Start a infopreneurship

is your
midlife career change


Start a Infopreneurship 
why will it be your 
midlife career change.

Starting a Infopreneurship (a information entrepreneur), is a person who collects information from multiple sources, their own knowledge and experience. Assemble combine and tailor made everything with your own unique personality, your own voice, into new ways to meet your target audience demand, their internet search intent, their long desire and need. 

Either you make it for free, but many of infopreneurs also charge direct in order to gain access information, but the vast majority gain income for their published information, e-books through various ads for example, Google's AdSense, that they have placed on their Business site.

Take some minutes, and think about This! What will the purpose of your small business to be?  Everyone knows something about something, a passionate interest on a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job.

Take that unique knowledge and experience, and turn it into a significant profitable e Business. Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain. 

Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your business website, that people finds on Internet.. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you want. But without traffic you have no e Business at all. So Just follow my Free tips and guidance here on my Website.

What about a infopreneurship.

Harold F. Weitzen registered a trademark for "Infopreneur", indicating its first use in commerce was as of January 31, 1984. Before the birth of the Internet in the beginning of 1990s, infopreneurship despite its name was not used as such back in those days.

It was practiced by individuals who, used different type of mediums to carry the information they packaged into products, such as printed reports, and they was delivered by traditional mail.

The activities of a infopreneurship has a number of very attractive benefits. It is extremely inexpensive, which is of great importance for all, but especially in many third world countries where people's finances are not always that big. Everyone knows that the development of the Internet is going lightning fast. 

Today it is well known that people in different countries, acquire different new smart mobile devices. People are searching for valuable information, looking for a Business, products or services. 

People are connected to internet and making searches, all the time and everywhere, with their mobile devices. And as a natural results of that, increases the web traffic very much.

Everything together makes that today it is very difficult to make your own voice heard in the loud noise on internet. So no matter what industry, and the country, do you want your target audience, shall find your infopreneurship, the first thing you should do is to install the "4 pillars" internet presence. Why and how? It is about your Infopreneurship Internet presence. I have written a separate article about Those "4 pillars" and Business tool.

With my own over 30 years of experience to run a small "brick and mortar" business, with all fixed and variable costs every month. That says me that the cost per month, to run a Infopreneurship is extremely small. But the potential to earn plenty of money is very high, assuming you can do everything right from day 1. Use a business tools that is inexpensive will helps you out, without you first need to be a web programmer.

Why you should use a business tool, is very simply because you can concentrate your effort on the purpose of your business, focus on the users, provide products or service to your target audience, helping them to solve their search intent.

As I have said. Infopreneurship, as a business, are very low-cost startup, and small running monthly cost. Today it is a very big opportunity for persons who have little or no security, little or no cash, little or no experience with a business, little or no education.

There are many examples of people from different countries, (see the result link further down on the page) who has never before run a small business, but with the help of this tool box built up a thriving small internet business..

why have over 20 millions people
already seen the youtube videos
and his live speeches?


how to find your niche?

What is the purpose of your small business? What are you interested in? What is it that can make you to forget time and space? Determine if there is sufficient demand and not too much competition. This allows you to turn your interest, into a profitable e Business. That can become your big passion. I have written a separate Article about Find Your Niche.

Use a tool, Brainstorm It., that is Probably the today, most advanced and easy to manage Niche and Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet! Take a taste-bite, how to getting traffic. At this short video, you will get an overview of, What to start with, and Why. Press play and watch this video now.

These brainstorm tools, gives you a yield of 10-20 times more phrases and keywords than every third-party keyword tool (including Wordtracker's and Google's) combined! Each keyword in the world that contains your "Site Concept keyword" want to be discovered and returned to you with additional valuable data. Ready.

in developing countries.

Many People who live in developing countries may have acquired a life-long special knowledge, or even, in possession of research expertise. Anyway, to start and run a infopreneurship is very inexpensive.

That makes it possible for anyone on this planet, with a computer and an Internet connection, setting up a small web business by publishing valuable, unique and relevant information that can satisfy the growing demand for information online, to your chosen targeted market.

People in the developing countries should, in my opinion, start a small e Business as soon as possible since the development of the Internet has really taken off, and would continue to increase in most third world countries.

Just like in all countries use people computers and smart phones to search for solutions, find different products and services, find help and good advice. More internet users, creating a greater need for information. Finding your niche, based on your interest and become a infopreneur will make you Successful.

best retirement plans.

To start a infopreneurship would also be one of the best retirement plans. To provide informations, where you make use of your Life long knowledge, experience, hoby and skills that you have earned, to help people solve problems, find solutions, find produkts and service is something that of course you easily can continue to do even after the day you decide to retire.

Because the only thing you need is a computer and internet connection, you can be completely location independent, if you wish. Last but not least, you would be able to become much less dependent on your retirement savings because your web business would also generate income to you.

Many midlifers couple has long been discussing retirement and spend a lot of time together to plan where, how and what they would do in their retirement years. Many plans to unwind and do a phased retirement, write books, devote more time to their hoby, traveling, volunteer work, spend time with children — grandchildren, take pictures, relax and basically have as much fun as possible.

But as you may know, a new trend has poped up and is growing rapidly in many countries. The Internet has had a fantastic development for the past 3-5 years. Today it is possible for you to take advantage of your life-long professional skills, experience and hobbies.

The rapid increase in computer, smartphone users, has created a very large demand for information. Because it goes so fast and is so simple, so do people today google search for pretty much anything. How many times have you typed, for example: "how to do..." or "how to find..." on Google? Today, making  people internet search in most countries every day.

This fantastic development on the internet, you can of course benefit from. Whether you're 23 or 56 years old, so your interests, your hobby or your professional skills, very easy, fast and inexpensive turns into a small infopreneurship. It can be a husband and wife side gig, in which a joint interest, a niche, such as gardening, beekeeping, golf, woodworking, etc, etc.

At the same time as you make contact with new people, so you are helping others with valuable and relevant information based on your knowledge and expertise.

wordpress news!
how to start a blog?

Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!



         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a small local "brick and mortar" Business, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger. SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet!  click here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

for people with a disability.

To start a infopreneurship for people with a disability would be a fantastic opportunity. It is very easy to start a web business, you can run your business from home, the cost to start and run is comparatively very low. People who have a handicap, has certainly great knowledge and experience in many special areas, especially in areas relating to disabled people with their needs.

With the help of the internet, people who have a disability find their special niche. Your task is to fill the demand with useful and relevant information, to topics related to the needs of people with disabilities, and the specific google search that disabled people do.

 making Money is a result

I know from my own experience, that small business owners often have a small budget set aside for advertising. But I want absolutely recommend you to take a look at facebook as an inexpensive options. I often self advertise on Facebook, and are very satisfied.

If you just want to advertise only for your local, or for a wider audience, you can tailor made your target audience with just a few clicks. You decide in advance how much the maximum cost per day can be, how many days, and it is very easy to self-Manage everything.

When a potential buyer/visitor has landed on your business website, there are many strategies for monetizing the site. One way is to use Google AdSense, which gives Google permission to automatically send advertisements based on the reader's interest. If the viewer chooses to click on your ad, you as the owner of this site, will earn a small Commission on sales (or a click fee).

Lots of other matchmaking services have occurred (as a professional) to connect you with a website (Publisher), with those who have an advertising message that they would like to have displayed on the Publishers websites.

Many successful infopreneurs give away information to assist, entice customers to buy other products. For example, create a content-rich website that contains plenty of freely available information is a great way to attract new visitors. There is also a common method to increase sales, for example, in a traditional "offline" food stores.

To write articles on your business site, you only have to invest your time today. All the information you'll need will come from your own for long time personal knowledge and experience plus research. Clarify the purpose of your small Business.. Remember that your absolute main task is to help people.

All those who make their Google search within your chosen niche, do it to satisfy their dreams, desire to solve a problem, they want information about products or services, before they decide where and when to make purchases.

Infopreneuring a very competitive area.

Web Information and running an info preneurship, has become a very competitive field in recent years. Since all consumers today make "Internet Search" to quickly find, factual and informative, high quality and relevant content.

It is therefore important to have good knowledge in your chosen niche. Take advantage of the knowledge, experience and skills you have earned in school, research, your hobby, your job.

Important to package (your business site) the information in a way that is appealing to your target audience. At once you can satisfy your visitor search intent, you will be surprised how much fun, interesting and rewarding it is to be an Infopreneur.

The demand for information about valuable and relevant information in all countries is very large. Demand would continue to rise sharply. because the number of Internet users, especially new smartphone users is constantly increasing sharply.

all the cards on the table.

Everyone is interested in seeing results from the Reality.

Here you have, All the cards on the Table.


To compares.

Can you make success.

Can you succeed? Yes. The opportunity for you to make a great success with your infopreneurship, absolutely in your favor. Always have a mindset, that everything you write and do, will become unique because of your own personality.

This will people to quickly notice. This will make your small Business standing out. I recomend that you take a look at this Video Tour..  I have written a Article about your Business Website Tool.

well It's time to wrap things up.

My own prediction for the future infopreneurship profession? We as midlifers 50+, and has been around since the internet was born and seen its development all the way, do not need to have studied the "rocket science" to understand that this is definitely without a doubt a future industry with very high Demand...

So once again, to run your own infopreneurship, it's very fun. Especially now, when the web technological developments have made such huge progress. The large number of new Internet users is Increasing Globally .

Your task is to build a small e Business, to help people satisfy their search intent, when they make their internet search. I want to conclude this article with the same words that I started with, because these words really reflect what a infopreneurship and online business is all about.

Always have a mindset that everything you write and do, will have a unique value, which will reflect your passion for your infopreneurship, your products or services. This people will quickly notice. It will make your business stand out.

So now i will end this Article, there i started.. Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and turn it into a significant profitable e Business.

Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain. Get it out on a paper, and this paper will be your Business website that people are going to find on Internet.

You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you want. But without traffic you have no e Business at all. So Just follow my Free tips and guidance here on my Website. 

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soone.

I Believe you will have a Fabulous Day:)


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