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To start online business in India, today it is not something that requires special web-tech knowledge. As you know, online business its much more easier and inexspensive, when compared to offline business. 

Here on my website you always will find tons of Free tips and guidance, so that you can find your niche that interest you . And build a Business site and run a real web business. Without first having to become a computer expert or web programmer. 

As you know, India is a big country with a huge population, there are several different religions, it speaks many different languages. In many places is the school and education inadequate, segregation is large, but the middle class has grown rapidly in recent years.

Approximately 70% of the population lives in small towns and rural areas where agriculture is their main source of income. Of course, with a population of about 1.2 billions, must the agriculture and food production have a big importance.

As I said, agriculture is big in India. A fairly new nonprofit, motion started "Digital Green" Because much of the impoverished population remains scattered around India. Mr. Rikin Gandhi is working with India's Ministry of Rural Development to shoot and share short instructional videos showing smart agriculture chop. 

Mr. Gandhi has married digital tech and agriculture to create a platform for exchange of best practice, and in the process has bridged the knowledge gap between these distant farmers.

The nonprofit now has more than 640,000 community members in over 7,000 villages parts of the 300-plus movies per day, even in countries far outside India.

Although this particular "digital green" is a non-profit Project. The rapid development of the Internet in india, will create demand for this target sector in agriculture, to find their own niche and build small profitable e Businesses.

What internet plans has
the Indian government?

As for internet in India, so the development is now a major revolution with the nationwide construction project "Digital India".  India is the land of the earth, where the number of new smartphone users increasing most. Government of India is committed to the expansion of the Internet in all states should move very quickly, so that in 2019, the entire Indian population, can quickly access the Internet. 

This would obviously create tremendous opportunities and the number of new online entrepreneurs in India in the coming years will increase because it is so simple and inexpensive starting e Business. Many internet entrepreneurs in India, will go for a local or regional audience, but of course many will go global Too. 

Even small local "brick and mortar" business in india, will absolutely be able to see big increases in sales, with their new digital storefront on Internet. By starting a small online business in India, will certainly affect, and completely change the future for many Indians and their families in the coming years ..

Master a niche you choose.

Find your niche, based on your interests, But Why a niche?  Because a general-topic site (for example, "holidays" or "books") will never defeat the large and well-established, such as, Amazon or Flipkart. So let's start with the most important, namely to do right from the early beginning. 

Remember how google and the internet works today, how people use google? Yes they are using it to find information, and find solutions, to find products and services. So you have to start as your potential visitors.

Replace offline "brick and mortar" business thinking, to the effect that you are placed your business, where people pass by and easy can see you. You must understand that on the internet, there is nobody who just walks past and happen to see you, no one knows about you, (YET).

Have you thought about that, Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job, small farming. Take that knowledge and turn it into a significant profitable e Business.

Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain. Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your website or blog that people are going to find, during their Internet Searches. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you Want..

Replace it with Online thinking, and where is the basic reality is quite different. No "passing by." Online, where people are looking for information. It's so simple. Not "easy" (real online business takes also of course some work to build and run) ... It's simple.

Provide requested information, your valuable and relevant content that you have written with your unique voice . That will make your small business, stands out in front your competitors.  From that starting point, so will all float on ....

niche and keyword tool.

Brainstorm It.... Probably the today, most advanced and easy to manage Niche and Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet! Absolute No factor is overlooked. Take a taste bite, how to find keywords, how to find your niche, how to getting traffic. At this short video, you will get an overview of, What to start with, and Why.. Press play and watch this video now.. ..

These brainstorm tools, gives you a yield of 10-20 times more  phrases and keywords than every third-party keyword tool (including Wordtracker's and Google's) combined! Each keyword in the world that contains your "Site Concept keyword" want to be discovered and returned to you with additional valuable data. Ready.

your nr:1 option.

  1. Why should you create a proper "4 pillars" internet presence to your small Business?

Of course there are many different free and paid Business Tools, that you can find on the internet. With my over 30 years of experience in running a small "brick and mortar" business. I look for a tool, that is super easy to handle, inexpensive, and gives my small Business a proper "4 pillars" internet presence...

For example a plumber, a local auto repair shop, a local food store, etc. Those types of small Businesses that usually have 1-5 people inkluding the owner.

They are very busy, and maybe not so interested in time consuming learning, about web-technology. So this is the main reason why I highly recommend this easy click and point Business tool to all small Businesses regardless of Industry... In the end, the most important is to give your Business an proper "4 pillars" Internet Presence.

To build your online business, with CTPM method, where the supply and demand, represents in a logical and natural way, how the everyday people are using the Internet today. You must as a small Business, act upon the today consumers internet search pattern. They make their internet research, to find all kind of information, to find a Business, find different types of products or services. 

That will create a huge demand for information about Products and services. You shall find a niche with demand, that also interest you. Overfill your user and mobile friendly site with your valuable and relevant content and consumers will find that when they making their internet search.. Simple?

Yes it's, But not "easy". You have to insert work-efforts, online business required hard work just like everything else for an business owner, but if you work on it, this will change the Life for you and your family. Running your own small business, it's very fun..

the important basic formula.

Whatever your Indian business may be, is the main key to building targeted traffic by delivering excellent content related to the theme of your website. To start, build and run your own real online business in india, it's very fun, but also very rewarding. So let us now take a look at the simple but important formula CTPM that everything revolves around.

By following this simple formula, so you have done everything right from the early beginning, and conditions, in order for you to succeed is abolut in your favor. I have written a separate Article about the CTPM engine and the Website tool.


Your most important action step will be to brainstorm online business ideas for your website or blog and research potential niche. SBI gives you a unique brainstorming tool for you to use as well as a special tools for keyword research. This unique brainstorming tool-box will also help you create your keyword list. You will explore the keyword selection, demand and potential profitability. 

You will be guided to choose a nich that interests you, but of course also can generate decent income for you. This means that you will reject ideas for a niche that have no demand, or already showing entrenched competition. This is a very important process that will help you to avoid launching a website or blog, which is doomed to fail from the early beginning

To build a successful and real e business, today you do not need to first become a web programmer. You're better off delegating those activities to your business tools, so that you can focus 100% on the critical but very fun, and income-generating activities rather than wrestling around, with complex underlying technology.

Your business Tools makes the process everything so do-able. The tool box turns your knowledge into valuable and relevant content ... and your Content into Traffic, then these PRESells visitors and convert them into Money.

What is it all about? Where is the secret Magic? Well... As i have said It's simply about using common sense, and to providing valuable and relevant content that is demanded. Therefore, no need for special tricks or special techniques. So there is no magic! It's about all your existing and prospective customer.

About the many hundreds of millions of people surfing the web every day in India, and rest of the Globe. Helping all of them to finding your business, products or service that your target audience are searching for, at the Internet.

As I have said Before, Ordinary people using the internet in India as a fantastic, future oriented search tool. Not just to look at facebook, twitter and read emails, or for playing various online games.

They are also looking for valuable, relevant and credible information or high-value solutions, something that can fulfill a wish that they hold dearly or solve a troublesome problem that they experience, and of course a variety of products and services they are looking for.

e-business in india.

In the new 21s centuries online India, no person just happen to just passing by, and see your e Business and clicks your website or blog. Surfers on the Internet is not on the prowl after you or your e Business.

People in India are surfing on Internet, like in all other countries. They are looking for smart solutions, help, information, on pruducts and services. After all, if they already knew you and your online business existed, they would not doing google seek. They would, of course, already be your customers.

In the online world, where you have to create your own traffic to thrive and be profitable. Therefore, your primary task, in good time before you make your first sale or recommendation to a customer (often well before that person is also aware that he/she is shopping!), is to provide information (i.e., valuable and relevant content) that people are looking for, in a way that search engines like. In other words ... give them what they want.

wordpress news!
how to start a blog?

Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!



         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a small local "brick and mortar" Business, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet!  click here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

A website or blog, with theme-based content, contains valuable and relevant information based on a main subject your site has. Each page focuses on a single topic that is related to that theme. The net total of all the information on all your pages are the total contents of your website or blog.

So many of us want to have all the answers and results right now Today, if not Yesterday. And I'm not necessarily talking about building your own internet business in India! But about life in General.

Many of us are not ready to do the job (preparation and implementation) it takes to get there. In this regard, to build up your own business with the help of your knowledge and experience and using real business tools, is as much a course in personal development, as it is in business development.

To get to where we want to be in business and life will take, of course, work. It takes time. Preparation. Work. And sometimes failure. More work, sometimes new directions. Endurance. Performance. Success.

see the stunning internet growth in india live.

Look Here!... You can see the huge Growth  on the Internet LIVE in this Second.

No wonder that India's Hon'ble Minister of the Telecom Mr. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, At the India Government  has promised that all the people in India will become Internet users, in 2019.

From day 1.

Starting an online business in India, from scratch is no quick fix success overnight, it's just like starting a "brick and mortar" business, it takes time, you have to build your business step-by-step. But with your persistence, interest and perseverance you want to be successful.

From day one, the traffic and revenue to be low. It is normal-you are a online entrepreneur, building a web business. The expansion starts. Like a snowball in downhill, with increasing speed and size, so starting your small online business to grow ... and you and your family's life in India would change....

small local Internet business
is a growing trend
for indian women!

Indian business women, learn other Indian women to start a small online business. There is a growing trend, and I will return with a separate article on this because I have received email inquiries about it. Here you can see that it actually is a special program for WAHM (working at home mums).

For those of you who are female, there are many special online business program for indian business Women!

Most people fail in different types of activities, because they lack the proper knowledge, experience and they don't plan adequately. If you choose the wrong concept for your website or blog, if you lack vital knowledge, so that you develop the wrong topics for your websites or blog posts. ... Well then, you of course also can risk to get the wrong Results ...

Making everything right, from the early beginning is very important when you are supposed to building a House so it's not falling apart like a card house. If you are building a rock solid foundation from the beginning, so it is one of the prerequisites for not building collapses.

The same rule applies when you are going to build a profitable online business. There are no short cuts or quick-fix. The 2 options I mentioned above are the only safe options for you to make sure you will Succeed ...

the cards on the table real results.

Everyone is interested in seeing results from the Reality.
Here you have "all the cards on the table"... 


To Compare.

Internet in India is experiencing a rapid expansion around the clock all year round. In many places there remained only 2G, but 3G is becoming more common even though heavy traffic creates congestion and instability, 4G has just started showing up in major cities. But this is exactly what "Digital India" project is about. To build a nationwide Internet so that the whole of India have access to Broadband 2019th

Good news from Google. To many millions of smartphone users in India. After testing on the Indian market rolls Google out a lower minimum price for mobile apps to 17 markets in the world. Lowest price varies depending on the market, but the cheapest apps will go to buy in Turkey and Ukraine, The previous lowest prices, has proven to be too high in several countries, which made it difficult for developers to earn some money.

It's time to wrap things up..

The rapid development of online business in India, over the next 3-5 years as an e-Commerce boom of almost unprecedented proportions earlier to occur. That is to say, the possibility for you to succeed in your own small e Business is to your advantage. 

Do you have a small "brick and mortar" business, without a proper Business site, then you should very quickly follow my Free tips and advice you find here on my website. I can warmly recommend you to start watch this Video Tour,  which involves building a rock solid e Business by yourself... Remember running your own small web business is very fun and revarding ..

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

I Believe you will Have a Fabulous Day:)


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