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To build a website, is like building a House. If you can do everything right, from Day 1, you will become an very successful e Business Builder. I give Free tips and good advice. I helping people like you, who are the "newest newbie" or people who already have an offline or online business to make a real website or blog... Since more than, 10 years this "all in one" tool box and guidance has helped people, step by step, build 100's of thousands new successful websites in the "top top 3% layer" and starting their own real e Businesses.

What is a small business website? It is the digital version of your small "brick and mortar business", online on the Internet. Just like in the real word business, it's the content that's important. It is the content that makes all your potential visitors will find you on the internet, when they make their Internet search. Your website must be user and mobile friendly, and offer your potential customers to choose e Commerce.

The 21st century online business.

Apart from all the small "brick and mortar business." Who needs a real website today? Here is an example, of a person that need a real website: Everyone on this Globe knows something about something, a passion, a hobby, or your for long time learned experience from your job. Take that knowledge and turn it into a significant profitable e Business. Everything you need to know is already of the inside in your Brain. Get it out on a paper, this paper will be your website or blog that people are going to find, on Internet. You can build your e Business from a small side gig, up to the size you want. But without traffic, to your site you have no e Business at all.

As you know, there is an ongoing Internet Revolution in all countries. Just in the last few years, the numbers of New Smartphone Users has exploded and turned the internet behavior pattern, "upside down" for ordinary people, Globally .. People today use their computers and mobile devices, to make Internet search, find smart solutions, information, products and services. This creates huge demand for information ..

If you already have an online business that generates many 1000's of dollars every month, then you have probably gone the long and hard way and already possesses the crucial knowledge and experience. But you probably still will find many good tips and advice here on my website. Not, however, on purely web-technical issues, because today there are super effective business tools, which takes care of that obstacle course.

So folks.. let us roll up our sleeves and take a closer look, because there are in my opinion two ways for you to choose. Whether you already have a working online or offline, brick-and-mortar business, or not, the hole process build up a online presence is the same. And there are no rooms for shortcuts.

can i help you?

There is no charge for my Tips, Good Advice and Help!
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Do you have any questions, I can help you with?. Please feel free to contact me. At the bottom of the page, you can submit the question. There is no charge for my help. There are no hidden tricks or something, to sneak you into spending money.  No, it's simply, let me help you, is part of my long-term business-policy. Give lots of helpful information for free and unconditionally, will always create goodwill, benefits and income in the long Run.


Just so you know, your age is irrelevant, my website caters to all people on this planet, from the "newest newbie" that just want a blog for social purpose, to you who already have an small offline brick-and-mortar business and wish to create an new or a more functional Internet presence, with a real e Commerce. And of course for you, who want to build a real Online Business. The fundamental basic formula and principles are the same for everyone, regardless of age and the country you live In..

looking for solutions.

The largest majority of business owners, are looking for a simple and easily manageable way to build up and to daily maintain their website or blog. WordPress is today wildly popular, read more on that below..

But of course, there are also many individuals and business owners who are genuinely interested in the underlying web-technology and programming. Especially if you have or are planning for a business that has to do with web-technology.

Since I belong to the great majority of small business owners who are not very interested in complex coding and underlying technology, so you will here find solutions to build your online presence with the help of a complete all-in-one, step-by-step business tools, that is the only product in the World of its kind, that can takes you step-by-step all the way without any additional upgrades, through this powerful process. 

The e Business solutions are specially designed for solopreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, especially in view of all of us who do not have a great technical knowledge, have little time, have a small budget, but want to daily quickly and easily, manage by yourself, from your own Office. To offer visitors and regular customers a professionally and complete online business also with a real e Commerce Options,.

Building a hightraffic, website or blog, can be very challenging if you’ve never done it before. If your goal is to build a website or blog, to transform into a real e business. Is that, the "easy part" that comes right in between:

  1. Proper planning.
  2. Traffic-building and converting that traffic into Money.

Sadly, a majority of e businesses fail on the critical "Building a solid foundation process". Then will your website or blog and e business, collapse like a card house.

This is all about building a real e business,
not just build a website-or-blog.

There are today more than 20 universities now teach college courses with the help of this easy to handle business tools, which gives schools a way to give their business students, like those in an MBA program a real world experience, in building a functional and real online business. Without first having to think about any web-teknologi or become a master web programmer.

Today, there are no Web-Technical barriers, anyone can build a website or blog. will help you with Free tips and Good advice.
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To build a real website or blog that generate an profitable e business, act upon the fundamental reality of the way people like you and me use the internet today. All person, any small business owners, can Build It.

Are there any pitfalls?

Most e business attempts fail because the owners never learn, focus upon, and execute the optimal process, using real business tools, or have the proper knowledge and experience. At a more fundamental level, some time many do not recognize and adjust to the profound difference between offline and online business...

  • Offline business is, to put your business where the crowds go. Get your cash register ready! It's all about to have the best location. 
  • Online business, there fundamental reality is very different. No one "passes by your business." The today consumer, doing searches on google to find information, help, products, services. That's why it is so important for you to provide: extraordinary, valuable, relevant content so you can stands out, helping consumers to choose you before they find your competitors.

So let us now do exactly what a profitable e business does, which is also the basic real-world behavior for online business and concentrate on activities that helps people, and to give people what they want..

I Think It's so very simple, to build a website or blog. But not "easy" (to create real business takes of course some time and work efforts, it's no quick fix) ... but it's very inexpensive, simple, straightforward, it's no rocket science, no hidden or secret tricks, no manipulations, no shortcuts... And nowadays, there are, no complicated technical barriers that will prevent and stop you. Instead, you can completely focus on building your "solid business Foundation". Provide the requested information ("relevant and valuable content") about something you have or acquired knowledge about. From that starting point, floating everything on ...

Most website and blog developers today, still haven't learned "how to do", they still begins at the end of a site development process... They start with buying and registrate domain name, and the revenue generation. They build websites or blogs on their companies and their products and then are ready to Monetize (i.e., collect the Money from customers). There is little or no content ... at least not the kind of help and information that most people are looking for today. So what then?

So sadly. The result is that no real traffic can be built. And the important PREselling never get a fair chance to build your Big "Brand of One".

When it comes to registering your domain name, so it comes in the step 5 of 10 steps. First of all, your business must have a rock solid foundation to stand on.

Let's now review this ctpm formula.

This very important e business formula you see abow, Content -> Traffic -> PREsell -> Monetize... The proven and logical way to build any type of business online. This formula stands for:  Content builds -> Traffic which is -> PREsold, -> as you build your big "brand of one." Then, and only then, are you ready to Monetize your website or blog. This formula and its all special features are quite unique in the market today.

This method is what real online business is all about, you can forget everything else you've read and studied before. You should simply build your website or blog, in chronological order, from A to Z. No special tricks, no special tactics it's that simple, everyone can do this, However, I have said it before, but I says it again, "there are absolutely no shortcuts for you to find here, if you want to Succeed".

  • You must always start from the beginning with the... CONTENT.
  • Do not start at the end... MONETIZATION.

There are so many people who wasting so much time and energy, that as soon as possible, set up a shopping cart and a merchant account or some other way to "collect money"... It's like forcing the (shopping cart) Deep down the Throat, on your Customers, don't do That!

Relevant and valuable content.

This is the main key to the "golden treasure chest". Internet users seeks for products or service, information or a problem solver. They are not looking for you as a person, they do not know you (yet!). They are looking for what you already know, your knowledge, your experience, your products, your services. Give it to them. give them tons of relevant and valuable information. Convert your knowledge into, in demand "Pillars Contents". As I have said. To succeed online, start where your visitor and customers begin, "the search with their smart phones or computers".

Brainstorm It. Probably the today, most advanced and easy to manage Niche and Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet! Take a taste bite, how to find keywords, how to find your niche, how to getting traffic. At this short video, you will get an overview of, What to start with, and Why.. Press play and watch this video now.. ..


This tools system for traffic building, is without any doubt completely unique in the market today. To build traffic right into your website from day 1. It will cost you some extra time and work upfront, but in the long term it will be great profit momentum, it is more than worth it, believe me. While all other companies, from the largest multi-national Web host, to the very lowest "Get-Rich-Quick" outfit, comes with expensive and empty promises of instant gratification.


To set up, Monetization is the easy, fun and the finally results, proof that you have done everything else (C->T->P->M) correctly. The money "M" comes last.

Do Not Build Yet Another Unvisited
Website or blog.

The result? Well... I Think that any site can get a few pages into the search engines, but less than 1% rank many pages high enough to be found by consumers. Without that free, self-generated, targeted PREsell traffic, they are doomed from DAY 1. And you can easily spend $10,000+ to build a well-designed, usable, functional site. But if it cannot generate its own organic, warm, willing-to-buy visitors, if it cannot build your "Brand of One," and if it cannot do that in the long-term, it might as well not exist. Which brings up the following...

We put all the cards on the table!



A Site Or Blog Is Not A Business.

Master a niche through the delivery of content. But Why? Easy and logical.. A general-topic website/blog about (e.g., "Travell" or "Books") you will never be able to defeat the Amazon or the other big Internet sites. But a niche website or blog attracts highly targeted visitors... The visitor and potential customers that you can win over, with the help of your own relevant and valuable PREsell, Pillars Contents.

Always remember the very basic reality on the internet. People use it to search for: help, information, to find products or services. I have said it before... To be able to successfully build your website or blog and online business, you must always start where your potential customers begin, their search, where they using their smart phones or computers. Hence I emphasize also that today, is super important your website or blog is mobile friendly..

You know an real e-business does of course more than chase a few dollars with "quick and easy, thrown up" some sites. And blogs are more like piles of magazine clippings that get old almost as soon as you stop or miss to upload blogging posts. Sites and blogs cannot come close to the full income potential of properly constructed e-businesses. And now you have seen how very simply it is Today, to build and daily maintenance a real and complete online business..

wordpress news!
how to start a blog?

Breaking News ... SBI is married with WordPress!
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How you build a High-Traffic blog?
WordPress is the most widely used (over 50%) content management system on the Globe...
Right now SBI! have get married with Wordpress.

         How Does SBI! for WordPress Work?

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar, or you're an infopreneur or an individual blogger... SBIs, New Brainstorm It! Real blog tools. Probably the Most Advanced and Easy To Handle Keyword Research Tool of its kind, on this Planet! click here. Today You need customers to survive and thrive as a business. But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, precise the information that your target audience is interested in. Discovering that, well… that's the real challenge, isn’t it?

WordPress market has grown tremendously, and the need of help in order to build up a real blog business has also grown tremendously. It's sooo much info on how to use Wordpress that it boggles. A jumble of different tools, a widget up here? Now down there, how-to guides, resources, various tutorials, you name it. You can find Wordpress help here, there, yes almost all over the place. And don't even get me started on was to find out which theme or plugins that is best for your particular niche or area of activity.

Most people and business owners like you and me, simply cannot, and do not have time to absorb all that info, select a tool from here and a solution there, combine it with a good idea of their own, build a widget, know which theme is right for their niche ... and turn it all into a complete system that works , i can very well understand that many small business owners, just Getting Fed Up....

How to build an online store today?

All People You and Me can Today do It! ....

Here below, you see some few example:

  • With this super tool, no additional installation, everything is already there.
  • Step-by-step process, 80+ Tools.
  • You do not have to think about web hosting.
  • Is already Google, user and mobile friendly.
  • Social media is already there.
  • No, Installing plugins to get more out of your site.
  • A complete e Commerce is already in place, ready to run.
  • Payment options for your customers, ready to run.
  • If you have the knowledge and experience, this tools is compatible with other HTML editors.

This complete tools does much more than just a "ping". It tracks all spider visits. It checks that your pages are indexed. It reports rankings, too. And it does all this for all the pages you build... No extra charge. No other service does ALL this for Free. And of course... All processes, is constantly updated. No wonder that the users of this business tools is in the "Top 3%" and Outperforms the Competitors.

Well... these are just a few quick examples that I pick up. Your business Tools. you want to see a more complete list of everything included. And if this works? Well there is no doubt about that. The price for the whole glory, yes, you also see this, and you probably already know what the price from other web development business. A very affordable price, in my opinion. Even as an individual person with just needs at a single site of social presence. I would definitely use this super tool, because everything is already there complete, no additional need to think about, and so incredibly easy to use.

the price.

You and I who have run offline business, already know that it is always associated with large and small fixed costs every month. And being a self-employed also means that you do not usually get a paycheck every day, or month, all of which are employees get. Anyway, the price for using this super business tools and run a real online business, is in comparison with the large fixed costs as an offline business has always been, yes they are, in my opinion ridiculously small. Let your own experience with SBI speak for itself. After all I've said here today, only your own experience counts. And I promise you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced offline or online Entrepreneur. It will most likely change your life....


If you already have an existing online business or e commerce site? Unshopped? Under-visited? You need an ongoing stream of Free, Targeted Traffic.. Motivated, and Interested Customers.     

Don't rush immediate away to make a new site, you might not need to start over. Instead, build one or more websites or blogs to funnel targeted, PREsold traffic to your primary (likely very expensive) website/blog. Motivated, interested buyers will drive your sales. In other words...

Use your new sites to do what your primary site is not doing... attract your own warm, willing-to-buy traffic. Once you are generating your own PREsold visitors...

Let your primary site do its job... monetize by sending the new generated PREsold traffic to it. If you have too much time and/or money invested to start over, use your new SBI business tools as a traffic-funnel for a fraction of the cost of your main website or blog.

Running your own small business is super fun, I know. After that, during more than 30 years running my small "brick and mortar Business". I wanted to make a midlife career change, into the online business world. Unfortunately I missed, web-technical knowledge. I searched long and tested different solutions without being satisfied. I was tipped off by a friend, to look at a Video Tour, that could solve my problem. I can warmly recommend you to take a look, so that you can form your own Judgement.

Thanks for taking your time visit my website.

Welcome back Soon.

Have a Fabulous Day:)


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