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Increase web traffic to your Business site. Well the first condition for that people shall be able to click on your sites, is that they can easy find your business on internet. Which mean that you must have a proper internet presence.

But even with a internet presence, people will not, click on your sites because of what you do or offers. They will click on your sites, because of Why you do what you are doing, and Why you offers your products or services.

Always start with to place your Business on internet. Still in 2016, not even 50% of all small Businesses have a proper internet presence. So let's look at this "4 pillars" ...

But why is that so important? Many small business have already a blog or a Facebook site, is not that enough? This was maybe OK for 6 years ago, and before the big smartphone revolution. Today it is your visitors and your customers, you need to focus on first.

In general, people in most countries has today in 2016, acquired various types of smart mobile devices. And they love to use them anytime and anywhere, to find information, to find a business and different types of products or services .. 

Google and the other search engines also focuses on that small Businesses will establish the "4 pillars". Because it then becomes much easier for Google to manage its main task. That is to organize the world of information on the internet, and provide the searchers with the best search results. When your small business has implemented these pillars, Google will rewards you with better rankings. And your potential visitor and customers, will find you much easier, and get much better user experience...


Social media

Social media yes of course, huge to increace web traffic to your Business site. In just 10 years, this "family" evolved, and brutally swept aside habitual marketing strategies and have become a very important and integral part. Today everything is tightly connected, your business site, your social sites, and your "brick and mortar" store, if you run an offline business.

In last decade, social media quickly transformed our daily lives, so many people check their social media several times an hour. But you as small business owner should have a private account for family and friends, so that, for example, your Business facebook account is strictly about your business, not your recent photos of your own and your close friends' children and grand children.

Because of the rapid development many small Business owner has not catch up on social media. For example, posting lots of stuff, being super active, to increase web traffic. Will probably not increase so much web traffic, as many have believed..

Take social media for what it is meant to serve as. It is a relational builders where people make recommendations on your small business. Where people mentions your business name, and your happy customers post photos, write comments and do reviews, based of their own experience from your business. 

Where you for example posting a photo of a brand new product or service with a link to your business site .. Your social media sites should not be a place for heavy sales pitch, but with lots of PREsell and a link to send web traffic to your business site. I have written a separate article about Social Media.  Learn how social media benefit your small local "brick and mortar" business in 2016.

What is the purpose of your business?

Of course you know that. But the question is if the internet seekers, your potential visitors and customers, know that. To increase web traffic to your business site, you must first put the focus on the users. Today's consumers are usually quick to adopt and Implement New Technique on Internet. Small businesses, what they usually say is that they lack the time, do not see the need, lack knowledge and experience, believes that it is too expensive.

My focus is on helping you who are a small Business, so you can getting traffic to your site from the beginning and Increasing Web Traffic Step by Step. To have a complete Internet presence today is crucial, what I mean by complete is.

  1. First thing first, create an complete and mobile friendly Business site, where your potential customer has an option to choose e Commerce. Today it's not complicated, you don't first need become a web programmer. On the internet there are many offers. I recommend that you look at an Article I wrote. How you build a Business website  for The First Time!
  2. Social media, I recommend a minimum of 4 basic. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter. It is better for you as a small business to have a few that you have time to update and take care of so that they shine, and that your visitors love. Remember, your social media is no substitute for your own business site. I have written a separate article, Learn how Social media can give benefits to your small Business.

At the end of 2015 was presented a survey. The State of Small Business Report, a comprehensive survey which stated that over 90% of all consumers who have access to internet connection, regularly makes internet search to find businesses, products or services.

This is not surprising at all, but the thing that is so remarkable, is that there still in 2016, there are so many small businesses, that do not have a complete e Business, so that consumers can find them. "Or maybe some business do not want to be found."  As I have said many times, consumers are much faster than the small business to adopt new technologies.

However we know that consumers for example in: France, Russia, India, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria are also using internet and their smart phones 24/7, anytime and anywhere, whenever they feel need do internet search, to find businesses, products or services, and make e Commerce, or whatever question they have.


Have long-tail keyword impact on web traffic. 

I thought you would get acquainted with a very effective way to Increase Web Traffic. Perfect for that you do not need any special marketing skills. It is about "long-tail keywords" In fact, they will pull in the biggest majority of your website traffic. As you know, it is almost impossible for small businesses, to achieve high rankings for keywords e.g. business, travel, credit cards. But for long-tail keyword and phrases, is a lot easier, let's take a closer look at this.

For example, if you write an article about online marketing, you go to Google and type in "online marketing" where do you want at the bottom of the page, view similar phrases that other people have done, and that is relevant according to Google. So if you select a search phrase and mix it in 2-3 times in your article, you want to Increase Web Traffic. 

Keywords are a very crucial ingredient for the search engines to understand your content and what your small business is all about. Consumers use keywords and phrases when they do an internet search. For example, "find a train from Paris to London," and Voila ... In seconds presents Google many suggestions. In order to quickly and efficiently find a niche and keywords that perfectly fits your small business, you can watch this short video ...

For those of you who run a small local "brick and mortar" naturally plays keywords one of the lead roles. There you must have a mix of local search terms, your city name, street name, part of the city, region. But do not forget to include the national keywords, as some of your potential customers expect to be able to make purchase via e Commerce. 

If for example you have a small auto repair business outside of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where it lives 6.5 million, it is a large city with many competing similar business. Obviously, it is very important that you optimize your business site with a great mix of super-local and keywords for a larger area. I have written a separate article, People Find Local Business  thanks to content marketing. 


Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!

How to build a High-Traffic blog?
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         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a small local "brick and mortar" Business, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet!  click here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?


Always focusing on the users and why they will click on your website links. You started your online business or "brick and mortar" because you find a niche that had an demand and interested you very much. This has resulted in a big passion for your business. With those key ingredients, you will be able to create extraordinary and relevant content, written with your own unique voice.

People will find your content, when they do their Internet search. They will also find it from recommendations on social media sites, that acts as a relationship builder. Your PRE sold visitor will increase the web traffic to your business site, where they also can choose to make e Commerce. Google's role in all this, is and has always been to organize the world's information and give people the best suggestions.

content and social media marketing.

During the latest 5 years has content and social marketing, turned upside down on the traditional marketing strategy. It plays today and especially tomorrow a absolutely crucial role to Increase web traffic to your business site.

The huge number of new Internet and smartphone users in all countries, has made it possible for consumers to obtain information on businesses, products or services and make e Commerce with lightning speed, 24/7. This revolutionary development has also made it possible for small businesses on a very quick and inexpensive way to reach out to and expand their target audience. 

But small businesses (1-10 people including the owner) often have little time, have a small budget, do not see the need, lack knowledge and experience. But there are some basic steps, that are very simply, fast and will cost nothing or very little, to execute.

Now it is certainly many who think I'm going to quickly set up a free website or blog. Do not do this, I do not recommend a free website or blog if you running a business. For the simple reason that you can not own a free site, in the same way as a real Business site, and they have also different limitations, that is because they are free. A free blog or website is perfect for private individuals who just want Internet presence, to share their latest thoughts and experiences.

Even if you just intend to start a small online side gig, or if you for example already has a small local business, the benefits of a real business site, always wins over the disadvantages of a free site.

When i decide to made the Career Change,  after running my small "brick and mortar" for 30 years. I tried first a free blog, but realized very quickly that it will not work, as i said, a free website or blog suited best private individuals.  To start from scratch with a business site that you own and have full control over is the best option.

It will cost less in time and money, because you don't need to do any future business site upgrades.. But the Internet is full of offers, so it is up to you which one suits you best. I recommend you to take a look at this Video Tour,  because it shows you, why you will build your own Business Site....

So how are you supposed to Increase Web Traffic? If you have a small "brick and mortar" business, and you who are looking to start a small web business. It has never been so much content on the internet.

As i have said, the number of Internet and smartphone users is also increasing exponentially. People do over 3.5 Billion Internet searches every day.  So the demand for information is increasing also tremendously. It is all about for you to perfectly understand Why your extraordinary and relevant content, 


Small Business have to spend far less time try to find SEO tricks and manipulations. But instead a lot more time to tell the visitors and customers why you are promoting and offers your products or services. That will build an positive reputation, and increase web traffic to your Small Business.


Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen, these 2 Boys have tons of knowledge and experience about, Google search and web traffic. They are also very good to presents it on a easy way, for people who not are an computer expert or web programmer. Yes for you as an local small Business owner, that want to increase traffic to you Business Site.

Remember there is a big difference in building a small online business or create a complete Internet presence to your "brick and mortar" today, than 10 years ago. Yes, of course ... The competition has increased, but the demand and the number of new Internet and smartphone users has increased dramatically in all countries. As i have said, Today it is not technically complicated, you can do it yourself, build a real internet presence, without being a web programmer. 

Do not get caught in all the new fantastic technologies that promise you huge amounts of web traffic. Keep instead your focus 100% on your users, your target audience and their search intent. Why will you increase web traffic? That is because you can create this warm personal, valuable and relevant content .. Exactly that type of content people have looking for.

Thanks for taking your time and visit my Website.
Welcome back Soon.
I Believe that you will have a Fabulous Day:)

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In the near future I will change my main Residence from Sweden to Bangkok in Thailand.. My Internet Business will run as usual, but of course i looks forward to helping many small locala Business in Thailand, become easier to find on internet for potential visitors and customer..


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