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prediction for small businesses

My prediction for 2016. I Believe it's been many years, since I've been this excited about small Businesses. The past year 2015 brought several new improvements for consumers and businesses to find each other on the Internet. And over again, the truth for all small Business owners, is even more obvious. To be able to stand out in the 120 decibel Internet noise. I am know very well, that small businesses looking for the "fast and easy" fix it yourself stuff... 

The first action for you, is to clarify the purpose of your Business, because People don't click on your links, or visit your business based on what you do or offers... People choose to click on your business website, or visit your business, because of "Why" you offers your products or services...

This is obvious for many small business owner, but it's actually to many that missing this clarification.. However, there is lots of splendid example around the globe, of successful small businesses.  I have written an article, so that you can reading about one small business owner that have found his niche, based on his big interest and created a successfull small family business. The second action is to establish, The 4 local SEO "pillars"...

Google started in the last year 2015, by making a public statement about site design, resulting in an update April 21 called, "become mobile friendly" it is to your business website should be adapted to be read even on mobile devices.

This meant not there and then, any dramatic changes. For business that already had a mobile friendly site saw a slight rise in their rankings, but those who remained without mobile friendly site upgrade, saw a major decline in ranking.  (Test your own site, it's free)  

Google has chosen a smooth line so far, but there is no doubt that it is only a short matter of time before Google will seriously make life very unpleasant for all small or big business that does not have a fully adapted and mobile friendly site. If your site doesn't work perfect on tablets and smart phones, it won't show up in search results when people make their internet search, traffic will decline, and your sales will suffer.

The reason for this, as you know that the use of smart phones in all countries has increased and will increase tremendously the coming years. It is about you have to offer consumers a more user friendly site. 

Business that do not get a user and mobile friendly site, will experience that consumers choose quickly click through to your competitors who already are "mobile friendly". I have said it before, and will continue to encourage all business to gain a complete e Business. That is mobile friendly and can offer potential customers e Commerce, because consumers expect this, also from small local business.

Google's main task is to organize the world's information, and to suggest where to find solutions and answers when consumers make their Internet search. Therefore, always new updates to be done, such is the "pigeon update" that started in the summer of 2014 and continued in 2015. 

The update's purpose is to help people who do a local search on the Internet to make it easier to find valuable and relevant local search results. In the end of 2015 came an update which was about customers rating on businesses products and service, and "ratings" will have an bigger influence on your business ranking by the Search Engines.

3 minutes about how your small business can benefit from this booming digital trend...

your goal for the rest of 2016.

I Believe, if your goal for 2016 is to start a small online business, then the Google algorithm updates, is to your big advantage. Those updates goes hand in hand with the CTPM method, that stand for: (Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetize.) People don't buy what you do or offer, they buy because... That is logical and natural, far from special tricks, manipulations, hunting for new loopholes and trends who goes out of style. For you as a small business, just stick to, The 4 local seo "pillars".  

That will help your potential visitors and customers tremendously, to find and choose your business.  Search engines have become much smarter, there is no doubt, and in recent year, the focus has been clear, when consumers do their searches on the Internet are they going to get immediate, valuable and relevant suggestion to their search.

So what signals will shines the brightest for the rest of 2016. As I have already said, Focus on the users, clarify the purpose of your business, why will people click on your sites, why will people buy products or service from you... Many have tried to dismiss "keyword" as an outmoded search method, but after the recent 2 years many Google updates, the keywords again risen like the phoenix from the ashes, with a new look and become more sophisticated.

Here you can look at a short demo video, how you can be helped Find your Niche, and Finding keywords..

People do today average 12 Internet searches before they decide where, when, and how they will make their purchases. So when your potential customers planning to buy food, buy a new jacket, new shoes, new tires for their car, repair the lawnmower, order the cleaning of their pool, etc. People tend to make a web search and they discover attractive offers, they compare with other business, checking out other people's reviews. So even if consumers tend to be faithful to their fixed, shops and businesses, make sure that people can find your business.


One of my strong prediction for 2016 is about e Commerce. Many small business do not think there is any great need, or think it is too complicated and expensive. Again, the rapid development has outpaced many small business owners, over the past two years, consumers have quickly changed their behavior patterns. With the help of the new technology and new appliances, consumers expect today to find your business in the digital version on the Internet. 

You must be able to, offer visitors to your website e Commerce also for local purchase. This is an important argument, and small local businesses can actually increase their sales significantly. Simply by optimizing their website to reach potential customers who also live far away geographically.

On the Internet, it is easy for you with just some few clicks, to find different offers on e Commerce plug-in. I Believe the business tools I use and recommend, everything is already build in for a complete e Business, without the need for expensive plug-in and upgrades. This business tool, was created for small businesses needs, and because of what their customers expect in 2016, when it comes to user friendliness.

the social media.

The "Social Media family" will play an even bigger role in 2016. They will increase in importance, they have their value primarily as relations builders, to Gaining trust, to Gaining authority, with real people, your potential customers. Because people can leave reviews on your business, products or service, who can become the boosters to increase traffic to your Business site or Store. But make no mistake, your social media accounts can never replace your business website, because you do not own your social media account, in the same way as you own your business site. As a basic, i believe you shall set up an account on these: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

A short video interview with Rachel and hers "Cupcake Business"


Globally, people do unimaginable More than 3.5 Billion Searches per day.  They make their search for help, to find solutions, to find a business, products, services, etc. As I said, it is first and foremost because of Why you offers your unique, valuable and relevant content, that gets people to click on your site. Google has in the past 2-3 years, become much smarter at solving their main objective to organize the worlds information, and suggest answers to people's Internet search.

To sum up my predictions for the rest of 2016... Become visible online, create Content, Content! I Strongly Believe with the help of something that interest you very much, you will be able to find a niche, that can also become your passion. Creating a proper business site, that is mobile friendly. Overfill it with your "home made" unique, valuable and relevant content, written with your own voice. That will put your own personal touch on it.. 

People will click on your business site, but not because you offer products or services, rather because your excellent content can solve theirs search intent... If you already have an "brick and mortar" business. Your business site, will become the digital version on internet, where your potential customers, also can choose e Commerce. So over all, running a small business, it's very fun, and it will become your passion... You can be quite sure that people will quickly notice and talk about this..

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe that you will have a Fabulous Day:)


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