why flexible work and
phased retirement
is a win-win solution?


First come flexible work.

Flexible work hours, come first, now have phased retirement popped up and become a trendy win-win solution for both employees and employers.

Flexibility, has long been a known concepts and given both employer and employee benefits, for example during recessions for companies. And for workers, you know it is today quite possible in many countries, to start and stop work with flexible hours agreements.

I Believe flexible work and flexibility as a concept, has become more common in the last 10 years in many areas. Yes... Because it is related to the last 30 years of fast development, we can say that the digital evolution and the Internet's entrance, made it possible that in many areas, creating a more flexible Life style.

Now has a new "flexible" Word popped up and we're talking now about "flexible retirement" a smart solution proves to be an excellent win-win solution for Everybody.

What can become a smart flexible work solution for you? Why not take a minute and think about this reality. Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and experience, turn it into a significant profitable e Business.

Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain. Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your website or blog that people are going to find, on Internet. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you want. But without traffic you have no e Business at all. I have of course, written an article about How you increase web Traffic,  to your Business Site.

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flexible work is this an option?

For many of us Midlifers 50+, the question is whether you should continue to work on as usual as long as you can stand on your leg or whether you should retire now, an increasingly common conversational topic. For there are some new alternatives.

Firstly, there are so many different pension systems depending on in which country you live in, some countries have an extensive and generous system, while others have almost no or very poorly developed system.

No matter where on the planet you live, so is "the habit of making retirement savings" associated with the income level you are at. According to some global studies is a cut of around 40% of the global population that, in one way or another, save for retirement. But I wasn't going to do a deeper global analysis, country by country here and now.

Many Midlifers who passed the 50 mark, really looking forward to the "last day at work". While many other older workers, lies sleepless and wrestle around with horror thoughts in their bed, on what happens when you retire.

Scary thoughts concerning their own Economy, how will the money be enough. Many are also concerned about what are you going to fill the days with, Yes.. transition to retirement can be daunting for many people. On the other hand, more and more Midlifers do not feel ready for Retirement.

Guy Kawasaki, Mia Voss and
Kenneth Manesse Sr...

flexible work - phased retirement a growing trend.

Phased retirement a steadily growing trend that can offer new opportunities. In many countries, the rapid digital developments meant that many have become redundant, since the new technology in many areas means that companies see opportunities to save on personnel costs. A necessary evil, not to lose market share to its competitors.

The companies are trying so clearly to find different solutions, which varies from country to country. Often it is you as a Midlifer, old worker who with the help of various types of severance pay will receive an offer of early retirement, without making you suffer financially. At the same time, we should not forget that in many countries there is no severance pay at all.

But the new concept "phased retirement" which is becoming more and more popular in many countries, goes briefly out of, that you remain with the same salary, but working fewer hours. This is financed with the help of a collaboration between, your employer, pension insurance companies and the State, but there are different variants of agreements, from country to country.

This transition to retirement would be a win-win solution for both parties. The employer can retain staff who have worked for a long time, has a lot of knowledge and experience, which can also serve as mentors in the workplace. Employees have the opportunity during a short or longer time phasing out, with this flexible work systems.

retirement turn into a nigthmare.

For many, can the long-awaited retirement life, turns into a nightmare. Abandoning the long-gridded professional active everyday life, to a life without fixed routines and commitments, can, at worst, creating a depression. There are many midlifer couple in 50s suffering from "retired husband syndrome" where your husband or wife, suddenly not have a fixed time agenda, which in many cases unfortunately have resulted in divorce.

Suddenly, you and your loved ones to discover your personality is bound to your professional activity, especially small business owners, where the business is you yourself. Suddenly you are without the daily human interaction and challenges found at the office, or out in the store. Another factor is, you don't have quite as much money as you thought you would. Yes suddenly so it pops up restrictions that make your retirement "less fabulous" than you were expecting.

Make the rigth preparation for retirement.

For people who work with a good financial planner to prepare for retirement, there are not too many surprises when you step away from your desk, but in the event of a medical emergency or other financial problems, you must have more than enough saved. The people who are happiest in retirement are the ones that have really put some thought into what they want to do, and thus is well prepared.

To lay plans for your retirement means not only to have a generous pension insurance and other contracts in the port. It is equally important that you and your partner have something in common as both include a relaxing fun activity, but which also in the same time can give you extra income.

why so many midlifers starts e business!

No one has been able to properly escape to experience in the past 5 years, the Internet has had a huge development for people in all countries... ( See Live Here , how many people globally, that right now, get internet connection, get a new smartphone, etc..) 

Why has that resulted in an exploding interest to start online business? Pretty simple and logical. The number of new Internet and smartphone users raising, thus also the demand for information about products and services increased dramatically in all countries.

Are you desperately looking for the nearest gas station? Are you going to buy new clothes? Do you need the help of a plumber in your home? Or if you have another question that you need help to solve.

Today people use their smartphones or computers, and makes fast Internet search, to find local or global information, and smart solutions about products or services, to decide to which "brick and mortar" store, business and when they do their purchase..

Or they may choose to make purchases on a website they found and who can offer e Commerce. This is currently the absolute reality and the everyday functioning of the ordinary people in so many countries, and this development is increasing every day.

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the fantastic internet market.

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The Internet has certainly changed the lives for us small business owners in the last decades. It have giving us so many new opportunities, and flexibility, and the trend is sharply increasing.

I think it's very fun to be able to build up and run a small web business. I switched from my small "brick and mortar" Business" And make a Midlife career change,  Into the digital world, that gave me location independent, amongst many others benefits.

Internet is fantastic, that can offer you, me and many millions of people around this globe, these new and very inexpensive opportunities without first having to become a web programmer or computer expert. You can easy turn your for long time hobby or something by demand, that interested you, and which ultimately additionally generates money right into your wallet every month, as long as you wish.

As I have said many times here on my website, but it is precisely what it is about. People around this planet do every day, billions of Internet search, local and global to find: help, information about various products and services.

This creates a local and global demand, your task is to find your niche that have a demand and interest you. OVERfill this demand with your own unique content, of knowledge and experience, written with your voice, on your mobile friendly website or blog. Where your visitors get the opportunity to take share of your special offers ... Simple and logical, Yes, absolutely it is, but not "easy" ..

it's Time to wrap things up.

Given the today rapid technological development, the smart phones revolution and people new areas on the Internet. I want to finish with the same text that I started with. That text, it's about flexible work opportunities. I thinks speaks very much for itself, so clearly what it is all about..

Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and experience, turn it into a significant profitable e Business. Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain.

Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your website or blog that people are going to find, on Internet. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you want. But without traffic you have no e Business at all. To see how simply it is. I warmly recommend you to watch this Video Tour  so you can form your own Thoughts. 

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Wecome back Soon.

I Believe you will Have a Fabulous Day:)


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