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are you mobile friendly or still some improvements needed?

Become Mobile Friendly means Focusing on your Users! Because of the numbers of smart mobile devices have exploded in all countries, needed immediate changes.. The main purpose is to boost the user experience, with adapted Business sites for potential visitors and consumers on their mobile devices.

And as a natural result google will reward Businesses with more traffic. So what has happened so far? On April 21 in 2015 Google launch the first and big "mobile friendly" update. And in may 2016, was the second mobile friendly update. Stone Temple Consulting published the results of their study to measure the impact of this new algorithm update.

In todays reality have a majority of people modern and up to date devices, to surfing around and searching on the internet. And less than 50% of all small Businesses have non or a very poor internet presence.

Today, far from all small businesses can offer a mobile adapted Business website.. It seems that too many small Business owners don't yet, or do not want to realise how important it is.. 

Many act like, i am so small so it do not effect me anyway, my visitors and customers know where to find me, it is to expensive, i don't have the knowledge and experience, i don't have interest in web technical issues.


I strongly suspect that the most of you small business owners will suddenly wake up the day when you see, fixed customers suddenly turn their interest into your competitors that have created a mobile friendly business website.. Sadly, that this will cost you much more $ dollars in lost revenue, than it will cost you to fix your internet presence in advanced.

Small Businesses with an up to date, proper, mobile friendly Business site, will sends out signals that the owner take care about their new and existing customers and that it is a well managed company. ..

heard about google voice search?

Today Google working very hard on to optimize their search engine to understand voice search much better, made by people also in their own language.. Another very strong reason why you need to act quickly.. So follow my advice, just wrap up your sleeves, here at my website you find all info you need for Free, to by yourself create your own mobile friendly Business website.

What does "responsive website" mean? Your business site, responding to the size of the browser window That the user are using. That is to say that your business site, detects which device, a mobile or desktop and automatically gives the user a perfectly optimized Experience.  

Another quick and easy action that many ignored is That verify your business with Google  is a Free action, so your potential visitors more easily find your business on the Internet. Why should you create a proper "4 pillars" internet presence  to your small Business?


Above this text you see a photo of Mr. Bill Gates, but you also see the text. These words from Mr. Gates is exactly what it is all about today, from the largest global business to the small local fruit, newspaper and tobacco shop on your street. Your business must now be on the Internet, or you will be soon out of business. 

But you, who are a small local "brick and mortar" business owner with little technical knowledge to create a real business site, which is up-to-date and mobile friendly. Relax, do not be worried because it is much easier and inexpensive than you think, you can actually manage Everything by yourself Today.

Easy and Important steps to
Mobilize Your Business.

The previously predicted big "Mobilegeddon" has so far not occurred. Some website who not have upgrade have fallen in the rankings, and those who upgraded their website has risen in the rankings. But there have been small movements no big bang, and it seems that Google is trying to push sites slowly towards mobile friendly. 

Many people think, guess and speculate so much, it's only a few people at Google who knows exactly what will happen. Logically, I guess simply that Google will run a "we want to be nice style" in a shorter transition time. Now doubt that google's policy may soon change, and i think we'll see a much tougher approach in near future, against Business sites and blogs who are not mobile friendly.

I think that's the most logical approach, because the number of new smartphone users worldwide will rise sharply over the next 5 years. So do not forget that the main cause of "Google's April 21 2015 update" is that consumers, That is to say You, Me and all other smartphone users on this planet will get a better search experience on the Internet.

So it will go much faster and be much easier to find the information and assistance, products and services that people are looking for and want by using their mobile devices.

Your business website or blog is your storefront and shop (e Commerce) on the Internet.. Continuesly so will unique content be the most important on your business site. Because that is the main reason people choose to click on your site. But of course must mobile friendliness become natural.  

It has to be super easy to navigate a touchscreen with the swipe of a finger, it must look good, and be able to give your potential customers what they are looking for. Your main goal is that even those potential customers who are the "newest newbie" easily and quickly, to be able to navigate around, and be able to choose e Commerce on your Website or Blog.

Because your Business site is your "brick and mortar" in a dagital version located on the internet, so it must be as well stocked shelves, be service minded, be as perfectly clean and neat, no clutter, no mess. Tidy as your brick and mortar business. As I have said today is also to be user friendly, an very important factor...

let's  find local business.

According to an Article in eMarketer  respondent 49,7% in an survey that they first will find out about small businesses, by making a quick search online. Only 8,4% will walking into a local store to find out about a business. I certainly not believe, that those figures are so unique and only consern people in USA.

Because folks in most other countries, also have internet and smart mobile devices. Regardless of country, and as i have said so many times, people have in the last 4 years very quickly change their behavioral patterns.. 

But just relax, no panic, because the only thing you as a local small business owner shall consentrate on, is to quickly implement what i describes in my article, The "4 local SEO pillars"..

Did you know that today in 2017, is still only about 46% of small businesses, that have a real business site?  Why is small businesses so slow? Are they not interested to increase sale and profits? 

Today when you must focus first on your users.  It is very remarkable, but it is actually true, according to a Survey. I have written an article about this, connected to my page with business tools, There you also can read and see the whole Survey..

Now that the use of smartphones and other mobile devices is constantly increasing, they have taken over the role as a map, phone book and yellow pages. Today over 70% of people with mobile devices, do first Internet search on their smartphones, even when they should make local purchases, to Obtain the information, make comparisons.

Or if you live in a large city, simply find the local shops whit the help of Google map, and it maybe also have appeared a new store, That you do not know about.

To learn the perfect local SEO and install it on your business site. Small local "brick and mortar" business has a unique and big opportunity to actually compete the major national and global business, big and expensive advertising Campaigns, precisely because they are local.

Especially business customers visit frequently occurs quickly a relationship where the business owner know what and how the customer wants, you get to know each other. For example, the hairdresser, the local grocery store, in the garage, etc.

If you have a fixed customer group in your local "brick and mortar business" can not relax. A mobile friendly business website is a must. give you Free Tips and Advice.

The huge and fast increase of new internet and smartphone users, the today consumers, simply expect that all small businesses can offer a complete internet presence, also with option for e Commerce.  Just because you are a small local business with your fixed clientele, then you should not relax when it comes to real internet presence. 

But small local businesses can today, with the help of their mobile friendly business website which of course if possible, offers e Commerce, actually gain many new customers. It may not be suitable for everyone, but as e-shopping is constantly increasing in all countries, and will take new market shares, there is no reason why you should not be one of the small local business that can offers e-Commerce as option .. 

Start of in a small scale and test it out, it costs so little and you can manage everything by yourself.. But there are plenty of examples where small local business has to hire new staff because they get so many orders and new customers. In India, some e-Commerce business have to perform limitations, because they simply can not manage to sell more, they have to many Customers ..

what is it mobile users
searching for today?

Yes, i Think it depends on which country you live in, what age group, male or female, your income, etc. But some of the most regular business people are looking for Quick answer to, is not entirely surprising.

  • Restaurants and Entertainment businesses.
  • Retail business, grocery stores, clothing stores, home electronics, etc.
  • Automotive business, gas station, car repair.
  • Travel business, taxi, train, bus, hotel.
  • Medical business, hospital, emergency care, pharmacy.
  • Home service business, handyman, electrician.

Mobile search is largely local search, and local content should be mobile-friendly to get as much visibility as possible... The most frequent people are looking for, are things they need to have quick response and assistance with. But to find a lawyer or an accountant, are examples of business that people might not have such a big rush, to find and can search at home on their desk top.

But do not misunderstand me, my advice is clearer, no matter what type of business you run, your business website or blog should always be mobile friendly. I said, telephone directories, the "yellow pages" is in many countries today history, people use instead, search engines and their smart phones.

With the help of this Free Google Test, you can get your website or blog analyzed by Google in seconds, and find out if your site is Mobile Friendly. Click here testing your Business site for FREE.

how to make mobile users happy.
what mean napo data?

Since your website or blog is your "brick and mortar" business storefront on the Internet, it is natural that your NAPO data  is clearly visible on all pages. I get irritated when my self have to look around with a magnifying glass, to find contact information. Several times, I simply clicked on to the next business...

    NAPO Data Means:

  • The Name of your business.
  • The Address of your business.
  • The Phone number to your business.
  • The Open hours to your business.

Since so many web visitors using smart phones is a big advantage if you have a "click-to-call" button, think about it, super convenient for those visitor who quickly want to call you... Remember that there are potential customers who click on your site and can actually be your next customers, of a few minutes in your "brick and mortar business" if they can find it.

So these NAPO data should your visitors be able to see clearly without having to search around... As I have said, the more easily navigable information you have on your site the more will your current and your new potential customers, to love your site ... That you also show: prices and photos on products and services, is obvious ...

what make mobile users disappointed.

People are in different situations, on the street, on the bus, in the car, etc., when they are surfing on their mobile devices, it has to go faster, be easier than when calmly sitting in front of their big desktop or laptop Screen... What irritates mobile users when they knock on your business site on their smart phones? Again, as I said, it is the lack of NAPO data, information and difficult to navigate.

Slow to load, to small text, cluttered layouts, to have to pinch, pinch and zoom to read text, not being able to click on links, and information that is too big or too small to fit the screen. You as a business owner must keep in mind that the sites displayed on smart phones, which has a little screen, and everything is handled by pointing. 

Not to show click to call your business phone number, if they like what they see and actually want to get in touch with your business this minute, because they might want to buy now at once. You must always remember that you are not alone on the mobile friendly Internet market today, and certainly not tomorrow either. 

To offer an up to date mobile friendly business website or blog, is just as important as your "brick and mortar business" is very appealing with well-stocked shelves and tip top service minded staff. If not, it is as I said a very big risk that potential customers, just run away choose to click to any of your competitors mobile friendly websites.

What are the advantages for you
as a business owner.

Today everybody have at some time discovered when they doing internet search a business that they previously, didn't know anything about... We can start with an example that actually hapend me. I wrote about it in an article How  Consumers find local Business today.  

It was the summer of 2015 and my lawn mower broke down, when grasses are growing the fastest, and when business has fewer staff because of the holiday season. I know of more various businesses repairing lawn mowers, but I still did a quick internet search and found a business I previously did not know about. I actually got my lown mower repaired the same day and was obviously happy.

This example is certainly not unique, people in different countries and in different situations discovers a new business, when they do search on their smart phones. It gives local small businesses in particular, an opportunity to compete with the big one, when they have learned to perform local SEO campaigns so that new potential customers can find them.

Small local business, can of course also compete regionally, nationally, and why not also globally. Using your mobile friendly business website or blog, which also of course has complete e Commerce as an option to potential customers, who will find you on the Internet.. 

There is certainly in many countries lots of small local "brick and mortar stores" that actually can not survive without their business website and e Commerce. And of course, every day start lots of new online businesses, which have their business online 100%, with e-Commerce shopping... And i always, gives FREE Tips and Good advice here on my Website, Feel free to contact me.

wordpress news!
how to start a blog?

Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!



         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a small local "brick and mortar" Business, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet!  click here. 

Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a Business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is Searching for. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

there are winners and losers.

But what will mobile users do When they do not get the information, get the help That they are searching for? I think many potetiella customers, click away and continue search for a similar business, so around 50% of businesses run the risk of losing those customers Entirely.

This is usually due to the seekers do not have much time, they are stressed, for example, it is low on gasoline for the car, they need to find a petrol station right now. There would also be potential customers, who will not do business what so ever, with a company that has a poor internet presence. 

The remaining 50% will try through various channels to connect with the selected business, this applies especially when potential customers have extra time to research further. But other causes such as, there are no competitors nearby, or that they are frequent customers in the "brick and mortar shop" could be relevant.

As I said in the example of my lawnmower broke down. There are winners and losers, all customers who choose to look further will find other competing companies that perhaps they did not know Before. But they can and want to offer, the consumers are looking for and choose to do business with them instead.

People like to frequently visit and shop around in "brick and mortar" Business that is easy to find, easy to park, that is nice, clean and tidy, is appealing with well-stocked shelves and have experienced, service minded staff..

  • Businesses with well-kept and mobile friendly websites creates a sense that they take care about their own business and specifically Their new and existed customers..
  • New and existing customers like to have "brick and mortar business" with a professional and mobile friendly website as their first choice..
  • As more and more customers today visit business websites, creates an well-managed and mobile friendly website, gives an professionally and quality impression..

Well.. it's time to Wrap things up...

That your fixed, and all new potential customers can find you, who has a small local "brick and mortar business" is no longer about just having a mobile website or blog! The key for you is to have a site that is well optimized with all contact details and opening hours clearly visible, that is to say it should be the first thing your visitors to see when they click on your site.

But it must also be detailed information, fotos, prices of goods and services, so customers can quickly see if you can provide what they're looking for. They also want to know what awaits those who want to visit your "brick and mortar store".

As I have said, going mobile is no longer something that "Maybe I'll think about it" as a small "brick and mortar" businesses .. You also need to have a website that is optimized first for people, but certainly also for the search engines...

Since I run a small "brick and mortar" business over 30 years I know that the largest majority of the small business owner does not have a very big interest in complicated web programming and the underlying web technology.

Many also have a small budget, a real business website or blog can cost $ dollars. Most are busy managing the daily activities, taking care of customers in the shop, ordering and unpack Products, etc.

But since it is now a question of being able to survive in the today digital time-age, when your competitors are already or will very soon be online with an up-to-date and mobile friendly business website or blog. 

That can also provide customers with e Commerce as an option. Well.. Now it's for real, It's just for you to get started rigth away, because I can not see that you have no other Option...

Based on my own experience as an former "brick and mortar" business owner, I warmly Recommend you to watch this Video Tour ..

Thanks for taking your time visit my Website.

Welcome back Soon.

Have a Fabulous Day Folks:)


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