 

Or why not take the cozy train, which winds along the beach to the capital Lisboa, it will take you 45 minutes.  It feels like you are on vacation all year round instead of being part of a stressful rat race that you are now in your current country, this is entirely possible for us ordinary people to realize without first having to be $ millionaire.

A short flight over Cascais and Estoril.

Thanks Marina Mesquita Imobiliária.  An excellent Video with bird's eye view, flying over Cascais and Estoril. I think Bernardo Bogarim have made an nice work, handle the small drone.. 

Cascais por Bernardo Bogarim

Cascais ainda mais linda pela lente de Bernardo Bogarim. Excelente trabalho!

Publicerat av Marina Mesquita Imobiliária den 19 oktober 2015

Travelling away on vacation is what so many do today and nothing new and strange or something that only a small percentage of those with plenty of money are able to.

Usually we go away for a few weeks to a famous holiday place where most of it is corrected for a few relaxing days-weeks with the family, and then go back after that we are stuck in everyday life. But what if you could have the opportunity to stay longer maybe several months or permanent.

Since the internet has made it possible for many to live and work abroad for short or long periods and even many have also settled permanently in another country because the internet with high-speed connection is quickly becoming common in more and more countries.

I am convinced that you've probably thought of the idea several times, that you also, be able to start an online business, make money and be location independent, so why shouldn't you do that. Now I thought you and I should take a closer look at just this theme, here in my website today.

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To live abroad for short or long period.

To live abroad for short or long period and at the same time able to make Money.
This is not unique news to many, but it has not been so usual depending on the practical possibilities have been limited. Most people can not bring their work or his own brick and mortar firm in a suitcase to go away in a few months to his favorite place abroad. 

It is clear that youths who travel around the globe in many countries for a period of life with a backpack and a little small-working here and there, or enthusiastic bohemians with a passion for something yes it has been around for many decades now.

Moving abroad permanently as I myself did in 1988 (before the internet) then it was provided that, in most cases, already had arranged a traditional job you could support yourself.

Previously, it was in many countries more difficult to obtain residence permits, work permits and a number of other difficulties which had a limiting effect, if you had a well-stocked bank accounts and the right contacts went the mostly to arrange.

But a lot has happened in just the last 15 years that made it easier for us ordinary people to travel and live in countries other than that we are born into.

Of course, there are many things to consider especially if you plan to live a nomadic life and jump from country to country, also, depending on which countries you plan to visit. But now let's look at how you can make a frech start in your life, everyone reading this article probably will not sell everything you own today, and just jump on the next flight and move overseas tomorrow.

vacations in Portugal.

A new start in life as 50+, to travelling away from your everyday life to a whole other place can often be the trigger that starts a thought process of returning for a longer period than just a few weeks. 

Many live today with a good material standards, work, own business, homes, cars, boats, vacations, family, children, friends, and really, there have been few choices for a change for many people. Then suddenly in your daily living routine, you discover that you have passed the 50-year mark, the children have left home or they are soon about to fly out.

This can for many become an awakening, a desire for change, so today, when there are so many opportunities to travel anywhere and anytime for a cheap price, so settle abroad is an attractive option for many that surely have had in their dreams.  But many of us 50+ may not have a thought to settle far away on a tropical island but would consider another location. 

And there are many wonderful places to choose from, so how are you supposed to find online business ideas that works, which is a good source of your supply and also make you location independent. Well " click here " probably the best brainstorming tool on the market  there, you will get excellent ideas.

travel to Portugal.

I have chosen to talk about Portugal Riviera's because I have the experience to stay there many times in short and long periods. If you choose to visit Cascais in Portugal so I can promise you that you will definitely not miss inspiration and opportunities, for online business ideas. 

Why I prefer Estoril Cascais coast due to the colder weather in northern Portugal. The Algarve is almost dead in the winter, has too much retired character, and crowded with tourists in the summer.

As I have said, Estoril Cascais is ideal for us midlifers, general reliably good weather, comfortable and Close (take the high-way, it's only 30 km to lisboa airport), several golf courses with high international standards.

Many high standard tennis courts, horse riding, cycling, furmula 1 motor sports arena and you named it off other outdoor activities, one of Europe's largest international casinos, lots of different cozy restaurants and bars of the many narrow streets and along the several miles long pedestrian esplanade along the Atlantic Ocean beach. 

Lots of museums, royal palaces, wine farms, estates and mansions, exhibitions and parks to visit. In Estoril-Cascais the Portugal's Riviera coast isn't a cheep low cost choice but here you get much more for your money than in France, Italy or Spain Riviera. Simply super IDEAL for us midlifers to visit or to stay permanently, start and running your own web business in!

This looks like a Disney fairytale Castle.

It was the cool and comfortable summer climate, that attracted the Portuguese Royal family to spend summers here. In their footsteps followed the Portuguese and foreign Royalty society, and the narrow roads around Sintra is lined with many ornate villas and mansions from the 1800s. I have personally been there several times and can really recommend you to visit Sintra. Since 1995 the place on UNESCO World Heritage List ...

This Amazing "Disney fairytale Castle" you see at this photo. Pena National Palace, Sintra. Only 15 minutes by car from Cascais.. PS are you there to visit the Castle during the Winter time bring a jacket, the mountain is high, as you can see on the photo, so it can blow a little cool wind....

a stunning solution.

Here's the super tool box which has no equivalent of its kind, in the Market. With this you can tailor made your niche, and find the relevant in-demand keyword for your niche and target audience. I recommend you watch this demo Video.

You should test first by
Rent an fully furnished apartment.

But a word of advice is to travel off to your prospective new residential locality i think the same advice applies as to move anywhere on this planet. You must be in place, in a month or two before you can find and choose your home.

You can for example,  Rent an Fully Furnished Apartment, in Rosario Cascais,  In front of the Atlantic Ocean. I have been there and give the Apartment 4+ Stars. It is my private experience. (I have no affiliates relationship with the owner).

Spacious balcony with stunning sea views and secure private are: a small bar in the lobby, indoor car parking, tennis court, bar at the outside swimming pool, fitness center, 24 hour security and reception, maid service, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, of course free wi-fi, Air Conditioning...

Then you can in peace and quiet walk in the many neighborhoods, talking to people for example if you are visiting a golf course, take the car and drive around and become familiar with the surroundings, there are many large shopping centers in the area that are easy to find, and to see how the amenities are around, you should collaborate with a local real estate agent, I would absolutely Recommend.

Rent an Apartment in Cascais Portugal. Security Service 24/7.. Here you can relax, and find new online business Ideas. And it's very Inexpensive. Give Free Guidance.
Rosario in Cascais, I have lived Here. Look at this stunning wiev of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you find new Ideas. And it's very Inexpensive. Give Free Guidance
Rosario in Cascais. Security service 24/7 And a small bar in the lobby.. Here you can relax, and find new online business Ideas. And it's very Inexpensive. Give Free Guidance.

Cascais is in my opinion perfect: small, cozy, comfortable, close to the big city of Lisboa, close to rural areas, absolutely affordable compared to similar places in Italy, Spain or France. 

So when you arrive, they want new ideas start coming it's strange but there are so many people who have told me that during a vacation trip to Cascais, it feels suddenly someone turned on the power to your online business idea factory. At the same time, there are many practical things for you to check up. 

Around the Cascais-Estoril Coast, today it is no problem with the high-speed internet. But I remember in the late 1980s, it was not usual with ATMs, but once the expansion took off so it was with the latest technology, so even with the internet.

Portugal has been one of the last EU countries to expand the internet, but now today, Portugal has therefore the latest top modern technologies that are also to some extent is more sophisticated than what we have here in Sweden, so there are now problems. And soon will start the deployment of the new 5G Mobile network that probably first becomes established in Lisboa Estoril and Cascais Region.

This vintage photo showing the large sandy beach some 100 meters below "Casino Estoril" as you see the photo is from the 1930-40's, I would guess. Anyway the beach is definitely as popular now today at 21;s and Absolute well worth a visit for feel the historic venue.

This complete Video Tour , give you the full overview and understanding of the fantastic possibilities that you now hold in your hand. I recommend you to look at it to you then be able to form your own opinion and making your own Decisions.

obtaining a residence permit.

If you are an EU citizen, it is easier to visit and move to Portugal. For non-EU citizens is the process of obtaining a residence permit more time consuming, but do not be discouraged, prepare yourself just that it takes time.  If you live outside Europe so it can be an advantage to watching  Schengen Visa Information . 

Do you live already in one of the 26 Countries in the Schengen Area, is there other rules that apply. It is quicker and easier to start a small online business in Portugal as compared to neighboring countries like Spain. As I have said the Portuguese government has taken major steps to improve the speed and simplify the process of start a business and stay in Portugal.

But many can anyway feel that the bureaucratic process can be confusing, so i think it may even be more helpful for you to employ a local business broker/lawyer who is well versed with the Portuguese administrative procedure, to help you navigate in the system.

I think that is absolut an advantage because you are not going to start a large factory but a small online business so the fee / cost of a business broker / lawyer means to be minimal, but a word of advice to you  doing everything right according to the book from the beginning can save you costly and the time consuming mistakes.

I have not talked so much about living in Cascais-Estoril with school-age children since I primarily am addressing an audience 50+ where most of us already have adult children. From personal experience I can attest to stay in Cascais with children is no problem, there are several types of schools, public and private the same with kindergarten. Here are some examples, St. Julian's School  and Carlucci American International School of Lisbon .


There are many nice places in Portugal but based on my own experience appeals to Estoril and Cascais region, although it is not the cheapest place in Portugal so is the unlimited availability of facilities without being extravagant luxury that attracted me. Here's conditions are in your favor for you to be able to easily combine manage your e Business and to enjoy whether you're staying for a short time or more permanent. However.. I can warmly recommend you to visit this area, 

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back soon.

I Believe you will Have a Fabulous Day:)

Erling.A. Sjokvist

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