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Start online business is probably the smartest and most fun, retirement savings when you have become a Midlifer 50+... You know Globally today, It's more people who are 50+, that start an small online business, than people under age 30. And today, you no longer first, have to become a web programmer or computer expert, before you self can build and run, an small e Business..

It is well known that making money online, have been until today highly associated with very complicated technology and web programming. This is today History! The technical development has taken huge steps forward at breakneck speed. Today have the search engines become more and more sophisticated, and much more capable now of sorting out the valuable and relevant content, in comparison to 10 years ago. 

I am personally delighted to have not been a part of the internet and search engines different child illnesses. Here I have a few lines compiled, what a small home based online business is all about today, use a few minutes and think about this logical statement...

Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and turn it into a significant profitable e Business. Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain. 

Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your website or blog that people are going to find on Internet. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you Want. But without traffic to your site, you have no e Business at all... Simple, Yes absolutely it is, But not "easy".


Get the digital skills you need to grow your business. I Believe this digital academy course with Google, is nice complement, to the guidance you find here  At my website.  This Google Digital Garage, is aimed for Beginners, Small Business Owners, Employees, Retirees or Students.

For those who want to get started, sharpen their digital skills, or kick start your career with an impressive certification. But to get the digital skills you need to build and grow your small web business. You need an combination of knowledge, both theoretical, practical.

However today in 2016, there is no big technical and financial hurdles for you, to by yourself build and run a small web business. And for you who already have a small "brick and mortar" business, to establish a real Internet Presence.  I can warmly Recommend you to take a look at the Google WorkShop Academy, it's FREE.  

To build a web business, I Believe it is a big advantage fore you, to looking at many sources. That you step by step can pick out and learn what is relevant for you, for your own small Business, in your Country.

For most of us who are 50-plus, and thinking of starting an small e Business, maybe it is about realizing an old dream, start a side-gig, develop a small hobby. Many also choose to start a small home-based consulting business, based upon their previous professional career. And speaking of extra income, remember that it is much easier to continue to run a small online business even when you have gone far beyond the so called normal retirement age.

To start a small online business long before you reached the normal retirement age, would obviously be a very smart solution. You can slowly build a home based business, while you still remaining salary as employee and is thus not as depending to quickly achieve ROI. 

When one day you retire, you already have a well functioning small home-based e Business, which of course, can be as small or as large as you wish. The return then act as an added bonus, pension, while you and your wife or husband, together, also have very fun running your small business.

You can do everything only with the help from your computer and internet, in your own home, or anywhere on this globe, where there is an internet connection. There are more and more articles in various media about starting a small business online and it is one of the best and funniest way for retirees to ensure that money still going to pouring in, almost effortless long after retired.

A web business that provides information or services  Infopreneur  are becoming more common and the demand for that type of business has a very large growth. Firstly, I do think that it is the easiest to start, it requires the usually very little startup capital and you can manage the entire business by yourself or with your wife or husband. When the children flown from the nest, if you are looking to scale down, you may become redundant at work, thinking of early-retiring, or if you are already a retired.

less dependent of nest egg, savings.

A small online business has of course also the great flexible advantage that you actually can continue to work at your own pace, and at same time keep your daily work to increase your income and be less dependent only on your nest egg, retirement money and savings. You can of course also build an e Business, which is much larger and includes e Commerce, various real products, stocks, shipment, etc. Not only information services.

Of course, it requires more initial capital. But common to all types of online business is that it requires much less startup capital Compared to a traditional "brick and mortar business" but the most common is to start on a small scale. I want to point out if you already have a "brick and mortar business" without having a proper Internet presence. 

I advise you to quickly Establish a real Business site,  where your potential customers can also choose to make e Commerce.. Bill Gates, was not kidding when he said! "If your business is not on the internet then your business Will be out of business".

retirement online business ideas.

There are many who are in those days starting up an online business as a 50-Pluss,
because it can be operated from different geographic locations on this planet with the help of an internet Connection. They longing to be location independent, about that I have written a Separate article on this Topic , than you are not normally tied to a fixed building. 

I live in Sweden and know that many age 50-pluss people, choose to Living in a country with a warm climate during the winter time, as here in Sweden is dark, cold with lots of snow. Yes there are many choices if you choose to start an online business. If for example, you go to South Africa or Thailand or Portugal on a vacation trip, so you can obviously take care of your own online business via an Internet Connection.

The benefits for us midlifers, 45-50-pluss, is that we have a long practical experience from professional life, whether we have run a company or been employee. Many of us have been obvious at least as good knowledge of computers and the Internet, as the internet-high-speed younger generation.

And all we 50+ who are lacking a major technological knowledge and experience with computers, so it is no reason at all to get a panic attack. I myself have managed to build this website and managed to jump ower all the complex hurdles thanks to new Modern Simple to use Business Tools .

wordpress news!
how to start a blog?

Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!

How to build a High-Traffic blog?
WordPress is the most widely used (over 50%) content management system on the Globe...

         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a small local "brick and mortar" Business, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet!  click here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

You no longer need to be web-savvy.

Midlifers, which are not "web-savyy" can also perform excellent, but it sometimes takes a little longer, than the younger more computer and internet secure youth generation. But I think when you crossed age 50, in this new Internet and technology-filled time, so it is not the same as 35 years ago. Internet has created many new opportunities because we travel and communicates very much with different countries and cultures today, and that in itself creates demand, new needs, new requests, new ideas and new opportunities.

With the help of modern technological developments, new healthier Lifestyle obviously, in the 21st Century we are living much longer today. Just for 30-40 years ago so could a 50 year old man or lady, some time be quite physically and psychological total worn out. I think the 50 year old people are today much more vital and younger both mentally and physically, thanks to the new modern technological developments.

When you passed the 50 mark, most of us have a more relaxed life today, we are in a different phase of life. People who are 20 and 30 years old, is very focused on education, getting a job, residential establishment, raise a family, career and more. We who are now 50+ has put many of these stressful establishment things behind us. 

We acquire new interests, hobbies, and we are thinking, maybe that using the internet so you can realize dreams, ideas, fill a need. Thus arises a possibility to start online business. I think that pass the 50 line, it doesn't longer mean, that we have definitely gone out on best before date. But instead it means that now starts a new and exciting stage in your Life.

everyone needs some help
especially beginners.

Well regardless, everyone needs some help especially beginners and it is very difficult to figure out what to do when there are so many options and so much information. It is important to point out that no matter what your goal and desires, so it is important to understand that it is the groundwork, to start up as it is crucial if you are to succeed. 

It's pretty easy to get completely lost in the large ocean of information available on the internet. Most of the information on the internet today, how you can start up your online business aimed at people who already know a lot about computer programming and is even a webgeek.

But of course, some time many people who are younger than 30 years, taking almost for granted that all people on this planet have grown up with computers and the Internet in the same way which they themselves have made. Which is not the case for all of us 50-Pluss, I remember how it was to run a business before the Internet.

I chose to start this website to helping people like you. Because I have searched a long time for information that suited the best for me who had moderate knowledge and experience of complex computer programming, about how I could build my own website and start online business. So I hope my advice and tips here on my website can help many people on this planet to avoid too many mistakes, wasting time and Money...

Why do so many people start online business Today?  Well the answer its very simply... They have just made a Brainstorm IT Research and find a Niche on Internet with a big demand, and their strongest intent now, is to fill It...

Brainstorm It. Probably the today, most advanced and easy to manage Niche and Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet! Take a taste bite, how to find keywords, how to find your niche, how to getting traffic. At this short video, you will get an overview of, What to start with, and Why.. Press play and watch this video now.. ..


To start online Business today, is absolutely timely, given the rapid development and the great increase of new Internet and smartphone users. People in most countries, has rapidly changed their behavior patterns on the Internet. Today, consumers are using their computers and smart phones in an entirely different way than just a few years ago.

Consumers make Internet search, to get help, find information, find products, services. Your task is to find a niche with demand and that interest you. OVERfill this demand with your own unique content, your knowledge and experience, written with your own voice on your mobile friendly website or blog. Where visitors also have the opportunity, to take part of your special offers.

Your age is absolutely not an obstacle, but may in many respects be a great advantage for your chosen niche, because of our age also comes increased knowledge, experience, and Wisdom.

As I have said, when you are ready to start online business, to start and do everything right from the early beginnings which is most important of all. I am warmly recommend that you look on this Video Tour , it gives you an complete overall picture, so that you can form your own Opinion.

Thanks for taking your time, visit my Website..

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe you will Have a Fabulous Day:)


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In the near future I will change my main Residence from Sweden to Bangkok in Thailand.. My Internet Business will run as usual, but of course i looks forward to helping many small locala Business in Thailand, become easier to find on internet for potential visitors and customer..


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